also use Staphylococcus aureus and see Listeriose Actinobacillus a potentially pathogenic bacteria found in mammals Actinomyces israelii a bacterium normally found in the bowel and throat that can cause deep, pus filled holes in tissue. Also see Streptothrix.
epithelial tumour of the cervix that can be either benign or malignant. Also see a virus that can cause colds/flu and infections in the lungs, stomach, and intestines swelling of the ovaries or Fallopian tubes a liver damaging toxin produced by certain food molds use 1113 for 12 min, 2128 for 16 min, 6121 for 21 min, 33 for 1 min ALS 1 Amyotropic lateral sclerosis, possibly caused by mycoplasma fermentans. Also use MS and see Echo virus, Coxsackie, Herpes 6, Bartonella, and Lyme freqs. Use 2900 for 30 min a single celled, sometimes infectious micro organism Amoeba hepar abcess liver abcess caused by amoebic infection Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also use MS and see Lyme freqs Anal itching Pruritis; also use Parasites enterobiasis and see Parasites general set (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 1 General anxiety disorder. Use 1.5 for 3 min, 6.8, 7.8 for 5 min, 95 for 3 min, 10000 Appendicitis if micro perforation has occurred, infection must be eliminated before drinking any water. Even a few drops of water may be fatal.
hardening of the arteries; regeneration takes time. Also try CMV freqs Arthritis arthrosis and parathyroid disturbances affecting calcium metabolism use Strep pneumonia and Mycoplasma general if needed Arthritis rheumatoid muscles and tendons. Cause could be bacteria like chlamydia pneumonia which must be addressed too. Try general antiseptic and parasites general if no response.
mould found on corn, peanuts, and grain that produces aflatoxin Aspergillus glaucus blue mould occurring in some human infectious processes common mould that may produce severe and persistent infection mould occasionally associated with infection of the bronchi and lungs also see Liver support and Parasites roundworms and ascaris Ataxia general incoordination of muscles. Slow results in some cases.
Athletes foot also see Epidermophyton floccinum and Tinea freqs. Use all freqs for 5 min probably important to avoid preservatives, aspertame, dyes and other if no relief from these, use kidney stimulation freqs, magnesium and B6, and drink plenty of water. Use 212 and 305 for 6 min and 33 for 5 min use with back toward tube. Use 728 for 30min if bacterial infection is chronic and the type is accurately diagnosed and nei ther frequencies nor antibiotics are effective long term, also use Parasites general and roundworms sets. Also see General antiseptic and specific types.
(C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 2 Bacterium coli a type of E. coli normally found in the intestines, water, milk and soil that is the most frequent cause of urinary tract infections and a common cause of wound infection 1000 Bacterium coli commune and E. coli combination1010 Bacterium lactis nosode1020 Bacteroides fragilis 1040 Baker's Yeast allergy homeopathy preparation1050 Balancing of body1060 Banti's syndrome ailment in which blood vessels between the intestines and the liver become blocked, leading to congestion of the veins, an enlarged spleen, bleeding of the stomach and intes tines, cirrhosis of the liver and blood cell destruction.
