European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo EU Support to the Prime Minister’s Office - Kosovo An EU funded project managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction Call for Applications to the 9th Round of the
EU Young Cell Scheme, Post-Graduate EU Scholarship Programme 2012

The European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo and the Ministry for European Integration, announce the opening of
the 9th Round of applications to the Young Cell Scheme, the EU post-graduate scholarships programme for Kosovo, which is
currently implemented by the British Council. Applications are open from Friday 13th January and until Tuesday 28th
February 2012
and successful applicants wil be offered the opportunity to study in a Master’s programme at Universities in
the EU Member States. The Scholarship Programme, whose working language is only English, will offer up to 25 ful grants
(the actual number of grants awarded may also be less depending on suitability of candidates and availability of funding). This
cal is open to graduates in law, economics, business management, political sciences, social sciences and other academic
backgrounds (as specified by the Rules of Procedures available on www.ycskosovo.eu) in line with the following sectors of
1) EU Law – up to 12 scholarships available
2) European Affairs and Public Policy – up to 8 scholarships available
3) Economics and Public Finance - up to 5 scholarships available
Valid UNMIK-Identity Card and/or Travel Document holders or those who provide proofs of birth and of residency in Kosovo or Kosovo passport holders or holders of ID cards issued by Kosovo Authorities. University graduates in one of the above-mentioned areas of study. Undergraduate students may also be
eligible, provided that they obtain their degree no later than 30th June 2012
Fluent in English and Albanian or Serbian. Knowledge of other EU languages wil be considered an asset. Available to travel and move abroad from September 2012 Born on 29th February 1972 or later.
Scholarships wil cover the fol owing costs for up to 25 grantees:
IELTS English test (and GMAT test where necessary) Work for the Public Administration of Kosovo as an intern for at least 2 months before departure Fol ow the YCS language training programme (where needed) Attend and complete their chosen post-graduate studies, Complete 3 consecutive years of employment in the Public Administration of Kosovo (including employment in municipalities and local government) upon return. Selections wil be carried out in 3 stages and include: Pre-Selection on administrative and eligibility criteria Written tests (English knowledge, EU General Knowledge, Verbal & Numerical Reasoning) Interviews by a panel composed of European academics, EC and MEI representatives.
Women and representatives of minorities are strongly encouraged to apply. Application forms and the full set of accompanying
documents are available for download on internet, at the following website: www.ycskosovo.eu until 27th February 2012.
Additional information on the Scholarship rules and selections criteria and procedures are available online and must be
and understood before submitting an application.
Applicants must complete in English the YCS Application Form, the Europass CV format and they must accompany the
application with a signed and dated Letter of Motivation explaining why they wish to take part in the scheme. All applicants
must also enclose with their application copies of diplomas or degrees and original (or certified copies of) transcripts and
copies of UNMIK travel document and/or UNMIK- Identity Card or other proofs of birth and of residency in Kosovo or
Kosovo passport
. In case of undergraduate applicants, they must enclose with their applications up to date original (or
certified copy of) transcripts with the exams
and a self-declaration regarding the expected date of graduation. Make
sure to include a VALID e-mail address and phone number in the YCS Application Form and in the Europass CV of your
application. Communications to applicants will be sent only through emails.
The Europass CV format and the YCS Application Form can be downloaded from www.ycskosovo.eu by registering on the
website (under the page “Call for Application 2012 – Round IX”).

NB: Incomplete applications, applications not in English, and applications including CVs not in the Europass format
will not be reviewed!
Applications deadline: 16:45 on Tuesday 28th February 2012
Deliver application, Monday to Friday, 10:00-16:45, in person and in a sealed envelope addressed to: EU YCS Scholarship
Rund IX Applications, 1st floor, Room no. 108, Str. Mother Teresa p.n. New Government Building, 10000 Pristina,
Please do not make direct inquiries regarding your application. Applicants who have not been contacted by 5th March 2012 have not been short-listed.
For further information you can consult www.ycskosovo.eu or write at [email protected]
Disclaimer: The implementation of this scholarship program is subject to availability of EU funding managed by the European Commission Liaison Office to Kosovo “EU Scholarships Scheme” is an EU Funded Project, managed by the EC and implemented by the British Council.

Source: http://www.ycskosovo.eu/YCS_IX_Final_Advertisement_EN.pdf

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