The Killer Flu Virus
Preparing for an Epidemic
What should you do to protect yourself against the LITTLE IS YET KNOWN
H5N1 avian (“bird”) flu virus? Indeed, is there any- An avian flu epidemic has not yet occurred; so
thing you can do? Because of the extreme danger that no one can have any certainty as to what would, or
a worldwide epidemic of avian flu may occur, I have would not, help alleviate the symptoms and help a
researched the available data on this subject. Here is patient recover.
information you may wish to read over and consider.
To date, less than 150 cases of avian flu have oc- Some of it may be helpful in the days ahead.
curred and less than 100 have died from it. Most avian flu illnesses have occurred in primitive areas; and,before physicians realized what was happening, the To start with, you should read pp. 17-26 in our infection was well-advanced and few medical records large 840-page Natural Remedies Encyclopedia. That were taken. It is not even known if the most talked- section contains a wealth of basic information on how about drug for avian flu (Tamiflu) will really be effec- to strengthen your body, make it healthier, and increase your immune system, plus basic ways to care for your As with all other anti-viral (and anti-flu) drugs, in order for Tamiflu to be optimally effective, it must be You will also want to turn to pp. 221-230 in that given within the first 48 hours or so of the onset of extremely useful book. You will there find a large num- any kind of flu. Medical experts report that many vic- ber of inexpensive home remedies which you can use tims of avian flu did not actually receive this drug un- to treat catarrh (excess mucus), the common cold, til six to eight days into the avian flu illness.
coughs, chills, inflammation, influenza (normal flu),viral infections, staph infections, and fungal infec- SUGGESTIONS FOR AVOIDING
tions; plus information on special antibiotic herbs, THE AVIAN FLU VIRUS
special herbal antiseptics, and special water thera-pies which fight infectious diseases.
In addition to the above-mentioned data in the The remarkably complete chapters on herbs and Natural Remedies Encyclopedia for treating common how to use them (pp. 107-152), and how to give water colds, normal flu, and similar infections, here are
therapy treatments (pp. 153-211) will provide you additional natural remedies which are focused on
with excellent, helpful information. The chapter on what might possibly prevent avian flu virus from
nutrients (pp. 84-106) is filled with invaluable infor- overwhelming you, in case of an epidemic:
mation on vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients Maintain a regular program of eating a good diet which can help you ward off viral infections. Vitamin of fruit, vegetables, and nuts. Do not overeat. Do not eat processed food, white-flour products, meat prod- NOTICE: This report contains simple, natural healing methods
which have NOT received official medical or governmental approval. Therefore, you use
this information at your OWN RISK. Although you have a right to treat yourself, official
medical opinion advises that you consult your physician and follow his directives. This
information is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. The publisher and
author expressly disclaim responsibility for any unforeseen consequence arising from
the use of the information contained herein.
ucts, or foods with added sugar. Do everything on a cost garlic is one of nature’s most powerful weapons regular schedule. Obtain extra rest at night. Do not stay up late. Drink lots of water. Eat nothing between While Ribavirin is a prescription drug which has meals. Do not use tobacco, alcohol, or hard drugs.
potent anti-viral effects, yet a Chinese study revealed When you first hear news reports that human
that garlic is more effective than Ribavirin in inhibit- to human transmission of avian flu virus has be-
ing viruses that attack the intestinal track.
gun somewhere in the world, go into action. It is
Concentrated garlic may be one of the best help- believed that, once the epidemic begins, it will rap-
ers mentioned in this entire research report.
idly spread into every continent on the globe. Con-
Lactoferrin (1,200 mg a day). This is a natural
sider these suggestions:
constituent of mothers’ milk and boosts natural killercell activity. It can kill certain viruses. There is well- Obtain even more rest than usual, and begin tak- documented research on this. Pure vegans (who do ing extra precautions. Do not wait for a full-blown ill- not use milk or egg products) will want to avoid this ness to begin in your body! People often wait until they are sick before trying to solve the problem. Avian flu Lactoferrin may stimulate macrophages, which is the most dangerous illness in our generation. Ex- help induce cell-mediated immunity. Lactoferrin is perts declare that such an outbreak would be second naturally present in many mucous membrane secre- only to a nuclear attack in severity of the number of tions in people, but not in the large amounts that you people who would die. Do not wait. Begin preparing would be taking in this dosage. It inhibits viral infec- tion by interfering with the ability of certain viruses to Once you contract avian flu, it will quickly weaken and perhaps kill you within a few days. So you must DHEA (one 200-400 mg dose early in the day).