1070 Barley smut homeopathic preparation for an allergen1080 Bartonella henslae 1090 Basidiomycetes1100 BC G Vaccine1110 Bed wetting enuresis. See also Parasite general, pinworm, and ascaris freqs1120 Bedsores1130 Bells Palsy 1140 Bermuda smut homeopathic preparation for an allergen1150 Biliary cirrhosis an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed 1160 Biliary headache1170 Biliousness1180 Bilirubin a bile pigment that may result in jaundice in high concentrations. See also Liver sup 1190 Biting of insects1200 Black widow spider1210 Bladder and prostate complaints 1220 Bladder TBC1230 Blastocystis hominus1240 Blepharisma1250 Blood diseases1260 Blood pressure high hypertension1270 Blood pressure low 1280 Blue cohosh a healing herb1290 Boils see Furunkulosis1300 Bone disease, periodontal disease 1310 Bone regeneration1320 Bone spurs1330 Bone trauma cuts, fractures1340 Borreliosis 1350 Botrytis1360 Botrytis cinereas1370 Botulinum a bacillus that causes an often fatal form of food poisoning 1380 Brachial neuralgia1390 Branhamella Moraxella catarrhalis1400 Breast fibroid cysts1410 Breathing deep1420 Bright's syndrome 1440 Bronchial pneumonia see Pneumonia bronchial1450 Bronchiectasis chronic dilatation of the bronchi1460 Bronchitis1470 Bronchitis secondary1480 Bronchopneumonia borinum see Pneumonia bronchial1490 Brown recluse spider (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 3 undulent fever or Bang's bacillus, found in cattle form of Brucella found in goats and sheep 1520 Bruises1530 Bubonic plague secondary infections1540 Bubonic plague versenia pestis may be caused by any number of organisms and viruses; experiment with arthritis fre 1580 BX Virus1590 BY Virus1600 Caeliacia1610 Calming1620 Campylobacter bacteria causing sudden infectious diarrhea in newborns 1630 Cancer additional frequencies 11640 Cancer additional frequencies 21650 Cancer adenocarcinoma esophageal1660 Cancer adenoma1670 Cancer astrocytoma common tumor of brain and central nervous system1680 Cancer basic 11690 Cancer basic 21700 Cancer Basic comprehensive set. A complete set like this, or rotation of the general cancer sets, or Rife Technology's intensive carcinoma and sarcoma banks are used as Basic sets. Sets listed below for specific types are to be used in addition to basic sets. Also add frequencies determined to be ben eficial from scans. Increase run times on frequencies thought to be most effective as detox allows.
Don Tunney now includes E coli 1 frequencies with Rife Technology's intensive regimens. Also use 1720 Cancer breast 11730 Cancer breast 2 secondary1740 Cancer breast 31750 Cancer breast 41760 Cancer breast 5 1800 Cancer carcinoma bronchial1810 Cancer carcinoma colon1820 Cancer carcinoma in general1830 Cancer carcinoma larynx1840 Cancer carcinoma liver 11850 Cancer carcinoma liver fermentative1860 Cancer carcinoma original crane1870 Cancer carcinoma scan1880 Cancer carcinoma uterine fermentative1890 Cancer cells conidium head1900 Cancer cervical1910 Cancer conidium head cells1920 Cancer droglioma 1930 Cancer experimental additional frequencies1940 Cancer fibrosarcoma malignancy containing connective tissue and developing rapidly from small 1950 Cancer fibrous tumor secondary1960 Cancer gastric adenocarcinoma1970 Cancer general 1 (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 4 1980 Cancer general 21990 Cancer general 32000 Cancer glioblastoma2010 Cancer glioblastoma tremor2020 Cancer gliomas a form of malignancy characterized by enlargement of the lymph nodes, spleen, and lymph tissue and often includes weight loss, fever, night sweats, and anemia. Also called lymphogranuloma. Also see Chlamydia pneumoniae.
