New global opportunities

each of these subdivisions. She said that ensure that there is definitely demand for consider the different stages to getting a Fast business
often carry specialist reports on different I have to say that the first stage to getting business areas. Finally, you may be able to anything done quickly is to assess the task persuade a competitor to provide you with priority list so that you tackle the tasks in customers deal with her direct and she has a 90% plus retention rate. Her philosophy market. Incidentally, if you are planning a business that requires retail premises, you may find that local estate agents can also try to keep them for years and years.
• Decide what legal form your business is assist you with research information.
going to have. Your choice is to be a sole • Write a business plan. Even if you are not seeking outside funding, don’t skip the niche she is marketing to is finite.
business plans in the past that I won’t limited company. If you feel that there is • Get your website up and running. Pick your domain name and build a website.
treat. Basically, pieces of air-dried liver I’d say there is hardly a single business • If you are forming a partnership then get area that shouldn’t have a website.
that will be distributed through retailers.
• If you are planning to go into retail, get lawyer and signed. It will stop arguments lots of advice before you rent a shop.
specialise in producing and selling niche later. Also, if you are forming a company Location is vital to any retail business and suggest a shareholder agreement, too.
really hamper your chances of success.
Again, it will stop arguments later on.
• Think about insurance. I know this is a customers paying us £50 a month, we will Contents - Dec 12/Jan 13
monthly is that neither of the creams will therefore they will have a very short shelf life. Vicky is also looking at producing a similar sort of dental care ‘package’ dental floss, toothpaste and other dental function as impartial sounding boards.
sure that the lease is drawn up, as much as informal but widely accepted ‘gag laws’.
This is a really engaging book, especially • If you have to buy anything at all – be it stare at the other person’s shirt or tie instead. If shyness stops you from looking equipment – for heaven’s sake try and buy other people in the eye, you should really The Half-Life of Facts: Why everything we practise (perhaps in front of a mirror) to know has an expiration date is published • When it comes to employing staff, try to of this extraordinary book, points out that hire independent contractors or, at least, we have learnt it in school or read it in a Multi-tasking is celebrated as the key to you are employing people. Incidentally, if success but it can have an awful impact if you have never employed people before, it you do it at the wrong time. You must put interviewing techniques. If you can’t find anticipated by monitoring smaller regular changes. Though facts refuse to sit still, consider using online recruitment sites.
decision-makers can stay on top of things • Make sure that your environment creates • Marketing is going to be critical to your can do is replace traditional wooden desks success. Do remember that one of the best or tables with glass ones. Research shows Body talk
that the more a person’s body is hidden, the less trustworthy he or she is perceived Trust can take years to build up and just a to be. It can also help to move your seat so that you are sitting on the same side of you. I was interested to hear, incidentally, fickle emotion, the instigator of irrational the table as your business contact. Plus, decisions and spontaneous partnerships.
entrepreneur can do is to create an aura of will also be perceived as more trustworthy trust without ever saying a word. Because threat to their own venture. Bear in mind, trust is about creating an emotional bond with another person. So it starts from the powerful form of advertising. Nor must it minute you make contact. It is, therefore, important to be aware in a visual sense of your children (or young relatives) can also expensive marketing takes place online.
Take full advantage of all the free social network and other sites that could be used tone immediately for the interaction that for the other person to relate to. This is are talking to feel like they are the only On my bedside table
It has actually been rather a busy month, they are saying, trust me, I’m one of you.
books. The first is called The Knockoff shake it, look at them – that’s right – in innovation. This book is written by two • Eye contact is crucial. How frequently attention. Also, don’t fold your arms or by Oxford University Press. The title, in • The tone and volume of your voice are plays an important role in winning over a customer’s confidence. Believe it or not, motivate creative types. They also look at and, as a result, slowed down her delivery fashion to financial services, find that the voice are important. Words have energy.
Don’t raise your voice by too much as this can cause people to recoil. Instead, soften your voice and leave enough pauses in the conversation so that the other person feels of the different things that I believe are ‘cosmeceuticals’ – personal care products with supposed skin-enhancingingredients. Growth will be driven by • Big Data is going to come of age. The rain forest plant extracts. The number of large for companies to store in-house – let your arms and legs in a wide, open stance quadrupled over the last five years. It is available information. To give you an idea Sustainability works
of the scale of the potential: according to • Spice is nice. In the food sector one of born every day – that’s enough to fill sustainability is only for do-gooders. But sustainability also saves money. Indeed, I have an almost unlimited desire to try out would rather that people didn’t use terms like ‘going green’ but instead made a decision to ‘choose quality’. The primary to 35 zettabytes of intelligence, according to the Computer Sciences Corporation.
• Fake energy. Whether it is synthesised landfills, lower amounts of pollution and caffeine in a mass-produced beverage or a less waste. Here are four ways to be more sustainable and improve your bottom line: snack, energy products are lifting off.
expanding countries – many of which are • Always buy the best you can afford.
Quality items have a higher initial cost, industry fuelled by young consumers.
Sales for the industry’s largest segment – lower than it would be for a cheaply made drinks and shots – surpassed $50 billion • Refurbish and reuse the things you own.
friendly to repair and improve, say, your connectivity front, translating into better same token, it is often better to optimise • Updating the workplace. The office of the future is going to look much different.
element to which consumers can relate.
office is going to become obsolete sooner things: food, tools, clothing and so forth.
But that perfection comes at a price, both connection and that means staying true to small flaws. Organically grown fruits and virtualisation. It is now possible to buy 176 the first coin-operated pencil vendors • Recycle then replace. If you are tempted such services as human resources, payroll to buy something new, don’t do it until and benefits from third-party providers.
you have given away or sold whatever it is offices entirely. But in order to succeed Trends for 2013
• Advanced personal care products. When it comes to anti-ageing solutions, beauty introduced. Now it is possible to get the machine including ballet shoes, books and even gold. Vending is alive and well.
• Digital doctors. Technology can’t cure garden carts and outdoor furniture. As far all ills, but doctors and entrepreneurs are resorts, too! A typical Kennelwood village range of products – Radio Flyer – sells very little outside the US. It is, so far as I 300 dogs and 60 cats. The business, which $5.7 billion by 2015 in the US alone.
is based in St Louis, Missouri now offers How to close that deal
internationally it may be worth contacting the easier it will be. Here are eight tips to Armando Montelongo is America’s mostsuccessful property investor. In 2001, he • Be clear. People trust what is clear, not friendly, custom-imprinted merchandise.
• Be compassionate. It is one reason why that time, there was a huge mould scare in better message for an organisation and are • Show an honest character. Do what’s company is environmentally conscious.
witness to the attorneys. He would put in pens from recycled tyres, totes from jute targeted and lasting marketing messages.
trust is to make and keep a commitment.
$120,000. It would usually sell within 30 • Be consistent. No one likes to deal with selling property to teaching other people New business concepts
presenting Flip this House – an American unit, which gave him a national profile.
looking for an interesting idea, this could perfectly legal? The answer is coral! The coral. Usually, it has to be said, to put into pet care facilities offering a wide variety built to cart around his tools proved to be his most popular creation. Customers kept day camp, professional training and more.