Although this is a stronger dose than normal, it will Read again the above-mentioned pages in our help you produce a more decided immune response.
Natural Remedies. In addition to taking your regular This effect is most pronounced in older people who vitamin/mineral supplements, when you learn that
avian flu epidemic (that is, human to human
Dehydropiandrosterone (DHEA) and its metabo- transmission) has started somewhere in the
lites have shown powerful immune enhancing and anti- world, consider taking some of the following:
viral effects. When 50 mg was given to elderly men Pure Gar brand garlic (9,000 mg once or twice
each day, they experienced a significant (30%-62%) in- a day) or a similar high-allicin brand. This is a pow-
crease in B-cell activity and T-cell activity; the number erful garlic concentrate, so you must eat food immedi- of monocyte immune cells and B immune cells; ately afterward, or it can burn your stomach. Garlic amount of interleukin-2 in the body; and the number has powerful antibiotic elements and is a massive vi- rus killer, yet without the dangers of medicinal antibi- Older people naturally have weaker immune sys- tems. A DHEA deficiency in the body is partly respon- Kyolic-brand aged garlic extract (3,600 mg. a
sible for this problem. (Because of the cytokine reac- day). There are special immune-boosting compounds
tion, do not take DHEA after being infected with avian in this product, which work differently than those flu; see the section on the “Cytokine Problem,” later The virus-killing effects of garlic have been proven Melatonin at bedtime (high dose of 10-50 mg).
by repeated research findings. Both high-allicin garlic This natural indole substance induces a powerful im- (Pure Gar) and aged garlic (Kyolic) improve healthy mune response. It will help you obtain the deep sleep immune function while exerting anti-viral effects. Low- often needed to avoid an infection. Because it will FROM BIRDS TO PIGS TO HUMANS
In an earlier study on avian flu, I mentioned the prob- human flu and the bird flu—at the same time,—the lem of pig flu, as an intermediary between bird and genes mix and create an infectious killer flu within its human flu; but the following letter, written to us by an Only pigs and humans can contract both human “Check out Pigs are the door, or and bird flu. In the Bible, God forbade His people from ‘mixing vessel,’ which will make the bird flu highly even touching a pig. It is dangerous to touch or eat contagious to humans, so that it can pass from one “The reason most flu starts in Asia is because many “Put ‘mixing vessel’ into the search engine of the of the poor people eat anything that moves, including above website, and you will learn how, within their cats, dogs, bears, horses, rats, and reptiles. When they bodies, pigs transform the bird flu virus.
catch, transport, butcher, and sell these meats in open “Many people own pet pigs, and if a pig gets the air markets, they spread the virus.”—California. quickly make you very sleepy, only take this at bed- Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). This substance found
time. Do not drive a vehicle or operate machinery af- in citrus fruits and green vegetables improves immune function and relieves cold and flu symptoms. High Melatonin has broad-spectrum immune-enhanc- doses have been found to decrease cold and flue symp- ing effects and decreases viral load. It activates inter- toms by 85% compared to pain relievers and decon- leukin-2 and gamma interferon, which are two natu- ral hormone-like agents in the body which facilitate T- Sambucol. This is a standardized extract from
black elderberry. Studies show it has anti-viral prop- To battle a viral infection, it generally works best erties against 10 different strains of the influenza vi- to take higher-dose DHEA, in the morning (200-400 rus. In one study, it reduced flu symptoms to 3-4 days.