typified by abnormal blood cells & shortage of others 2080 Cancer leukemia lymphatic2090 Cancer leukemia mycloid characterized by rapid growth of incompletely formed white blood 2100 Cancer leukemia T cell2110 Cancer lymphogranuloma venereum see Chlamydia trachomatis2120 Cancer lymphogranuloma, lymphoma2130 Cancer lymphosarcoma2140 Cancer maintenance2150 Cancer maintenance secondary2160 Cancer melanoma 12170 Cancer melanoma metastasis2180 Cancer multiple myeloma2190 Cancer mycosis fungoides 2220 Cancer non Hodgkins 22230 Cancer not killed by 2008 21282240 Cancer pain2250 Cancer plasmacytoma a tumor with plasma cells that occurs in the bone marrow, as in multiple mye loma, or outside of the bone marrow, as in tumors of the inner organs and lining of the nose, mouth, also see Prostate adenominum and Prostate hyperplasia use all freqs for 6 min after assessing detox 2280 Cancer prostate Vega 12290 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma2300 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma 12310 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal2320 Cancer rhabdomyosarcoma embryonal, Vega result 12330 Cancer sarcoma general2340 Cancer stomach 2350 Cancer tertiary2360 Cancrum oris rapidly growing oral or nasal ulcer2370 Candida also see Parasite general, roundworm, and ascaris if these don't work long term includes candida carcinomas and tropicalis 2400 Candida albicans 12410 Candida albicans 2 also use other parasite sets, esp. roundworm freqs, if necessary 2430 Candida albicans 42440 Candida carcinomas2450 Candida secondary also use other parasite sets esp roundworm freqs if necessary (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 5 2480 Canine parvovirus2490 Canine parvovirus mutant strain2500 Canine parvovirus type B2510 Canker see Stomatitis aphthous2520 Carbo animalis homeopathic remedy from animal bone charcoal 2540 Cardiacedema2550 Carpal tunnel secondary 2560 Carvularia spiratera2570 Cat virus2580 Cataract also use eye formula antioxidant supplement for all macular degeneration problems 2590 Cataract 12600 Cataract brunescent brown opacity in later life2610 Cataract complicated secondary type caused by disease, regeneration, or surgery2620 Cataract general also use eye formula antioxidant supplement for all macular degeneration 2640 Catarrh2650 Causticum2660 Cells of Leudig fungi that are the source of some broad spectrum antibiotics 2680 Cephalothecium2690 Cerebral palsy2700 Cerebrospinal conditions2710 Cerumen 2750 Chaetomiumglobosum2760 Chakra base root 2770 Chelidonium2780 Chemical sensitivity see also Liver support2790 Chemtrail detox can also be useful also for lung and sinus problems. All freqs for 5 min 2800 Chest infection secondary2810 Chicken pox see herpes zoster2820 Chillbains 2830 Chlamydia general2840 Chlamydia pneumoniae 12850 Chlamydia pneumoniae 22860 Chlamydia pneumoniae 32870 Chlamydia trachomatis a usually sexually transmitted bacterial infection causing trachoma, inclusion conjunctivitis, lymphogranuloma venereum, urethritis, and proctitis.
2890 Cholecystitis chronic long term inflammation of the gallbladder2900 Cholera an extremely contagious and serious bacterial infection of the small intestines 2910 Cholera secondary2920 Cholesteatoma benign tumor usually found in middle ear and mastoid region2930 Cholesterinum2940 Chronic fatigue syndrome use with General parasite, roundworm, and fluke sets if necessary. Al so see EBV and Fatigue general sets. If no response to these, try Cancer leukemia "hairy cell" set plant family including black snakeroot and black cohosh 2970 Circulation disturbances2980 Circulatory stasis stimulates blood circulation. See also Circulation disturbances an inflammatory condition in which bile flow through the liver is obstructed (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 6 3010 Cladosporium fulvum a pathogenic fungus3020 Clostridium difficile can cause diarrhea following treatment with antibiotics3030 CMV cytomegalovirus known as salivary gland virus or human herpes type 53040 Coelicia3050 Cold 1 use 800 and 880 for 10 min, others for 5 min3060 Cold 23070 Cold 3 fall, 99. Use all freqs 5 min3080 Cold 4 use 880 and 800 for 10 min, 728 for 5 min3090 Cold 5 use 7728 and 4888 for 10 min3100 Cold and Flu fall, 98. Use 8700 and 7760 for 15 min, others for 5 min3110 Cold and flu general 19983120 Cold and flu winter 013130 Cold in head chest Mutates constantly; too many strains to include complete list of frequencies.
See also Strep Pneumonia, Adenovirus, Rhinitis, Coronavirus, Sinusitis, Pneumonia, Chest infection, and Rhino pneumonitis sets. Use lots of echinacea at onset to prevent cell damage that prolongs heal ing, even if correct freqs are found.
3150 Colic3160 Colitis irritation of colon3170 Colitis and diarrhea inflammation of the colon3180 Collectotrichum3190 Colon problems general3200 Colors color decode from Jade Machine3210 Comedones 3220 Concentration3230 Condylomata advanced set3240 Condylomata basic set usually venereal warts, caused by papilloma virus. Occur near intersec tion of mucous membranes and skin. See also Papilloma.
