Afterschool program faq’s & answers

After School Program FAQ’s & Answers
1. How do I contact the After School Program?
a. Please contact Yasmin Ulloa at 732-329-1150 x203. You may also call our main number, then dial “0” for the Welcome Center. The operator will page someone from the program. You may also leave a message on x221. 2. Is the program licensed?
a. Yes. Our program is licensed by the NJ Department of Children & 3. Do you provide transportation?
a. Yes. Transportation is provided from the following schools: i. Brooks Crossing Main Campus and Deans Campus ii. Indian Fields Main Campus and Dayton Campus 4. Are snacks provided?
a. Yes, we provide a light snack at 4:00pm. A monthly snack calendar
5. What are the program hours?

a. The program runs from 3:00pm to 6:30pm. 6. What grades do you accommodate?
a. We provide care for children K thru 5th grade. 7. Can I pick the days my child comes?
a. You may enroll your child for the following days: ii. 3 days Monday, Wednesday, Friday iii. 2 days Tuesday & Thursday 8. What is the tuition?
Mon., Wed. &
Mon. – Fri.
Tues. & Thurs. *
Family Facility
Youth Facility
Youth Program
329 Culver Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
732-329-1150 *** 732-329-1026 (fax)
9. Do you offer financial assistance?
a. Yes, there is limited financial assistance available. This assistance is 10. What do I do if I am running late?
a. If you think you may be late picking up your child please contact us at 732-329-1150 x203. If no one is available when you call, please dial “0” and leave a message with our Welcome Center team member. After contacting us, please contact your emergency pick up person and request that they pick up your child. 11. What if I cannot pick my child up?
a. Please contact your emergency pick up person and request that they 12. What if my child will not be attending the program that day?
a. Contact Yasmin Ulloa at 732-329-1150 x203 or email her at 13. What is your vacation policy?
a. You must pay for every month of After School. 14. What if my child gets sick or hurt at Afterschool?
a. If your child gets sick, we will contact you. We will use the contact numbers that you supply on the registration forms. If your child is hurt during the program, you will receive a written report of the injury and the treatment we provided. 15. Where do I pick up my child (ren) at the end of the program?
a. All After School Program participants should be picked up in the Youth Complex. Please make sure you sign out your child on the roster before leaving the building. 16. What is your late pick up policy?
a. The fee for pickup after 6.30pm is $25.00 for each 10 minutes or 329 Culver Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852
732-329-1150 *** 732-329-1026 (fax)


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