Bath Linen
Bed Linen
Acknowledge/Approach the Customer
Build the Sale
w Use open questions: who, what, when, where, w Present stock to the customer using Good, Better, Best Close the Sale
w Thank you
w Let me know how you get on
w I Look forward to seeing you next week
w Is there anything else I can help you with?
Bath Linen
We sell a wide assortment of good quality towels, An ideal starter range. They are made from 100% which are made special y for us. We test all our cotton, are lightweight and easy to wash and dry. towels for absorbency, shrinkage, colour fastness These are made from dense, fine-combed cotton and shedding to ensure they wash and wear wel . pile and come in the widest range of colours. Many customers have been buying from us for years They are medium weight and have a fine textured and trust the quality and value. Plain towels form the band in mercerised cotton for added lustre. largest part of the assortment. There is a smal er range of patterned towels that changes with fashion.
cotton pile. They are heavy weight and have above-average absorbency and are heavy-weight with long, silky fibres for maximum durability and absorbency. Their GSM is grams per square metre and indicates the weight of the towel. The higher the GSM, the heavier the weight and the more absorbent the towel will be.
All John Lewis towels are machine washable at As part of the ABC technique it is good practice 40°C or 60°C. Tumble drying is recommended to offer customers relevant products which will enhance their purchase and meet their needs.
Fabric conditioners should be used sparingly, and not Potential Add on Sales:
in every wash, as they decrease the towel’s ability to w Additional towels to rotate whilst laundering absorb water. Customers should also avoid using fabric conditioner the first few times they wash towel’s, this will al ow the excess fibres present in new towels to shed.
Make sure towels do not come into contact with cleaning products containing bleach. Facial cleansers and skin treatments contain benzoyl peroxide which can also damage towels.
If customers catch the towel and pull the pile, they should snip off the pul ed loop with a pair of scissors.
Bed Linen
Basic polycotton
It may seem obvious, but consider what your customer needs the bed linen for. Is it for the master, guest or child’s bedroom? Is it to coordinate with Polycotton Percale
existing linens and décor or a new look? What size bedding is the customers preference - many use larger bedding than the bed frame size.
Cotton Percale
Our sheets, duvet covers and pil owcase come in a range of different fabrics and thread counts. The term “thread count” refers to the number of threads Tencel® polycotton & cotton
in a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count the finer and better quality the fabric.
of polyester. Machine washable at 40ºc, minimum iron.
Egyptian cotton
200 thread count 100% fine Egyptian combed cotton from the Nile delta.
Smooth and soft finish.
100% cotton satin
soft, smooth and exclusive. Machine washable.
Pima cotton
bed linen. Soft and smooth with a hemstitch edge. Machine washable.
Protectors can help preserve mattresses and pil ows and make sleeping more comfortable.
Bed sizes
Anti-allergy Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers.
• Breathable for cool comfort. 100% cotton jersey with polyurethane backing keeps out house dust mite allergens.
• Non-bacterial.
• Zipped protector for entire mattress.
Waterproof Discreet protection for mattresses and pillows.
• Breathable waterproof protection. 80% cotton, 20% polyester with 100% polyurethane backing.
• Non-bacterial.
• Snug fitted style.
• Machine washable at 95°C.
• Cotton cover with wool or cotton filling options.
• Fitted style.
• Natural wool filling for warmth in winter and coolness in summer, machine washable at 40°C.
• All cotton option gives cool comfort Protects and provides extra support and comfort.
• Siliconised polyester, non allergenic• Memory foam which moulds to the As part of the ABC technique it is good practice to offer customers relevant products which will enhance their purchase and meet their needs.
Potential Add On Sales:
w Additional linens to rotate whilst laundering
w Pil owcases, valances etc.
w Coordinating cushions and curtains
w Light Fittings
w Fabric Conditioners
w Easy Iron Spray

Source: http://www.waitrosepartnerdevelopment.co.uk/media/65584/1636_bed%20&%20bath%20linen%20pocket%20guide%20.pdf

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