3250 Conjunctivitis also use Chlamydia trachomatis and see Bacillus subtilis3260 Constipation also use Parasites general and roundworm sets if necessary3270 Contusion 3280 Convoforce3290 Convulsions general3300 Convulsions spasticity3310 Coraforce3320 Corallinus3330 Corn smut3340 Corynebacterium diptheriae3350 Costalgia 3360 Coughing3370 Coxsackie B13380 Coxsackie B23390 Coxsackie B33400 Coxsackie B43410 Coxsackie B53420 Coxsackie B63430 Coxsackie general 3440 Cramping and nausea3450 Cramps general3460 Cramps menstrual3470 Crinis humansis3480 Critter3490 Crocus sotillus3500 Crohns and other bowel problems v3510 Crohns disease also use colitis, colon, and parasite freqs (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 7 yeast which causes respiratory infection that can turn into meningitis.
parasitic protozoa sometimes causing diarrhea in humans 3540 Cunninghamella3550 Curva spic3560 Cuts3570 Cyclospora3580 Cyst hydatid see Parasites tapeworm3590 Cyst ovarian3600 Cyst solitary3610 Cystic fibrosis Also called mucoviscidosis, a disorder of the exocrine glands that causes them to re lease very thick mucus. Use Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Breathing deep, and General Antiseptic and see Parasites general and roundworm freqs long term inflammation of the urinary bladder and ureters 3630 Cystopyelo nephritis inflammation from bladder to kidney3640 Cytomegalovirus CMV, known as salivary gland virus or human herpes type 5 Neglecting this can prevent recovery from any illness if infection is a problem 3690 Dental general see also Toothache3700 Dental general wellbeing3710 Dental infection 3720 Dental infection 13730 Dental Infections v3740 Depression anxiety trembling weakness3750 Depression drugs or toxins3760 Depression due to outside circumstances3770 Depression general avoid starches in diet, use a multivitamin and multimineral, and drink plenty 3780 Detox 1 toxins in the intestines3790 Detox 2 parasites in the intestines3800 Detox 3 toxins in kidneys and liver3810 Detox 4 toxins throughout the body3820 Detox and lymphs3830 Detox assist3840 Diabetes 1 Warning; can cause large drop in blood sugar level. Use 5000 for 15 min 3850 Diabetes 23860 Diabetes associated infection3870 Diabetes secondary3880 Diabetes tertiary3890 Diabetic loading3900 Diabetic toe ulcer 1 also use Staph aureus freqs and see Staph general, General antiseptic, and Cir see also Clostridium difficile, E. coli, and for chronic problems, giardia and IBS freqs.
Also see Parasite general set if no relief.
bacterial infection causing sore throat, fever, rapid heartbeat, nausea, chills, headache and may progress to damage heart and nerves from bacterial toxins.
3940 Disc herniated3950 Distemper3960 Distorsion see Intestines, inflammation. All freqs for 10 min 3980 Diverticulosis characterized by tiny hernias of intestinal tissue protruding through the muscular wall (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 8 4010 Dog and cat hostility 14020 Downs syndrome palliative4030 Droglioma 4060 Duodenitis4070 Dupuytrens contracture 4th and 5th finger curling into hand, unable to straighten acute diarrhea with blood and mucus. Also use Entamoeba histolyica, Salmonella, and 4090 Dysmenorrhea painful menstruation, use with pure water douche4100 Dyspepsia indigestion. If chronic or with bloating, also see Parasites general 4110 E coli Escherichia coli; can cause infections in wounds and the urinary tract. If using these leads to cold symptoms, follow with Adenovirus freqs 4130 E coli mutant strain4140 Ear conditions various discharges, tinnitus, itching, hearing loss. Also see Otitis.