300 retail and thirty wholesale clients.
and named his first steel wagon the Radio This is, literally, a growing market.
opportunities to participate in the UAE’s gross domestic product growth is likely to 2012. As ever, we’ll try to bring you some impressive in the current uncertain global 2015. The UAE is also a major investor in exploit and links to free sites to help you economic environment.” The mission also develop your import–export skills. This forecast that prospects for the economy in and Africa, plus details of a resource you may find useful if you’re interested in copper prices, of which Zambia is a major producer. As well as minerals, Zambia has UK economy to improve… but Africa
Zambia’s Ministry of Commerce, Tradeand Industry (MCTI) has a website you Cuba aims to develop economy:
Possible opportunities for agents
of years, but African and other worldwideeconomies will grow the fastest, Cuba is not often thought of as a trading Exploring opportunities to trade: Shoes
partner, perhaps owing to a 50-year trade and leather goods
quarterly edition of Global Prospects, it ambitious plans to expand its economy. At says that, although UK growth is likely to industry, leather has been worn by people ever since they began to hunt. The earliest officials appealed for foreign businesses to help revitalise the country’s economy.
Armenia and is said to be 5,500 years old.
priority to develop the investment system you’re interested in import–exporting might find the website of the International the best trading opportunities are likely to website has lots of information about theshoe and leather industry, news on trends be found over the next couple of years.
attended the fair and had the opportunity and trade events, plus a large directory of trade contacts including tanneries, leather manufacturers and factory shoe shops.
UK–UAE trade to grow
More help with import–exporting
Plans to increase trade between Britainand the UAE to over £12bn by 2015 are Zambia’s economy performing strongly
a very small part of our service in helping both countries at a meeting in Dubai. The Trading opportunities with Zambia are set import–export business. If you need more and for the third time, bringing together help or information on the products World UK BUSINESS NEWS
2013 gloom – but for exports
businesses with seven days’ notice of a Autumn Statement
visit, either verbally or in writing.
Britain’s chancellor made several changes penalties of £60 per day being chargeable reliance on benefits among the country’s until the documents are made available.
poorest, while maintaining the support of grassroots Conservatives and attractinginvestors to the UK. Chief among the Half of small-businesses expect growth
rate threshold shift up 1% in 2014/15 and looking for new markets, including via e- owners across Britain expect their businesses James Hardy,’s head ofEurope, noted, “This year has been tough looking ahead to next year and they share at £50,000 or 25% of a person’s income – than the rest of the world and they believe that next year business will be better.
from £50,000 to £40,000, along with the cheerleaders of global business, but based which dropped from £1.5m to £1.25m.
top priorities for small businesses looking budgets to ensure their businesses are in National Insurance contribution drop.
Small business shunning banks
He said: “If I put £100 into my pension today, what will I get out on retirement? UK government scheme criticised
record low for the quarterly survey.
Business record checks to be reinstated
business owners, with many unaware ofthe financial help available.
research, said the results were down to a consultations came up with the suggestionthat HMRC’s emphasis should be on This is partly due to a lack of awareness Businesses neglecting gas safety checks
surrounding the financial benefits of the businesses are putting their staff at risk by failing to carry out regular gas safety bank loans or overdrafts to finance their business in 2013, according to the report.
west England will join on 4th February.
correctly that gas checks must be carried didn’t know, 16% guessed once every two Dining and Housewares; Children’s Gifts, could affect the running of a business. As Accessories; and the Jewellery Show.
Totally DIY/Totally Tools
network with like-minded professionals.
best solutions as well as ensure you are in London Bike Show
trade show for retailers and suppliers of International Food & Drink Event
improvement sector. It’s the first annual Gateway, Royal Victoria Dock, LondonE16 1XL Totally DIY trade show and is established as the UK’s national tool trade show. It’s a dedicated showcase for buyers and sellers of hand tools, power tools and accessories respected food and drink trade event. The for use by professionals and DIYers.
Baby Show
Scotland’s Trade Fair Spring
The Vitality Show 2013
For over 30 years, Scotland’s Trade Fairs The UK’s largest health, beauty, fitness order and online, tourist attractions and revitalised, beautiful, fit and healthy. With independent retail outlets will visit the show over its three days. It is the number- London Garments Expo
speakers, 60 free fitness and yoga classes, dozens of ways to get in shape, it is the Toy Fair 2013
All-Energy Exhibition & Conference
and hobby exhibition in the UK. With250 exhibitors that range from the large Hotel & Catering Show
This is the UK’s largest renewable energy companies, it is a must-attend for the UK renewables/sustainable energy industry.
Spring Fair 2013
A show for professionals from all parts of the catering industry. Exhibitors include Total Processing and Packaging
– with products spread across 12 sectors.
Fair International is a trade show that is MAINTEC 2013 incorporating
latest production line solutions, material developments and product innovations.
spies. Contact: S Devan, Haricon Exports, Old ● Food & Drink
LOOKING FOR FRUIT and vegetable
importers. Contact: SMA Enterprises, 126/C AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS
Block/2, PECHS, Karachi 75441, Pakistan, Tel: +92 214532298. Fax: +92 21 4532297. MANGO FARMER planning to export. Contact:
HIren Joshi, Kanusha Overseas, U K House, 25 SIMONS INTERNATIONAL IMPORT/EXPORT
MAIZE We are exporters of all types of dry fruit
AGENCY (PTY)LTD has aquired rights to
and maize to all over the world. Contact: Ayaz, distributors,wholesalers and retailers.For more EXPORTERS OF HONEY AND COCONUT
OIL willing to trade. Contact: David Robinson
[email protected] P.O.BOX4375 Nahlyve, Fenualoa Honey/Oil International, PRODUCERS OF QUALITY OLIVE TEA A UK
based import and export agency is looking to MALAYSIAN FRESH PINEAPPLES exporter
represent producers of quaility olive tea for the to Middle East and European countries.
Artwell Kamanga, Global Import & Export, 28 Contact: Shan, SMV Exclusive Food Industries Tel: +27 83 489 4662. Fax: + 27 86 692 9675.
SB, 48 Lorong Selat Selatan 6, Port Klang, AGRIPORDUCTS FOR EXPORT Vietnam&thai
rice ie long grain,parboiled,broken sorteed, LOOKING FOR IMPORTERS for Premium
thailand&brazil sugar,vegetable,edible Australian Baby Food Formula, newborn (0 to Arabica and Robusta directly from our growers palm,soyabean,sunflower,canola&coconut oil.
in Boloven Plateau of Paksong, Laos.
PURE Australian product with no adulteration lancaster avenue, Hillcrest, Zimbabwe, 263.
and genuine certificate of origin available.
Southichack, Mekong Trading Co LLC, 037/6-7 Contact: Damian Wise, Thadeua Rd., POBox 2627, Vientiane, Laos, Brimin Park Pty Ltd, 60 Korong Road, West Tel: +856 20 5735033. Fax: +85621 314796.
and fresh vegetables. distributors, restaurants and supermarkets.
