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Dissertation: Evaluating alternative approaches to identifying wildlife corridors M.A. Biology: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology University of California, Los Angeles Thesis: Mimicry in competitive relationships: Examples, theory, and tests B.S. Biology: Ecology, Evolution, & Behavior Study Abroad: University of Århus, Denmark Doctoral Student: Landscape Biodiversity Lab, Ecology, MSU Advisor: Dr. Andrew Hansen • Modeling/analysis: evaluating and developing methods of predicting wildlife corridors Research Specialist: Integrative Genomics, Princeton University Supervisor: Dr. Ethan Perlstein, Lewis-Sigler Institute Fellow • Laboratory studies: mechanism of action of disease-relevant, small-molecule drugs in the Masters Student: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, UCLA Advisor: Dr. Gregory Grether • Literature synthesis: role of mimicry in competitive relationships • Field studies: testing competitive mimicry hypotheses in coral reef fishes, Research Assistant: Brackenridge Field Laboratory, UT Austin Supervisor: Dr. Lawrence Gilbert • Field study: effects of invasive fire ants on native ant communities and use of parasitic Research Assistant: Section of Integrative Biology, UT Austin Supervisor: Dr. Kathrin Stanger-Hall • Field and laboratory studies: North American firefly flash signal evolution Teaching Assistant: Montana State University • Molecular and Cellular Biology (lab course) Teacher-Naturalist: Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, Englewood, NJ • On-site and outreach environmental education for school groups and public • Development of high school environmental awareness outreach programs Teaching Assistant: UCLA • Introduction to Ecology and Behavior • Evolution, Ecology, and Biodiversity (lab course) • Marine Biology Quarter: Moorea, French Polynesia (field course) Spring 2006 • Conservation Biology Rainey, M. M., Korostyshevsky, D., Lee, S., & Perlstein, E. O. 2010. The antidepressant sertraline targets intracellular vesiculogenic membranes in yeast. Genetics 185: 1221-1233. Rainey, M. M. 2009. Evidence of a geographically variable competitive mimicry relationship in coral reef fishes. Journal of Zoology 279: 78-85. Rainey, M. M. & Grether, G. F. 2007. Competitive mimicry: synthesis of a neglected class of mimetic relationships. Ecology 88(10): 2440-2448. • Best Presentation, Montana Space Grant Consortium Student Research Symposium 2010 • Montana Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship • Honorable Mention, NSF Pre-doctoral Fellowship Program • Recognition of Excellence as teaching assistant, UCLA EEB • Quality of Graduate Education Fellowship, UCLA EEB • Neely Scholar, University of Texas Integrative Biology • Distinguished College Scholar, University of Texas Natural Sciences • Dean’s Scholars Honors Program, University of Texas Natural Sciences 2000–2004 • National Merit Scholar • Evaluating methods of predicting wildlife corridors using GPS data from migrating elk 2010 Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Pittsburgh, PA • Evaluating methods of predicting wildlife corridors in a changing climate Montana Space Grant Consortium Student Research Symposium, Bozeman, MT • Competitive mimicry in a coral reef fish Public presentation, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center, Englewood, NJ • Competitive mimicry: approaches to modeling • Phylogenetic relationships of 20 North American firefly species (poster) University of Texas Undergraduate Research Poster Session (with D. Blair & L. Reinhard) • Ecological Society of America member • International Association for Landscape Ecology member • Montana Society for Conservation Biology member • Population Connection workshop trainer • Field methods: basic mapping techniques, population size estimation, taxon-specific collection methods, quantitative behavioral observation, certified scientific diver • Lab methods: molecular phylogenetic techniques, yeast genetics techniques • Computing skills (descending order): ArcGIS, R, MARK, SAS, Python, MS Access, RSI ENVI • Landscape connectivity: science and practice of identifying and protecting key wildlife linkages, especially best practices for spatially explicit connectivity modeling • Managing the matrix: understanding how native species function in human-modified landscapes and using that knowledge to innovate management and land use planning • Threshold effects of land use change on habitat suitability and connectivity • Use of landscape genetics to evaluate habitat suitability and measure connectivity


Evolution of Character Displacement in Darwin's Finches The following resources related to this article are available online at (this information is current as of February 3, 2008 ): including high-resolution figures, can be found in the online Updated information and services, version of this article at: Supporting Online Material A list of selected additi

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16, RUE BONAPARTE – 75272 PARIS CEDEX 06 TÉL : 01 42 34 57 70 - FAX : 01 40 46 87 55 Commission VII (maladies infectieuses et médecine tropicale) Groupe de travail* sur Les adjuvants vaccinaux: quelle actualité en 2012 ? Pierre Bégué, Marc Girard, Hervé Bazin, Jean-François Bach. 1. Introduction, situation du sujet Les adjuvants vaccinaux sont indis

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