4150 Ear fungus4160 Ear wax4170 EBV see Epstein Barr Virus4180 Echinococcinum tapeworms found in dogs, wolves, cats, & rodents that can infect humans Endometriosis Tuberylosa, can cause a type of viral meningitis 4200 Eczema4210 Eczema 14220 Eczema 24230 Eczema vascular and lung disturbances4240 Edema see also Kidney and Lymph stimulation4250 Electrolyte levels 4260 Elephantiasis use with parasite, esp roundworm and nematode freqs4270 Emotion abnormal behaviour4280 Emotional ties to diseases4290 Emphysema use with parasite, esp roundworm freqs4300 Encephalitis inflammation of the tissues of the brain and spinal cord4310 Endometriosis 1 growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus that may cause pain, infertil ity, & abnormal uterine bleeding. Use with Parasites, flukes, general 4340 Energy vitality4350 Entamoeba histolytica highly damaging protozoa causing dysentery and liver infection4360 Enterobiasis pinworms; see Parasites enterobiasis4370 Enterococcinum homeopathic nosode for Strep family organisms found in the digestive and 4390 Enterovirus general generic term meaning small virus, includes Echo, Coxsackie, and Polio4400 Enuresis 4410 Epicoccum4420 Epicondylitis tennis elbow, lateral or vertical4430 Epidermophyton floccinum fungus that attacks skin & nails, including some athlete's foot and jock itch ringworms. Also use Microsporum freqs and Fungal general if necessary.
4440 Epididymitis inflammation of testicle area, ducts. See also Orchitis.
4450 Epilepsy4460 Epstein barr virus 4470 Epstein barr virus secondary also try General parasite and roundworm freqs4480 Eriterocoucinum (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 9 bacterial infection manifesting in skin inflammation caused by strep pyrogenes or oth er pathogens and possibly related to the swine form of the disease 4500 Erythema4510 Erythema nosodum4520 Escherichia coli constriction. Also see General antiseptic and dental freqs 4540 Euglena4550 Eustachian tube inflammation 4560 Eye disorders blurred vision, cataracts, crossed eyes, diplopia, infections, etc.
4570 Eye inflammation 4580 Eyelid droop see Plosis4590 Eyes glaucoma4600 Eyesight to improve4610 Facial cramps4620 Facial paralysis4630 Facial toning 14640 Facial toning 24650 Fainting4660 Fascia fibrous tissue under the skin. Also see Fibroid freqs4670 Fasciolopsis Buscii adult4680 Fasciolopsis Buscii eggs4690 Fatigue general4700 Febris wolhynia a Rickettsia illness, transmitted by lice, that is debilitating and conducive to 4720 Feli4730 Feline leukemia4740 Felis4750 Felon 1 4760 Felon 24770 Feloris Wolyhnica4780 Fever some causes4790 Fever sunstroke4800 Fibroadenoma mamanae non cancerous, fibrous nodules in the breasts 4820 Fibroma4830 Fibromyalgia run Detox afterwards if needed4840 Fibromyalgia 14850 Fibromyalgia 24860 Fibropendulum4870 Fibrosarcoma4880 Fibrosis of lung4890 Fischpyrogen4900 Fissures4910 Fistula dentalis4920 Fistula ulcer use also Staph freqs4930 FIV4940 Flatulence4950 Flea4960 Flu 14970 Flu 24980 Fluor alb contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 10 some classes. Also use Salmonella typhimurium and see General antiseptic, Abdominal pain, and Abdominal inflammation.