Contact: Abid Ismail, Superior Consulting (Pvt) DRY FRUIT WINES from China, alcoholic Contact: Cristina Navarro, Ltd, Suite # 103, First Floor, Kashif Centre, content 12%, flavours of pineapple, carambola, Adjacent Hotel Mehran, Shahra e Faisal 75300, etc. Contact: B Choo, Goldfern Trade, 6001 TOMATO PASTE We do tomato, all kinds of
WINE, BEER. We are brokers/wholesalers Contact: Jacky Wang, FRUITS from Kenya looking for a market in UK
located in United States and sell wine, beer and and Europe. Contact: Paul, Global Growers (K) spirit. Contact: Michael Parker, Parkers Wine Brokerage, 16101 Mapl3 Park Drive #4, Maple LOOKING FOR IMPORTERS FOR HISHA
FISH and frozen sea foods from any corner of
HONEY We export all kinds of fruit and
Tel: +1 216 502 4484. Fax: +1 216 472 8990.
the world. Contact: Arif vegetables, onion, rice, nature herbals, organic Ahammad Khondker, Adroit, 43/2 Mymensingh compost, banana products with international FRENCH AND AUSTRALIAN WINES ARE
Road (Banglamotor link road), Dhaka 1000, quality. Contact: WANTED We conduct chain operation in free
trade zones nationwide and adopts a mode of united customers clearance, unified inspection and quarantine, unified distribution, unfied CANNED TOMATOES Italcomex is an Italian
OLIVES, OLIVE OIL. We are suppliers of Contact: tomatoes in cans and boiled vegetables.
olives, oilve oils, fresh broccoli, red peppers, Contact: Paola Terracciano, carrots. Contact: Chris Haros, Diolkos Ltd, Italcomex Import Export Srl, Napoli, Italy, Ioystinianoyb 51A, Larissa, PC 41222, Greece, Tel: +302410671831. Fax: +302410671833.
FRESH CHILLED TUNA We export fresh
broken rice, basmati rice. good quality indian spices of high quality. Contact: Bharatha chilled tuna and other fresh seafood products, rice of all kinds. Contact: Sundaram PS, Jaffy we are an EU approved processing plant.
Durganagar, Sanatorium Chennai, Tamilnadu LOOKING FOR IMPORTERS: Itanlian cookies
Elizabeth Buenaventura, M S Seafood Supplier, Maremma's traditional handmade pastry, dry SUGAR ICUMSA 45 Seller's representative we
have Sugar Icumsa 45 on our stock available.
Contact: Mary Pretolani, Pretolani & Lepri SNC, Contact: Jose Ola, Ola Sugar, Rua Valuntaryos LOOKING FOR BUYERS Cheese from
Da Patria Industriale Cong. 84HE H, Meeting Romania,chicken paws/feet,wings,gizzards and frozen whole chicken available for supply SPICES & ADDITIVES
lancaster avenue, Hillcrest, Zimbabwe, 263.
SPICES, linseed, niger seeds, pulses - chick
seeds, fresh garlic, turmeric powder and all pea, horse bean, haricot beans, spices - corriander, cummin seed, cardamom, pepper, Industrial Zone, Anji, Zhejiang, 313300, China, garlic, ginger. Contact: Khalid Taha, Ecos, HIGH QUALITY CZECH COSMETICS Exporter
Tel: +86 572 5300902. Fax: +86 572 5300903. of high quality cosmetics, made of natural BOOK WOODEN CHILDREN FURNITURE.
ingredients and not tested on animals: body Table surface 40/60 height 42cm, chair surface 28/28 seat height 25cm, height 50cm, with EXPORTER OF AGRO PRODUCTS. We are
Manufaktura. Contact: Marinova Ekaterina, De beautiful design and printing, surface treatment exporters of black pepper, cloves, raw cashew Natura, 17 Slavovitsa Str., Fl 5, Atelier 14, smooth, easy to assemble and more, durable nuts, betelnuts, gambuier, sea weed, nutmeg and non-toxic printing. Contact: Li Zhifeng, etc. Contact: Vijay, Doll Trading Co, Jl. Kopo, LeiBao Furniture Co Ltd, Fusen Building 715, Bandung, Indonesia, Tel: +62 22 5411354.
colour mahogany, java, cream, anti-gold, anti IMPLEMENTS and make up cases.
silver, fitted with 38mm pole, wooden grain AGENTS AND BUYERS REQUIRED India
finish. Contact: Sarah based import/export agent seeks agents and buyers from China for Indian Coir fibre, sea No 2, Linyi, Linput Town, Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, MANUFACTURER OF HIGH/ANSONMONE is
a HGH supplements in body building, anti- RATTAN AND EXOTIC FURNITURE and
● Health & Beauty Products
aging, weight loss, gaining muscle, etc.
handicraft export. Contact: Contact: Lily Kang, Anhui Vajda Anca, H&K Kft, Andrasi ut 83-85/f2/a, COSMETICS
Anke Biotechnology (Group) Co Ltd, Hefei, Budapest 1062, Hungary, Tel: +361 3222982.
Fax: +36 1 3222982. E-mail: [email protected] COSMETICS AND TOILETRIES. We are
chair and stool, high quality Italian airline leather upholstery and solid wood frame.
manufacturing products: personal care, skin ● Home & Household
care, hair care, men's care, baby care, foot Delson Classic (HK) Company Ltd, Tongfuyu care, medical supples, air freshener, detergent Industrial Zone, Tianxin Village, Shenzhen, KITCHEN & BATHROOM ACCESSORIES
11118 Amman, Jordan, Tel: +962 6 5650300.
WITH BRACKET. We specialize in home
supplies and produce all kinds of curtain HOME TEXTILES & CARPETS
acessories and kitchenware. nail product, fine quality, private label and bulk Contact: Catherine Wang, EDA Home Supplies PRINTED BLANKET is polyester/acrylic
available - UV Gel, Acrykuc, color acrylic, Co Ltd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311251, China, printing blanket, bed sheet and other household fiberglass, nail art, botanical oils, instructional CONIQUE NUANCE SILVER CERAMIC
textiles available. BATHROOM SET with tissue cover for
Contact: Mrs Lisa, Zhejiang Red Da Textile Co Contact: Sheila Bargas, Sheba Professional decoration conique nuance silver bath set, soap Ltd, Zhejiang Yiwu ZongZe North Rd No 208, dispenser, toothbrush holder, tumbler, soap Tel: +1 313 291 8010. Fax: +1 313 291 0603.
Building, Tian An Hi-Tech Ecological Park, No PET PRODUCTS
DISTRIBUTOR. We are manufacturer/exporter
555, Panyu Avenue Noirth, Guangzhou, China, of herbal cosmetics in India and looking for Tel: +86 20 23889685. Fax: +86 20 39388022. CAT LITTER. "Clean Up" cat litter - products for
corondium sharpening stone best results for Contact: Narendra, Seaman's Enterprises Pvt Gagandeep Singh, Ozone Ayurvedics, 1 LSC, kitchen knives, chef's knives, outdoor tools, Ltd, Bunder Road, Nr Bank of India, Mandvi, scissors, shears, etc Contact: Jasmine Zhang, Tel: +91 11 25572371. Fax: +91 11 25618938.
Taidea Tech Co Ltd, The 3rd Industrial Zone, Tel: +91 2834223012. Fax: +91 2834 223989.