mg), and higher-dose melatonin (10-50 mg) before DRUG INFORMATION
bedtime. (Because of the cytokine reaction, do not take Drugs are so dangerous, I would rely wholly on melatonin after being infected with avian flu; see the natural remedies in an illness crisis. Yet there may be section on the “Cytokine Problem,” later in this re- Should you take a drug? Due to their damaging
Zinc lozenges (two 24-mg lozenges every two
side effects (“contraindications”), all drugs are in-
waking hours). Only take this dosage when the avian
jurious to the body. This is due to the fact that they
flu virus epidemic is rapidly spreading. This is a very do not contain the natural chemical compounds God high dose of zinc and is considered toxic if taken over placed in natural foods and herbs. Since only unnatu- the long term. You would only take this dosage for two ral chemical compounds can be patented and sold at days. Zinc weakens the ability of cold viruses from high prices, the pharmaceutical industry is only inter- attaching to your cells. In order to avoid zinc toxicity, ested in marketing strange chemical compounds that if you are taking any other zinc-containing supplements (such as a multivitamin), reduce this dosage appro-priately. Again, as mentioned above, only take it for a Because of the serious consequences that a world- couple days at the height of the epidemic crisis.
wide avian flu epidemic would produce, the following Several research studies have found that if zinc information is provided for those who might want in- lozenges are taken within 24 hours of the onset of com- formation on drugs which could be taken during such mon cold symptoms, their severity and duration are greatly diminished. Zinc lozenges are inexpensive, so Treatment with anti-viral (including anti-flu)
drugs must begin within 48 hours of the onset of
Here is the recommendation for common colds: avian flu symptoms. However, avian flu may not be
Suck on two 24-mg zinc lozenges at the very first symp- correctly diagnosed until later.
tom of a cold and continue doing this every two wak- Ribavirin is a broad-spectrum drug which fights
ing hours. This must be done immediately; because, viruses. Yet it has been shown to cause hemolytic ane- when the viruses bind to their receptor sites in the mia in some people, by inducing excess free-radical nasal tissues and begin replicating, zinc losenges lose damage to red blood cells. Those who take lots of natu- ral antioxidants tend to avoid this anemia problem.
Warning: chronic (ongoing) use of zinc in doses of But there is no data on using it with other drugs, such 100 mg a day may suppress immune function. Suck- as Tamiflu or Relenza. Pregnant (or pre-pregnant) ing on two zinc lozenges every two hours over the course of a day can exceed 300 mg/day. But, if only Tamiflu is said to be somewhat effective in treat-
taken for a couple days, this will cause no problem. If ing the avian flu virus. Government agencies around the viral infection continues, and you have been tak- the world are rushing to stockpile it.
ing the high-dose zinc, stop taking it entirely after a Medical advisers recommend the normal dose of couple days. (Normally, you would not take over 100 75 mg twice a day for five continuous days, for regular flu. But, for avian flu, it is suggested that the dose Echinacea. This outstanding herb stimulates the
should be doubled: 150 mg twice a day for seven con- body’s immune system, helping it ward off infection tinuous days. There is now a shortage of Tamiflu.
and other diseases. It increases natural killer cells and Relenza is another anti-viral drug which is being
protects those cells in older people. It is also effective considered. It is readily available and functions by the in reducing the duration and severity of symptoms of same anti-viral mechanism as Tamiflu, but has the common colds, coughs, bronchitis, and upper respi- advantage of being administered as an inhalant and ratory infections (take two 250-mg capsules 3 times a delivered directly into the lungs—where the most le- day, for not more than one week at a time.).
thal effects of avian flu occur. But avian flu rapidly Green tea. This helps prevent and treat a wide
progresses to a systemic illness; and Relenza is not as range of diseases. It inhibits bacteria and viruses and effective in treating the disease elsewhere in the body.
Cimetidine (Tagamet) in the dose of 800 mg (and
Curcumin. This potent antioxidant, from the spice
higher) each day boosts immune function by reducing turmeric, produces decided anti-viral effects.