a mild viral infection found in young children but may also be a factor 5030 Foot blisters5040 Fractures healing5050 Frequency fatigue tiredness, not detox, from using frequency instrument too long 5060 Frigidity female5070 Frostbite5080 Frozen shoulder 5090 Fruitfly5100 Fungus and mold v5110 Fungus EW range5120 Fungus flora 15130 Fungus foot and general 1 also see candida, yeast, and other specific types 5150 Furunkulosis boils on skin. Also use Staph aureus freqs5160 Furunkulosis herpes also see Herpes general and Furunkulosis5170 Fusarium general5180 Fusarium oxysporum a fungus causing inflammation of the cornea of the eye5190 Gaetner5200 Gall bladder dystonia with osteitis5210 Gallbladder inflammation 5220 Gallbladder pain5230 Gallstone attack see also Clostridium, Circulatory stasis, Infection general, and Bacterium coli 5260 Gardinerella bacteria that can infect and inflame the vaginal mucosa5270 Gasoden5280 Gastritis and flatus5290 General antiseptic5300 General balancing5310 General comprehensive5320 General demo greatest hits5330 General malady5340 General prog Blaster55350 General program EMEM5360 General prophylaxis5370 Geotrichum candidum fungus found in feces and dairy products whose manifestations resemble those 5380 German measles rubella5390 German measles secondary5400 Giardia see Parasites, giardia5410 Gingivitis inflammation of gums. See also Dental, Dental foci, Stomatitis. Take calcium and magnesium internally and brush with CoQ10 and myrrh or goldenseal 5430 Glandular fever5440 Glandular fever thyroid 5450 Glaucoma5460 Gliocladium brain fungus5470 Goiter see struma5480 Gonads inflammation see Orchitis5490 Gonorrhea5500 Gout see also Kidney freqs5510 Granuloma dent (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 11 5520 Grave's disease5530 Gravel in urine5540 Green dye5550 Grippe see Influenza, grippe5560 Gulf war syndrome v5570 Gum disease see Gingivitis, Pyorrhea5580 Haemophilia tonic hereditary bleeding disorders in which the blood does not readily clot bad breath. See also Strep pneumonia, Strep aureus, Pharyngitis, Dental, Parasite gen 5610 Hallucinations5620 Hand, foot and mouth syndrome a mild viral infection found in young children 5660 Head injury followup Seek immediate medical attention for head injuries!5670 Headaches5680 Headaches caused by vertebral misalignment 5700 Headaches due to toxicity5710 Headaches unknown cause5720 Headaches urogenitally caused5730 Healing and regeneration5740 Heart general5750 Heart tonic lab animals only. See also Chlamydia, Staph infection, Circulatory stasis, and Kidney use calcium magnesium supplement and The Water Cure. Also see Staph and 5780 Heavy metals5790 Heliobacter pylori 5800 Heliobacter pylori 15810 Heliobacterium pylori ulcer5820 Helminthosporium the reproductive element of some parasitic worms 5830 Hemobartinella felis5840 Hemophilia5850 Hemorrage5860 Hemorrhoids5870 Hepatitis A also try Parasites, schistosoma mansoni and Hepatitis general freqs if necessary 5900 Hepatitis C 15910 Hepatitis general5920 Hepatitis general secondary5930 Hepatitis general v5940 Hernia5950 Herpes general 5960 Herpes general 15970 Herpes general secondary5980 Herpes general v5990 Herpes progenetalis genital. Also use Herpes simplex II6000 Herpes progenetalis 16010 Herpes simplex I secondary. Cold sores. primarily non genital, first try Herpes,general 6020 Herpes simplex I 16030 Herpes simplex I 2 (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 12 6040 Herpes simplex I 36050 Herpes simplex I 4 6060 Herpes simplex II6070 Herpes simplex IU26080 Herpes simplex RTI based on RTI's herpes set, most frequencies contracting spread. Also can be used for measles, chicken and small pox, mononucleosis, shingles, rubella, cold sores, epstein barr, variola, stoma stomatosis, and pyorrhea.