Tanzhou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China, NATURAL OIL FOR SKIN made of natural
ingredients and essential oil for foot treatment quality dog food manufacturer under extreme and body relaxing called "Pastille". Contact: hygienic environment at competitive price.
ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS Contact: Preti Tyagi, India Sells Trading Co, Mumbai, Mharashtra LOOKING FOR BUYERS Houseware,plastic
cookware,pans&pots,tableware,terry&kitchen Different species of parrots and fertile eggs INTERNATIONAL TRADE Import-Export Agent
based in the UK with extensive connections in africangreys of all species, the eggs have been lancaster avenue, Hillcrest, Zimbabwe, 263.
candied and proven fertile, we ship to all areas.
manufacturers and suppliers worldwide on a Tel: +1 9576423189. E-mail: [email protected] contact Elijah at The RobDel Trading Agency FURNITURE & FURNISHINGS
Ltd [E][email protected] [W] breeding freshwater fish, aquatic plant, marine [T]+4474 3804 9014 [F]020 7681 3914 Contact: BAMBOO ROCKING CHAIR our products also
fish and coral invertebrates. Elijah Opayemi, The RobDel Trading Agency, include garden products, home wares, bamboo Contact: May, Aquatic Indonesia, Jl Cidangiang 94 Fitzstephen Road, Dagenham Essex, United Tel: +62 1 70501055. Fax: +62 251 870984.
Tel: +860 2 7111312. Fax: +880 2 9565717. SMALL PRESSURE SPRAYER for household
KB-1006 1L. Contact: MARCIANA CATENZA PEARLS This 3 in 1
printable cards print out program incorporated Nancy Zhou, Taizhou Kobold Sprayer Co Ltd, necklace is made of pure hematite stones.
with text, elipse, rectangle, line and designing Beautifully designed necklace that attracts objects to create colourful birthday cards.
charm. The cross, the sun and the heart are believed to have mystical power coupled with the material use, the hematite stones are used ANIMAL ERASER animal shaped turtle and
for magical prowess in the ancient times.
● Luxury Goods & Gifts
Contact: Mac Liu, Sunsunny Stationery Co Ltd, Pearls, Puerto Princess 5300, Philippines, ARTS/CRAFTS/GIFTS
JEWELLERY (950/1000) at reasonable prices -
of all kinds of Indian handicrafts and gift items products: bracelets, earrings and rings.
plus 100% free organic food products. Looking for importers and buyers from Gulf, US, UK, Liaury, Quiqichaypery, Pasaje Precursores 155 ● Sports/Hobby/Toys/Leisure
Europe and African countries. Contact: Alok Dpto 103, Charcarilla-Surco, Lima 33, Peru, FLOWERS/GARDEN & CAMPING
NATURAL JEWELLERY We manufacture a
large collection of wooden jewellery, silvery medicinal plants and outdoor plants.
different Persian ceramic handicraft items Chuan Chom Place Village, Nonthaburi 11110, including: plates, saucer, case, mug, cup, bowl, candelstick with different paterns on in different Tel: +88 02 8858671-2. Fax: +88 2 88588670.
styles. Contact: Golzari, Tabriz Ceramic, Iran, GOLD OFFER Commodity specifications for
gold bars, Alluvai Gold (AU), form: gold bars, GREENHOUSE, GOTHIC TYPE roof,suitable
to load snow and rain-running away. Other VIETNAMESE ARTS & CRAFTS. We export:
fineness/purity. Clean, clear, no leans and non- coconut products, black iron arts, bamboo criminal origin. Contact: John Mensah, Edoi single tunnel, mushroom film etc. Contact: Echo products, oil painting, lacquer paintings, INvestment Gh Ltd, No 65, Achimota, Accra, silk/taffeta purse, bags and handbags.
city,Fujian, China, Tel: +86 5922077056. Investment Joint STock Co, Nhat tao- Dong ● Office/Paper/Stationery
WHEEL BARROW Wh9600 with two wheels in
traditional paintings, sculpture and statues, Qingdao Hongsheng Special Vehicle Company STANDING POUCH for Tablet PC, it has not
Ltd, No 585 Linganyi Road, Jiaonan, Qingdao, Contact: Kumud Shekhar, only protection but also standing function and Shangdong, China, Tel: +86 53281731508.
Ark Kraftex Pvt Ltd, 323 Vardhman Plaza, Plot No 12, Rainibagh, Pitampura, Delhi, India, smaller than I PAD or similar. www.amuseum- GARDEN TOOLS SHARPENER. Knife and
shear sharpener, appliable to all blade tools, Tungsten carbide blades, nursing article for finger protection. Other products: portable CLOCKS/WATCHES/JEWELLERY
Tel: +82 2 32855104. Fax: +82 2 62805139. pocket knife sharpener, double side knife sharpening stone, ceramic knife sharperner, GLASS BEADS, GLASS STONES,
honing oil, diamond knife and hook sharpener, RHINESTONES. JES Trading is an exporter of
Czech made glass beads (fire polished beads), IPHONE 5 LOAD SPEAKER RINGER
lampwork beads, MC beads and glass stones BUZZER compatible model: Apple ipone 5, we
Road, Ranzhou Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, (MC chatons - rhinestones, chaton roses etc) also have large quantity ipone 5 LCD housing, flex cable, camera, button, speaker, battery and imitation jewellery. Contact: Milada Dolezalova, JES Trading as, SV Cecha PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT
Tel: +420 483313266. Fax: +420 483312375.
sports camera, sports securuty cameras, digital STONES & BEADS Manufacturer and exporter Contact: Vera Lee, door viewer cameras, digital voice recorders, of all types of glass beads and semi precious Kin Wo Leather Factory, 2/F, NO 83, Longquan Contact: Becci Ly, Lu-Vision Ltd, Shenzhen, Rajesh, Aashirwad ARt, S-531, School block 2, Guangdong, China, Tel: +86 755 27893376.
Shakarpur, Delhi, India, Tel: +919312283162.
manufacture "Sterling Silver jewellery" such as A4 MULTIFUNCTIONAL PHOTOCOPY
rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, brooches, PAPER, manufacturer and exporter of top
necklace, silver chains, cufflinks, mother of quality copier papers A4 size, 80 gsm 2.5 kg Contact: Muzaffer Ali, pearl jewellery, pearl jewellery, Italian chains net per pack of 500 sheets and 10 packs in on e carton. Contact: Mohamed Ebrahim, Royal 14/400, Sialkot, Punjab 51310, Pakistan, Contact: Mr Ali, JNB Mfg & Tel: +92 52 3554138. Fax: +92 52 3560489.
Exporting Co Ltd, 1133-1137 Chareon Krung VARIETY OF TOYS. We are dealers in the
SHOES manufacturer and exporter of quality
area of different types of toys at very affordable ladies footwear. DENIM JEANS AND FLANNEL SHIRTS AND
Contact: Kashif, Gifpak International, 66.8, HOODIES Bulk purchase of Men's basic 100%
cotton, 31 colour variety 1.5 Million pieces Tel: +92 524261521. Fax: +92 52 4261519. available, High quality FOB USD$8000/10 000 SPORTS GOODS. Manufactuer of soccer balls
pieces.Hong Kong origin. Also in stock:Denim and accessories, maritial arts and boxing SHOE TRADE Manufacturer in footwear and
jeans,quilted ,sweats ,shirts hoodies and many looking for firms that we can co-operate with.