T-suppressor cells, thus keeping the immune system in a hyperactive state. It is especially effective against ter at suppressing these dangerous pro-inflammatory certain viruses. This over-the-counter drug is normally cytokines, associated with the avian flu. Such useful sold to combat heartburn. Like the other drugs, this cytokine-suppressing agents include the following one has its own collection of dangers (contraindica- natural products: green tea, borage oil, curcumin,
tions). (Because of the cytokine reaction, do not take and certain flavonoids.
Cimetidine after being infected with avian flu; see the Keep in mind that, because so few cases have
section on the “Cytokine Problem,” below.) occurred and with only haphazard treatment, no
It is not known at this time if any drug, including one knows at this time whether any nutritional or
Tamiflu, is effective against avian flu. Some medical drug anti-cytokine therapy would be beneficial in
experts recommend taking 400 mg of Ribavirin, three treating avian flu.
times a day, along with Tamiflu, until the symptomssubside.
What is the cytokine problem? Some of the most Amantadine is an FDA-approved drug for treat-
dangerous aspects of avian flu appear to be caused by ing Influenza A. As with other anti-viral drugs, treat- the over-production of pro-inflammatory cytokines, ment with it must begin within 48 hours of the onset such as interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor-alpha, of symptoms. Amantadine was extensively given to interleukin-8, interleukin 1 beta, etc. The New En- chickens over the past decades—to treat avian flu.
gland Journal of Medicine reported that the avian flu Therefore, it might be effective in treating avian flu in victims in Vietnam with the highest levels of inflam- humans. Yet there is no record of this having ever been matory cytokines were the most likely to die.
We can better understand this when we consider It is of interest that, although anti-viral drugs must what avian flu does within the body of the one suffer- be administered within 48 hours after onset of the symptoms, most physicians generally see such patientsonly after many days following the onset of symptoms.
There are serious written warnings accompa-
How is avian flu different than regular flu? Avian nying all of the drugs mentioned in this article.
flu is a much more severe disease and progresses Read them carefully and consider whether you dare
much more rapidly. Data on those in the Orient and take any of them. In addition, no one knows with
Turkey who have already died from this disease pro- certainty the effect of any drug on avian flu.
It is only because of the extreme danger of an avian Avian flu: Pneumonia develops quickly and wors-
flu epidemic that I mention drug medications. All drugs ens fast. Diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain are are dangerous! Many people suffer from kidney or liver much more common than typical flu. The H5N1 (avian) damage, or other serious physical problems because flue virus primarily inflicts its lethal effects on the body they took drugs. Drug medications place poisons in the body, which can cause suffering or damage now or The lungs of avian flu victims are racked by infec- tions, clogged with pus and surrounded by fluid. Theseverity of the symptoms often predicts whether the THE CYTOKINE PROBLEM
Warning: All of the above recommendations apply Avian flu infection causes multiple lung infections.
to typical cases of flu or common colds. But little is There is pus, as well as fever and a cough.
yet known about avian (H5N1) flu virus.
Normal flu: In contrast with avian flu, regular flu
There may be reasons for not following all of the does not usually begin with pneumonia and/or diar- aggressive approaches suggested above for this: Unlike some other viruses, avian flu causes the Instead, normal flu typically includes most or all immune system to excessively respond to the virus.
of these symptoms: (1) Fever (often high: 100o-106o F.).
Because of this, it appears that people afflicted with (2) Body aches, often in the arms, legs, and back. (3) avian flu experience an intense acute inflammation, Fatigue and feeling very bad. (4) Headache. After the known as a “pro-inflammatory cytokine storm.” The initial symptoms, sore throat and a dry, hacking cough resulting intense inflammation causes them to die from pulmonary edema and multi-organ system failure.
Earnest prayer, renewed dedication of your life to Because of this, it is theorized that if one were to God, obedience by the enabling grace of Christ to His contract avian flu, he should not after the infection Ten Commandments, and trust in His power to guide begins take cimetidine, DHEA, or melatonin. This
in every emergency will help you in these difficult times.
is because each of those three have powerful immune- In this turbulent, evil world, it is urgent that we re- In contrast, there are nutrients that might be bet- Special Nutritional Report from —————— HARVESTIME BOOKS


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