combines most anecdotal freqs for Simplex I 6100 Herpes type 2 comp6110 Herpes type 2A6120 Herpes type 2A secondary6130 Herpes type 5 cytomegalovirus6140 Herpes type C6150 Herpes zoster chicken pox, shingles. Run 664 for 10 minutes6160 Herpes zoster 16170 Herpes zoster secondary6180 Herpes zoster v6190 Hiccups6200 Hip pain a homeopathic remedy prepared from a leech used for therapeutic purposes 6240 Hives urticaria6250 Hoarseness6260 Hodgkins disease a genus of fungi that includes human pathogens 6300 Hormonal imbalances6310 Hot flashes 6330 Household Insect Mix6340 Human T lymphocyte Virus1 used for MS and autoimmune disease6350 Human T lymphocyte Virus2 used for Gulf War syndrome6360 Human T lymphocyte Virus3 used for AIDS6370 Human T lymphocyte Virus46380 Human T lymphocyte Virus56390 Human T lymphocyte Virus66400 Hydrocele 6410 Hyperacidity stomach6420 Hyperosmia overacute smell and taste6430 Hyperparathyroidism6440 Hypertension6450 Hypertension renin induced red high, diastolic high pressure. Also see Kidney freqs6460 Hypertension spastic6470 Hyperthyroid6480 Hypochondrium upper abdomen6490 Hypophyseal disturbances 6500 Hypotension low blood pressure6510 Hypothyroid6520 Hypoxia a chronic form of jaundice involving anemia also use Colitis if necssary and see Parasite general and round (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 13 many classes. Also use Circulatory stasis 6570 Incontinence 1 use all freqs for 10 min6580 Indigestion6590 Infantile paralysis 6610 Infections general secondary6620 Infections general tertiary6630 Infertility 6640 Inflammation general also see Infection general sets6650 Influencinum Berlin 556660 Influencinum vesic NW6670 Influencinum vesic SW6680 Influencinum vesica general blisters6690 Influenza mutates to new strains constantly but these may be helpful. See also Influenza, Grippe and Influenza Virus. Use all freqs for 5 min if necessary 6700 Influenza 1957 A Asian6710 Influenza 19786720 Influenza 19796730 Influenza 19836740 Influenza 19896750 Influenza 19936760 Influenza 1993 secondary6770 Influenza 19946780 Influenza 1994 secondary6790 Influenza 1997 to 19986800 Influenza 1997 to 19996810 Influenza 1999 2000 16820 Influenza 1999 2000 26830 Influenza 2000 20026840 Influenza aches and respiratory use 7760 and 7766 for 10 min, all others for 5 6850 Influenza and Cold 1 winter 01 to 026860 Influenza Asian grippe A6870 Influenza autumn 1998 6880 Influenza Bach Poly6890 Influenza general 1 6900 Influenza grippe 1986 tri6910 Influenza grippe 19876920 Influenza grippe 19886930 Influenza grippe 19896940 Influenza grippe 19906950 Influenza grippe 1997 - 19996960 Influenza grippe general6970 Influenza grippe vapch6980 Influenza haemophilus6990 Influenza haemophilus type B 7000 Influenza spanish7010 Influenza triple nosode7020 Influenza V grippe7030 Influenza V2 grippe7040 Influenza V3 grippe7050 Influenza V4 grippe7060 Influenza V5 grippe7070 Influenza V75 Victoria7080 Influenza VA2 grippe7090 Influenza VA2L grippe (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 14 7100 Influenza virus 1991 19927110 Influenza virus 1991 1992 secondary7120 Influenza virus 1992 19937130 Influenza virus 1992 1993 secondary7140 Influenza virus 1993 19947150 Influenza virus 1993 1994 secondary7160 Influenza virus A7170 Influenza virus A 19747180 Influenza virus A Port Chalmers7190 Influenza virus B7200 Influenza virus B Hong Kong7210 Influenza virus British7220 Influenza virus general7230 Influenza virus swine7240 Influenza with fever v7250 Influenza with respiratory 1 winter 99 to 007260 Influenzum toxicum7270 Injection allergic reaction7280 Insect bites general7290 Insomnia 7300 Intelligence and clarity of thought7310 Intercostal neuralgia pain in rib musculature7320 Interleukin 7330 Intermittent claudication7340 Intestinal problems colon 7350 Intestinal problems general also see Parasite general set and General antiseptic7360 Intestines inflammation see also Parasites general set and Colitis 7380 Itching pruritis. Take hot bath with a cup of apple cider vinegar afterwards. If chronic and no long term relief, use Parasite sets including Parasites general and Parasites blood flukes.