Mazhar Hussain, Mnaim, Motra Road, Sialkot Profesyonel Shoe & Leather, Organize San.
Reiskoy Cad. Insu Sok No 4, Selcuklu Konya, Fax: +903322390455. E-mail: [email protected] ALLTYPE OF GARMENTS EXPORTER and
manufacturer for men, women and kids, our Manufacturer of all kinds of hand sticked custom logo soccerball, rugby ball, volley ball, colours and effective new implimenting designs.
Contact: D Govindarajan, Sree Krishna Tex hand made sweaters, jumpers, gloves,socks, Export Intl, KMA Nagar, Velachery, Chennal, Soccer Promiotions, Mohaia Nassir Rd, Sialkot scarves and hats all in Alpaca 100% fibre. The products are crochet or knitted and have unique Tel: +92 3217190899. Fax: +92 3217190899.
LADIES FASHION Women's custom clothing,
Fashions, Jr Las Esmeraldas 1726, Urb. Inca short sleeve tee shirts beads design. We have WOODEN TOYS & FURNITURE, handicrafts
Manco Capac, San Juan de Lurigancho, Lima a wide range of ladies fashion clothing, skirts, and other wooden products from Romania that Contact: Cristian Patru, Dimex SRL, Cetatea LADIES KNITTED SWEATERS AND
Enterprise Ltd, Rm 301, Bldg 1, Dong Hao Ind TROUSERS, women's knitwear-hooded short
Park, 150 Xin Min Road, Tong Luo Wei, Jin Xia, sleve pullover/women clothes/lady t-shirt, fabric Fax: +4021 4130077. E-mail: [email protected] 100% viscose jersey 130G yarn, dyed, XS, S, M, L, XL. Contact: NEED IMPORTERS FOR WOOLEN
GARMENTS. We can provide good quality,
reasonable rate, woolen garment. Contact: Ajit MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER OF
Dagang Road, Chebei, Tianhe Dist, Guagnshou TENTS, tarpaulin, cotton fabric in
Bagga, R K Trading Co, Opp K CC Bank, Anu, grey/dyed/printed/waterproof/fire retardant and Hamirpur (H.P.), India, Tel: +91 9218849427.
all relief items. www. USED JEANS & DENIM CLOTHING
Contact: M Bilal Atara, Atara Corporation, C 73 WHOLESALE. We gave used jeans mixed
Street #4, Block C, Shershah SITEK, Karachi, name brands, used Levi jeans, used Levi denim PRO WINTER SUBLIMATED CYCLING
Sindh 75730, Pakistan, Tel: +9221 2588833.
jackets, used Levi denim shirts, used flannel WEAR thermal tights and pants grippers. www. Contact: Bill Lee, clothing. Contact: Guangshou Ingor Sporting Goods Co Ltd, B904 LOOKING FOR BUYERS We are looking for
Guangkai Yuan Blvd. No 460 Huangshi Xi Rd, agents in Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France to sell horse saddles and tack. We have Tel: +86 20 62839306. Fax: +86 20 62351268. an arrangement with manufacturers. please WIDE RANGE OF APPAREL/CLOTHING
contact us asap Contact: John Why, Lovertons ladies/men's and sports wear quality garments.
Ltd, 145 St john's Street, London, United GARMENTS AND HOME FURNISHINGS IN
COTTON. We manufacture and export
garments and home furnishing madeups as per buyers choice in small or big quantities, in cottons and other fabrics with embroidery and ● Textiles/Leather/Fashion
sequence work. Contact: J Arjun Dass, Indian FASHION ACCESSORIES
Enterprise, B-4/99, 100 Second Floor, Sector - FOOTWEAR
Tel: +91 11 27049253. Fax: +91 11 27050577.
SHOES WHOLESALER Beautiful shoes with
attractive prices. MANUFACTURER AND EXPORTER of ready
Contact: Stephani, lpt Trade, 35 Rue Victor women and children. Contact: Tanvir Ahmed, T M R Fashions, H-84 (3rd Floor) New Airport BEAUTIFUL CLOSED TOE SHOES pink,
Tel: +880 29884296. Fax: +880 2 9895412. beige and brown, size range Eur 36/41. Also BAGS, BELTS, LADIES SANDALS. We
produce/export exclusive quailty bags, belts Contact: Miss Wang, SHOES and clothing, we can supply many
and ladies sandals. kinds brand nike shoes, jeans and clothing.
Contact: Paresh Shroff, Anira Exports, G/12 Contact: Serena, Yuan Yng Trade Co Ltd, Jiahe Road, Xiamen, Tel: +86 159 6953261. Fax: +86 159 6953261. Tel: +91 22 23521377. Fax: +91 22 23523925.
work on jute webbing, jute and canvas bags at attractive rates, also t-shrits ladies and LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS in Europe,
children's wear. Contact: Shoma Mowla, Aexpo UK and US markets for established brand.
BUCKLES Metal handbag buckles, handbag
Giordano Originals (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore, hardware made under customer's design and specification, inc alloy die casting, brass casting etc. Elegant finishing, tarnish proof, ● Electrical & Electronic
bars, full threaded stud bolts, double end bolted Tel: +886 2 23923930. Fax: +886 2 23627880. PLASTIC INSULATED BMC SOCKET double
studs, anchor bolts, nuts, washers, eye bolts, LEATHER GOODS, TOOL BELTS,
BNC jack. BNC type RF coaxial connector.
hex and heavy hexbolts. Materials: stainless POUCHES, BAGS. We manufacture leather
Bayonet coupling, small size and low cost, steel, mild steel, alloy steel and non ferrous.
industrial workwear, leather tool belts, leather 50ohm and 75ohm available, various options Standards: ASTM, DIN, BS, JIS. Size range: tool pouches, leather tool belts, tool rigs, tool for differenc applications: antennas, broadcast, 3/8" to 4", M-100. Coating: Bichromate, aprons, leather welding jackets, leather working radios, telecom. coaxial cable, CCTV, CCD cadmium, hot dip galvanizing, teflon coating, electro galvanizing, cadmium plating, nicket Contact: Shahid, Arrivo Kevin Van, Shenzhen Flourish Technology Co plating. Contact: Mr Satish Mehta, Nextgen Leather Industries, A-10/A SMCHS, Karachi Steel & Alloys, 113/117, Gulab Mansion, Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdon, LOOKING FOR MANUFACTURERS: Cycling
Contact: Nicole Yang, Bada Optoelectronics Co Chenglian Import & Export Trading Co Ltd, Rm WIRE, EDM, NC EDM, CNC EDM, we are a
806, Bldg 2, WuHam Building, No 265 Jiahe wire EDM expert manufacturer in Taiwan. Contact: Jiann, Jiann Tel: +86 592 5076657. Fax: +86 592 5078623. Sheng Machinery & Electric, No 8, 12 th Road, 121W WARM WHITE/PURE WHITE
Industrial Park Zone, Taichung City, Taiwan, 180H81MM ENERGY SAVING led ceiling light
Tel: +886 4 23593717. Fax: +886 4 23590920.
fixture, recessed ceiling lights, dimmable led ● Miscellaneous
downlights, could be used in office, home, gallery, clothing stores, boutiques etc. www.led- Contact: Jerry Zou, Sweet ● Industry Support Products
LOOKING FOR BUYERS Umbrellas,bulk reject
nappies,mosquito coil A4 copy paper. Contact: 402, 3dr Building, 2nd Area Taoyuanju, Xixany SAFETY & SECURITY
Ricky Nyoni, Serene platinum, 7 lancaster town, Bao'an District, Guangdong, China, MANUFACTURER AND DISTRIBUTOR of
electronic safes for home and office.
