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Shelf life
6 months when stored in a cool and dry place and in original- KEY BENEFIT SUMMARY
ly closed packaging. The optimal storage temperature is 15 - TECHNICAL INFORMATION
Technical characteristics (liquid state)
Technical characteristics (cured state)
Duracon 304 is a low viscosity, UV-resistant, 2 component reactive resin based on methyl methacrylate (MMA) with many possiblities. In the liquid state it is blue-violet in colour. After polymerisation the blue-violet colouring is no longer Duracon® 304 is the topcoat to use when combined prop- erties of wear resistance, chemical and warm water re- Please note that an objective comparison with other data is only possible if norms and parameters are identical. USAGE GUIDELINES
Duracon 304 should only be used as a sealer on Duracon Substrate preparation
The Duracon system to be sealed must be dry, clean, free Duracon 304 is suitable for floors within the food processing of dust and fat. Any fresh Duracon coating system must be completely cured and cooled down. As a general principle al Duracon coating systems can be resealed with any Important advice
Duracon sealer after proper cleaning. In case of extreme mechanical and chemical loadings, we For further details, see our „General Preparation and application guidelines for Duracon floor protection sys- A permanent water loading can result in a white discoloration of the Duracon 304 sealer. Therefore always gather waste or flowing water (particularly hot water) into channels and convey it into a proper drainage system. The service durability of the floor can as a result be signifi- DURACON® 304
Prior to use Duracon 304 must be careful y stirred to Suitable protective clothing, gloves and safety goggles achieve a uniform distribution of the paraffin contained in must be worn during mixing and application of Duracon the product. Duracon 304 is thoroughly mixed together with the Duracon CATALYST (50% dibenzoyl peroxyde), In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately for a long in accordance with the below guidelines. period of time and consult a physician. In case of contact It should be noted that the amount of catalyst powder to with skin clean immediately with water and soap. Duracon 304 is highly flammable; keep away from heat and al sources of ignition and do not smoke. The stirrer as wel as al the other electric appliances used on the application site must be explosion-proof versions. For further information see our Material Safety Data TECHNICAL SERVICE
Please contact our Technical Service Department for Contact RPM/Belgium N.V. / Alteco Technik GmbH. GUARANTEE
Note: Weight to Volumetric conversion of Catalyst. RPM/Belgium N.V. and Alteco Technik GmbH warrant al 1 cm³ of Duracon CATALYST weighs 0.64 g goods to be free from defects and wil replace materials proven to be defective but give no warranty as to appear- A compatible pigment powder can be used to colour the The information and recommendations herein are be- Duracon 304. Please contact our Technical Service lieved by RPM/Belgium N.V. and Alteco Technik GmbH to
Immediately after the catalyst has been stirred in, the
sealer is poured onto the floor in stripes (do not apply
directly out of the mixing pails) and distributed onto the
coating with a short-pile paint rol er. On slip resistant
coatings the sealing can be pre-spread before rol ing with
a rubber squeegee. Consumption is approximately 0.3 –
0.6 kg/m², depending on the structure of the substrate. To
avoid any possible formation of microbubbles in the seal-
er surface it is important to work with freshly mixed mate-
rial, i.e. to catalyze smal er batches.
For further details see our „General Preparation and ap-
plication guidelines for Duracon floor protection sys-
The information on this data sheet supersedes all previous data concerning this product and its application. The application instructions and the technical data concern-ing our products are indicative. The buyer is responsible for the application, also in respect of third parties. Die Information dieses Datenblattes ersetzt sämtliche frühere Angaben über das Produkt und seine Anwendung. Die Anwendungsbestimmungen sowie die technischen Daten des Produktes sind lediglich Richtlinien. Der Käufer ist für die Anwendung und Ansprühe Dritter verantwortlich. RPM/Belgium N.V. – Alteco Technik GmbH


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