Bodies Electric: A Novel by Colin
Jack Whitman is a powerful executive with a massive multimedia conglomerate. He is extremely wel -paid, highly ambitious, and desperately lonely since his wifes murder. Then one night on a subway car, his eyes meet those of a woman he cannot forget. Dolores Salcines is a ravaged beauty on the knife edge of despair--a woman on the run with secrets, and good reason to hide them. What she needs is a savior--an impulsive rescue form a dire past. What she has found is a man wil ing to give it to her. It begins as a reckless liaison. It spirals into a nightmare that threatens Jacks career, his fortune, and his life. A trap has been set. For Jack, the only chance at escape is to submit to the one final dangerous urge that resides in the dark side of every human heart. My Personal Review: Fantastic! That's what I could only say to you guys without any chronicle backpains. I suffered a badback again last week and had to lie down in bed for 4 days. "Bodies Electric" had lightened my painful suffering for two days and enlightened me in the meantime. When I finished it, I could not help but shaking my head awkwardly on my pil ows with amazement and appreciation. This review is also my "Thank You!" note to Mr. Harrison for this wonderful and profound painkil er other than Motrin 800 mg and Flexril. The only thing that I did not quite enjoyed is that when I finished reading, the ending seems to be a bit rushed and obscure. Mr. Harrison so far has created two profound, memorable yet lonely characters: Jack Whiteman and Porter Wren. Both are fatal y driven to be a "tragic hero" and a living example of "The heart is a lonely hunter." Both have made you, the reader, to look at the faceless lonely crowd out in the street, on the sidewalk, in the concrete jungles, with new way of looking angle, final y realized and visualized that behind every expressionless face and worldly success, some of them might stil with passion, love, warmth, sympathy, fantasy, desire, weakness, helplessness, tenderness, hopes and dreams. Harrion's artwork might not be easily appreciated by those under 30 who are stil unconciously or subconciously reading books with their own different moral standards, with their bias social values or pre-judgement to approach a book, trying to categorize a book with the superflous commercial brands: "Thril er, Genre," words like "Suspenseful, whodunit." These pathetic marketing stuff in fact, al got nothing to do with Harrison's works. Because he only told us two thing: "No matter what and why, no matter how and when, with wife and children or not, we human beings stil got a darker side and lonely inner self. The spur-of-the-moment or your behavior, no matter how reasonable or logical at the moment, or vise versa, sometimes might just ruin everything you have worked so hard to have achieved or reached." Reading Mr. Harrison's books with any social value or moral standard is a doomed wrong start albeit to appreciate his greatness. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:


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