2200MAH TRAVEL CHARGER Battery type: Contact: Andrew Liu, Pregex Li-ion capacity: 2200mAh voltage: 3.7 Input: 5V Industrial (Suzhou) Co Ltd, No 198 Xinvhai charging time 3 - 5 hrs. Working temperture: 0 INDUSTRIAL
Building & Construction
Digital Technology (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, 5F, B ZKS-L2F FINGERPRINT DOOR LOCK L2 is a
standalone fingerprint door lock with good BUILDINGS
performacne, designed specially in the purpose METAL & STEEL BUILIDNGS at close out
of popularizing the fingerprint products. It could prices. Contact: Robin, store 60 fingerprint templates, it is suitable for All Steel Corporation, All Steel Corp, 1713 25th home villa, slap-up dwelling house because of its delicacy appearance and stronger security MANUFACTURER & EXPORTER OF
wide network of agricultural equipment traders LOOKING FOR WHOLESALERS: PB5 PB5 is
MATERIALS & TOOLS Contact: U Raja, Dinesh fingerprint recognition based Access controller SELLERS OF CEMENT AND SUGAR Direct
& Co, 9-5-49 Roypet, Narsapur 534275, India, and time attendance recorder. Contact: Xeon provider of cement, urea and sugar. Looking for area and direct buyers. Contact: Mauricio Sanchez, Calle 13, NO 78-54 Of.309, Cali, E-mail: [email protected] MANUFACTURER OF FIRE FIGHTING
EQUIPMENT, fire extinguisher, fire hose, fire
● Industrial Supplies
hose reel, fire hose coupling and nozzles, ALUMINIUM WINDOWS manufacturer and
exporters of windows and doors. COMPONENTS
Industry Co Ltd, No 7 Fengguan AV., Feitai Dis, Contact: Rand Will, Impact Aluminium Window and Door, 1505 112th AVenue, Bellevue, WA ASTM A 106 STEAMLESS CARBON STEEL
PIPE for high temperature. Contact: Bestar
Steel Co Ltd, 22nd Floor, South Building in SCIENTIFIC & INDUSTRIAL INSTRUMENTS
EQUIPMENTS. Dealer/distributors in
laboratory/hospital/pharmaceutical instruments HDPE PIPE FOR WATER SUPPLY high
and equipment, laboratory grade chemicals, hammered, pineapple etc and is suitable for Contact: Lyoyand Guorun Pipes Co Contact: Contact: Judy Zhu, Xingtai Ltd, Jinguyuan Road NO 72, Lyouang, Henan, Ramachandra Rao, Classic Instruments & EQuipmets, 127, 6th Cross, Saraswati Nagar, Tel: +91 80 23305688. Fax: +91 80 23305688.
LOOMS, manufacturer and exporter for all
types of weaving looms such as Sulzer, Somet, Tel: +81 3 33126302. Fax: +81 3 3312 6300.
EQUIPMENT manufacturer of all types of
Contact: Nirav Patel, Konica International, PTFE STAPES PISTON. Using smooth jaw
laboratory glassware and equipment like leibig alligator forceps, the piston loop can be condensers, conical flasks, all volumatic expanded with a pick to slip over the Icus.
glasswares and also distillation apparatous.
Material: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). 1.
"Plastic Memory" provides secure closure. 2.
Glass & Equipment Co, Plot No 79, Industrial plants for various industries, EDI & CDI plants, Conventional design for easy attachment with UF, MF, NF plants, water for electroplaging, Long process of Incus. 3. Can be trimmed from metal finishing, surface coating, electrophoretic 6.00 mm to 3.50 mm. Contact: Sandip Savaliya, paint etc. Contact: Tanya Li, EON Meditech Pvt Ltd, Surat, Gujarat 395006, Lavender Evironmental Engineering Co Ltd, LOOKING FOR EXPORTERS: Need of Hulti
MOTORBIKE JACKETS motorcycle leather
QUALITY for various industries, EDI & CDI
fasteners and chemical products also needed.
Contact: Perumal Pandian, GSP International, motorcycle jackets, men's verticle MC and electroplating, metal finishing, surface coating, 37/38 Vasudevan Street, Perambur, Chennai, men's racer jackets, black leather jacket and electrophoretic paint etc. Taminadu 600011, India, Tel: +91 9962336099. lambskin leather jacket. Top quality motorbike Contact: Tanya Li, Lavender Environmental MILLING MACHINES, manufacturers, all
geared universal, vertical and ram turret millings. Contact: Gurjett Industries, Town Fateh Garth Road, Sialkot, COPPER BRASS BRONZE NICKEL SILVER:
bars, rod, wire and strips, brass rod and wire for Road, Dhandari Khurd, Ludhiana (Punjab) 141 machining, forging and cold heading, welding and brazing wrie, zipper flat wire and EDM wire, ● Other Industries
Cupraisa SAC, Jr Manuel A Odria 298, Ate, AGRICULTURE & FORESTRY
KIT for projects. Compact design which makes
improved quality seeds such as corn, soya, carrying out or collections very convenient, ● Machinery
easy to install, most of the cables have been compelted, just simple install the blades and Nkambe 237, Cameroon, Tel: +2377301484.
tail, wind and solar charge contro,l dual-input, able to directly connect to external solar panels GASOLINE CHAINSAW 58CC similar with sthil
which up to 120W, USB jack able to recharge MS 180, both with soft handel and easy starter, bunching machine made of pure carbon/aramid mobile MP3, GPS and other potable devices.
bar length 18", displacement 52cc, rated input power: 2000W, load speed: 2800/min. Contact: multiwires, ceramic guides and wearing plates, Electronic Co Ltd, 6F-4, NO 4, Ln 609, Sec 5, Emily Chag, Yongkang Hiqi Electric Co Ltd, coating work with any kind of plasma coating.
Chongxin Rd, Sanchong Dist, New Taipei City, Hardware Industrial Area, YOngkang, Zhejiang, MAIZE COB THRESHER TYPE 5TY-27B
● Motor & Transport
capability: 2000kg/h, break 3%, non-threshing Tel: +90 264 276 1972. Fax: +90 264 2761974.
<1%, total loss <2%, flying loss <0.5%, improve VEHICLES & PARTS
products efficiency and reduce labour intensity CERAMICS B2B MARKETPLACE is a trading
by adopting small single phase induction motor place of ceramic products and raw materials BLACK CASE 12V 110AH LIFE PO4
and machinery for the ceramics industry.
