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2013 Natural Gas Pipeline Capacity
Top 20 Trading Company Rankings

Boston, MA – December 9, 2013. Capacity Center released its annual Top 20 natural gas
pipeline capacity trading company rankings report today. For the fourth year in a row, the total volume of pipeline capacity traded by the Top 20 showed an increase. 2013 capacity traded by the Top 20 was a remarkable 106% over 2012 volumes, topping 15.8 Bcf/day.
Although the total number of entities (481) participating in buying released capacity shows a
slight decline from 2012, the nearly 27 Bcf/day, traded on a daily equivalent basis through September 2013 represents a nearly 10% increase from the 24.5 Bcf/d traded over the same period in 2012. For a fifth consecutive year, Tenaska repeated as the number 1 capacity trading company, increasing its daily equivalent traded to just shy of 3.7 Bcf/d, up from 3.45 Bcf/d in 2012. The Top 5 are rounded out by Sequent, BP and Amerada Hess repeating as #2, #3 and #4 respectively, and Proliance Energy/ETP, moving up 147 spots into the #5 spot. Number 1 Tenaska traded 203% more volume than second place Sequent. Taken together, the two firms accounted for just over 20% of all Daily Equivalent traded capacity and roughly 5% of the over 32,400 trades occurring in the first nine months of the year. “In 2013 we saw two key capacity trading trends,” said Greg Lander, Capacity Center President “First, we saw the continuing growth in capacity trading volume levels on a year-over-year basis. The second trend indicates a huge change in the firms occupying the 5th through 11th spots. Newcomers to the top 20 were Proliance/ETP (up 147 places), Concord Energy (up 56 places), Louis Dreyfus (up 56 places), Exelon Non Regulated (up 100 places), NJR Energy Service (up 32), and Infinite Energy (up 5). Returning to the Top 20 after a year away were EDF (up 12) and Atmos Non-Reg (up 37).” “Those departing the Top 20 included: NextEra, GenOn, Centerpoint Non-Reg, Iberdrola Non-Reg, Texla, Gavillon, Atmos Reg and ConocoPhil ips,” he further Also trending is the slight reduction in the concentration of capacity trading activity by the Top 20 trading firms. In 2013, 59% of al non-affiliate deals were traded by the Top 20, a decrease from the 60% traded by the Top 20 last year and the 66% traded in 2011. In addition, the Top 5 have also reduced their concentration of the capacity trading market with 57% of the deal flow among the Top 20 traders, down from 63% in 2012 and just about “Interestingly the grouping of trading firms numbered 11 through 20 was tight, with just under 130 MDth of annualized daily equivalent separating number 11 Capacity Center 2013 Top 20 Capacity Traders
2013 Acquiring Shipper
Daily Equiv Deal Count
Change 2012
The Top 20 Capacity Trader rankings utilized Capacity Center’s database of all the capacity release deals done on every interstate pipeline during the period January 1, 2013 through September 30, 2013. Ranking data excluded volumes done due to acquisitions and between related non-regulated affiliates. For more information about the rankings or about Capacity Center, contact Steve Hinton, or (978) 717-6130. operates the only 24/7/365 natural gas interstate pipeline data center covering all the US pipelines. Its automated services monitor capacity release offers, system notices and deal award information, and streams available transactions and their details as they occur to its customers via email for trading, risk and regulatory compliance, as well as deal origination and valuation is owned and operated by the energy consulting firm, Skipping Stone LLC. Please visitfor more information.


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