BATTERY MODULE for energy storage for
products: electric corn sheller, corn thresher, Hanson, Source Ceramics, 45 Highley Street, Contact: Kathryn Xiaomei, Rongwu Implement Factory, Xunlong Wang, Shenzhen O'Cell Technology Co Ltd, Bld Town, Ziyang City, Sichuan Province, China, A3. Chengtou Industry Pk, Qinghu Village, Longhua Town, Bao'an Dist, Shenzhen, China, INDUSTRIAL COMBINED DESICCANT
ETHIOPIA FOOD We can supply quality
ROTOR DEHUMIDIFIER with air conditioner
agricultural products with best price. Contact: ELECTRIC SCOOTER power supply: lead-acid
Eshetu Beshir, Ferede Azanaw Import & Export, using both refrigeration and a desiccant rotor so battery 60V.12AH, wheel size 163.0, Motor Haylie g/Silase Street, 185463, Ethiopia, it can both control the humidity and temperature 350W brushless, brake system front & rear of the air independently in one packaged unit.
drum brake, certification CE, frame material Connie Chen, Hangzhou Fuda Dehumidification 60KM, charging time 6 - 8 H, max load 150KG.
Also electric motor cycle, bicycle, bike. Contact: Chris Chen, Shenzhen BAKERY AND RESTUARANT EQUIPMENT
Hangzhou, China, Tel: +86 571 86899396.
Songi Electric Bicycle Co Ltd, Shapu Shaer We manufacture and repair all the Bakery and WIND GENERATOR EQUIPMENT CE + 7
marie,Brover,fan,flat griller,stove,all gas patents, High efficiency + small size. Contact: pan,etc. Contact: Nzuzimbo Import & Export EXPORTER OF JAPANESE USED CARS,
KR011-1 Custom paper bags, customised
BASIS ONLY A UK based import and export
recycled baby gift bags, glittered gift bags.
agency looking to represent manufacturers: Contact: Tom Cao, Bozhong CONSULTANTS We offer enhanced technical
producers and suppliers of surgical, medical efficiency in the production of ethanoil and and dental instruments, olive tea and stationery other valuable co-products while utilizing products. Contact: Artwell Kamanga, Global WINE PACKAGING. Wine bottle carrier,
abandoned or land filled biomass and waste.
Import & Export Agency, 28 Planetree Court, personalised wine paper bags, wine packing, Contact: Andreas Weiss, Biomaxx Systems Inc, Middlesbrough Marton, United Kingdom, TS7 wine carrier, reusable wine bags, eco-paper 1801 - 1 Yonge Street, Toronto, Ontario M5E LOOKING FOR IMPORTERS: Ammonium
Kangzheng Science & Technology Co Ltd, PACKAGING THERMIC SOLUTIONS
SACKS. We produce multi-wall paper sack for
because the prestige of your product and brand different applications, also waste sacks for MANUFACTURER OF ZINC OXIDE. We
garden, hospital, kitchen waste. export zinc oxide and other chemical products, which guarantee you distintion prestige and high quality and reasonable prices. www.china- protection, giving the notoriety and spotlight Packaging, Husreviye Sk. No: 30/202 Bakirkoy, Contact: Sunny, Shijiazhuang Best Trade Co Ltd, West Section, Zhongxing Contact: Tania Pereira, Street, Jinzhou City, Hebei Province 052260, Flexicooler, E-mail: [email protected] PAPER GIFT BAG, kraft bag, carton Santa
Clause Christmas bag-KR226-1, four designs EFFICIENT 5KW PAPER lunch automatic
forming machine, unique automatic technology, accurate forming, high efficiency, firm structure, MEDICAL EQUIPMENT
first level cosmetic paper boxes and designer Zhejiang See Machinery Co Ltd, No 8 Weiken walker, power chairs, hospital beds, air floating Rd., Xiasssha Economic Dev Zone, Hangzhou, mattress, lifters, rollators, commodes, related Zhejiang, China, Tel: +86 0571 86797032.
parts manufacturer. www.taft,con,cn Contact: Kitty Liu, Xiamen Taft Medical Co Ltd, Caitang Industrial Zone, Huli, Xiamen, Fujian 361009, PAPER & PAPER BORDS. We deal with
almost all kinds of paper and boards for printing WOODWORK
Fax: +86 592 5227290. E-mail: [email protected] and packaging industry. Our main products EXPORTER OF SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS.
are: 2 coated paper for art printing, coated board, duplex boards, uncoated offset printing to size. LD, LLD plastics of 250-500g in sheets surgical goods such as otoscope, lrynagoscope and rolls up to 42 inch wide, VCI, volatile diagnostic sets. Contact: Adnan Mughal, Dad & corrosion inhibitors plastics for rust preventive Sons Surgical Industry, Block#1, Small Estate Marketing Ltd, Rabengasse 2-10/58/12 City, A- long term packing. Contact: Nalini, Lumber 1020 Vienna, Austria, Tel: +43 19719017. Exports, 20/1, Sidco Industrial Estate, Hosur, Tamil Nadu 635109, India, Tel: +94 87418506. WE ARE LOOKING FOR BUYERS OF
TIMBER .We can build and do renovation
PALLETS Whether new pallets or used pallets
works, Plumbing , Electrical works,all the dressing kit. The NPWT is a suction unit, fully we can help you obtain a cost effective pallet security gates( roller doors). Contact: Nzuzimbo mobile-battery operable with battery life of least for your storage and transporting requirements Import & Export Agency ,48,Pretoria Street,PO 36 hours, with negative pressure range control, whether for local or exporting needs.
Box 17922 Hillbrow 2038 Johannesburg,South up to at least -225mmHg, with continuous and Africa, Cell +2782 424 3381, +2782 640 9858, Harrison, BEM Group Pty Ltd, Roselands NSW Contact: Kari Lin, Foryou Shangxia Rd., Dongjiang Hi-tech Dist, Huizhou, ADVERTISING RATES
manicure, orthopedic, veterinary instruments Zahid, Jiyo Surgical Co, Ugoki Road, old Adalat Tel: +92 52 3254349. Fax: +92 52 3562141.
Manufacturer based in Sweden, other products carbon fiber table top, thermoplast RT cast and collaboration with new customers around the Copy deadline: 15th of the month preceding month of publication.
globe. www. [email protected] Contact: Camera-ready artwork required for display ads.
21625 Malmo, Sweden, Tel: +46 40 227681.
+44 (0) 161 427 3513 for information, and to book your space.
world will be there to show you every category products on worldwide markets? Surely you've VETERINARY MEDICINES manufacturer of
seafood products, supplies and prices and found one here on a commission basis only.
veterinary medicines including Albendazole, Metronidazole, Enrofloxacin and Invermectin technologies, at Brussels Exhibition Centre, pricelists,samples etc. to the advertiser.
Place de Belgique, B-1020 Bruxelles, Belgium.
Contact: Ayomiire George S., Midland Links Contact: Ms Zandra, Indiafil POharma Corp, International Limited, P. O. Box 70963, Clock Business Communications, 121Free Styreet, 6000, Cebu, Philippines, Tel: +32 4128509.
21 - 23 MAY 2013 Sweets and Snacks Expo
● Miscellaneous
products, at McCormicks Place, 2301 S Lake worldwide especially in the Great Lakes region Shore Drive, Chicago, Illionis 60116, USA.
Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Southern Sudan, Association), 7900 Westpark Road, Suite 1 and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) URANIUM, GOLD, DIAMOND AND COPPER
based in Kampala the Capital City of Uganda.
We are a Congolese Import & Eport Agency Tel: +1 703 7905750. Fax: +1 703 7905752. Contact: Ayomiire George S., Midland Links 19 - 21 JANUARY 2013 Salon International De
International Limited, P. O. Box 70963, Clock Uranium, Gold, Diamond and Copper. Contact: L Lingerie 2013, international exhibition of Nzuzimbo Import & Export Agency ,48,Pretoria lingerie, nightwear, corsetry, men's lingerie, Tel: +256 779 456618/+256 753 456618. Fax: - hosiery, underwear, terry cloth, swimwear, slippers and household linen at Paris Expo LOOKING FOR BUYERS Sanyo brand cold
chain equipment&solution refrigerators for Versailles, 75015 Paris Contact: Eurovet, 37/39 Rue de Neuilly. BP 121, 92582 Clichy Cedex, stoves,fertilizers,pakistan rice,motobikes and spares Contact: Ricky Nyoni, Serene platinum, 7 lancaster avenue, Hillcrest, Zimbabwe, 263.
indoor&out door furniture,refurbished IMPORT/EXPORT AGENT We would like to
provide trade finance on small, medium, or big computers,laptops,harddrives,ipads,ipods,iphon represent manufacturers,suppliers,buyers and scale loan ? If yes then contact us now, we es and led tv's Contact: Ricky Nyoni, Serene investers especialy for loan businesess on have clients waiting for you. Contact: Ntobeko Mani, Aldephoi Trading and Projects, 32130 catalogues,brochures price list with terms of Palmietfontein, Sterkspruit RSA, South Africa, LOOKING FOR BUYERS Solar outdoor led
agreement. Contact: Mani Ntobeko, Aldephoi equipment,petbottles,rugs,wedding dresses,old Sterkspruit South Africa, South Africa, 9767.
tyrer,waste dry lead batteries who wants to based in Ghana West Africa with connections in Africas to represent manufacturers and suppliers worldwide on acommission basis only EXHIBITIONS
13 - 16 APRIL 2013 Hong Kong Electronics
recreational products for children. Please send trained agent paid on a commission basis by Fair 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention & brochures, catalogues and prices lists to Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, deal,send us your catalogue.We represent your products all over the country. Contact: Zama Trade Delopment Council), 38th Floor, Office Ngwenya, Zsipho import&export agency, Wanchai, Hong Kong, Tel: +852 1830 668.
Africa, South Africa, ZA. Tel: 27763145451.
trained agent paid on a commission basis by THE 3RD EDITION OF INAMARINE 2013 The
Indonesia's largest maritime, shipbuilding and deal,send us your catalogue.We represent your WADE TRAINED IMPORT/EXPORT AGENT
offshore exhibition 2013. 02 - 04 May 2013, products all over the country. Contact: Zama JIExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. www.inamarine- Ngwenya, Zsipho import&export agency, manufacturers and suppliers worldwide on a Contact: Donna Fransisca (Ms), commission basis. All products welcome.
Africa, South Africa, ZA. Tel: 27763145451.
Please send brochures or catalogues with price Indonesia), Perkantoran Mutiara Taman Palem, lists to DM International Trading 28 Stirling Block C5/28-29, Jl. Kamal Raya Outer Ring Rd, SALES REPRESENTATIVE IN THE
D.R.CONGO We can represent any
company,Manufacturers, Suppliers and Buyers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.Please 18 - 21 MARCH 2013 CIFF - China
International Home Furniture Fair 2013 at the 17922,Hillbrow 2038,Johannesburg,RSA.
China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Contact: Nzuzimbo Import & Export Agency BASKETBALL TEAMS We can supply Basket
,48,Pretoria Street,PO Box 17922 Hillbrow ball teams with good and tall (2.11m) players.
Contact: Nzuzimbo Import & Export Agency Guangzhou Exhibition Corp, 117 Liuhua Road, ,48,Pretoria Street,PO Box 17922 Hillbrow Guangzhou, China, Tel: +86 (0) 20 86673473.
23 - 25 APRIL 2013 European Seafood
REPRESENTATION Are you a manufacturer
Exposition 2013, exhibitors from all over the and or Supplier seeking a serious TRAINED SUE WADDINGTON’S
Have you visited Pinterest? The colourful wouldn’t think of retaining someone else photos of products and is ideal for anyone involved in any sort of retail operation but consumers are always looking for a better difficult to calculate, but you should work particularly those selling something with Share the story. When you have made a
generate. Nevertheless, if you set out to significant difference for a client, create a win loyalty it is possible. Here are some Create boards that represent and even
define your brand so visitors to your page narrative form. Explain to your client that Sustain relationships. If your clients
aren’t hearing from you, they are probably testimonials, for the benefit of others who Develop creative names for your boards
are considering working with you, so they and include a description for each one.
thinking about the people who have called them today, offering a better deal for the party’ board featuring colourful bracelets.
This allows your network to identify with Bring them clients. Your prospects are in
Upload fantastic images. The standards
rock star quality photos to showcase your yourself, or sending others to do so.
Earn the business. Set aside time every
Write detailed descriptions for each
put a personal note on it, saying that you ‘pin’ (or photo) because they enhance the a few of your clients – set up a schedule so that contacts are made regularly – and Be mindful of your time. When you are
Stay aware of your value. Whenever
15 minutes can quickly turn into an hour.
investment, that is the increase in profits, Once you begin to explore the site, you
not sales, net of the expense of paying for better than their seeking a supplier in the your service or product over a reasonable Yellow Pages. Could you locate some likely to help your clients grow theirsales, it is fairly simple to compare their any way at all? If so, then do it. Going out Five ways to improve your customer
you a little in the short term but in the long term that extra effort you put in will Loyalty. It is a fantastic idea: clients who New Global Opportunities is published by Wade World Trade Ltd, Bowden Hall, Bowden Lane, Marple, Stockport SK6 6NE. Websites:, It is our intention to be as accurate in fact, detail, analysis and comment as possible. However, the publishers and their representatives cannot be held responsible for any error in detail, accuracy or judgement whatsoever. This newsletter is sold on this understanding. 2012 Wade World Trade Ltd. All rights reserved.


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NATIONAL DAY RALLY SPEECH 2009, SUNDAY, 16 AUGUST 2009 Friends and fellow Singaporeans, this is a significant year for Singapore. It is the 50th anniversary of our self-government. It is also the year when we have been hit by the most serious recession in half a century. Day to day we watch keenly the economic numbers - growth data, unemployment data, trade data, all the statistics. It is l

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Trabajo de revisión Disruptores Endocrinos y Función Testicular Hugo E. Scaglia y Carlos Chichizola Instituto de Análisis Bioquímicos de Endocrinología (IABE), La Plata- ARGENTINA y Alkemy-Center Lab, Santa Fe- ARGENTINA Correspondencia: Hugo E. Scaglia IABE Calle 53 # 969- La Plata- República Argentina e-mail: [email protected] Nota: Este trabajo fue presentado

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