7390 Jade Machine color code Blue7400 Jade Machine color code Green7410 Jade Machine color code Indigo7420 Jade Machine color code Lavender7430 Jade Machine color code Light blue7440 Jade Machine color code Light green7450 Jade Machine color code Magenta7460 Jade Machine color code Orange7470 Jade Machine color code Purple7480 Jade Machine color code Red7490 Jade Machine color code Sienna7500 Jade Machine color code Yellow7510 Jaundice see also Liver support, gallbladder, Leptospirosis, and Parasites fluke and general fre 7540 Kaposis sarcoma7550 Kidney insufficiency7560 Kidney meridian balancing and correcting7570 Kidney papilloma 7580 Kidney stones use with vitamin, mineral, and herb supplementation7590 Kidney tonic general7600 Kieferosteitis a type of bone inflammation marked by enlargement and pain7610 Klebsiella pneumoniae (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 15 7660 Large intestine tonic7670 Laryngeal polyp7680 Larynx7690 Lateral sclerose degeneration of spinal cord leading to spastic paraplegia. See also ALS.
Legionnaires' disease, caused by a gram negative bacteria associated with condensed or treated water that migrate to lung tissue and stimulate severe respiratory manifestations, fever, headache, abdominal pain, and may affect kidneys and liver.
7730 Leprosy7740 Leprosy secondary infection7750 Leptospirosis a spirochete bacterial disease that is spread to humans through animal urine that can cause meningitis, jaundice, anemia, miscarriage and death 7760 Leukocytogenesis stimulation see also Immune system stimulation7770 Leukoderma acquired see Vitiligo7780 Leukoencephalitis inflammation of brain's white matter, usually in infants and children, but also found in horses as a result of forage poisoning 7790 Leukoencephalitis secondary7800 Leukoplakia white patches on mucous membranes, also see EBV, Papilloma, and Cancer, carcino proliferation of tissues that form white blood cells; considered to be foundational stage of leukemia. See also Cancer Leukemia, Parasite general, Parasite fluke sets7820 Lipoma benign, soft tumor of fatty tissue. Also use Liver support.
a serious disease causing miscarriage, meningitis, and endocarditis in humans; known as circling disease in ruminants and causes liver necrosis in animals with single stomachs. Also see 7840 Liver enlargement7850 Liver flukes See Parasites, flukes7860 Liver stores bile cholesterol7870 Liver support also try E coli, Parasites general and Parasites flukes general7880 Lockjaw 7890 Locomotor dysfunction incoordination may be slow results. See also Schumann response 7900 Low blood pressure see hypotension7910 Luesinum and Syphilinum 7920 Lumbago7930 Lung general7940 Lung abscess see Nocardia asteroides7950 Lung sinus bacteria7960 Lupus general localized degeneration of skin by various diseases; vulgaris is a common form of this ailment that is actually a rare form of tuberculosis that manifests with disfigurement and destruction of the skin and cartilage of the face. Also use Parasite fluke sets for any type. Use 633 for 5 min, 2125 and 3612 for 4 min, 2008 and 802 for 8 min 7970 Lupus general secondary7980 Lupus SLE secondary7990 Luxation use 2016 and 625 for 10 min, others for 5 min 8030 Lyme and rocky mountain spotted fever v8040 Lyme disease also known as borreliosis; relapsing fever in humans and animals caused by parasitic spirochetes from ticks. Also use Babesia if necessary.
(C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 16 8060 Lyme secondary8070 Lyme tertiary8080 Lymph plaque8090 Lymph stasis use 3176 for 10 minutes8100 Lymph stasis secondary 8110 Lymph support8120 Lymphangitis lymphatic vessel inflammation of humans and horses most commonly caused by strep but also by other bacteria, yeast fungus, and cancer. See also Strep General 8160 Macular degeneration and visual acuity 8170 Magnesium8180 Malabsorption syndrome an infectious disease, originating in tropical areas, that is transmitted by a mosquito bite and characterized by fever, anemia, and spleen enlargement 8200 Malaria 18210 Malaria 28220 Malaria Falciparum 18230 Malassezia furfur causes tinea versicolor. See also Fungus general contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles 8250 Mannan8260 Marsh elder8270 Mastitis an inflamed breast usually caused by bacterial infection inflammation of the bony structure of the head in the region of the ears below the eyes 8310 Measles rubella secondary8320 Measles rubella vaccine8330 Measles rubeola 8340 Measles vaccine8350 Measles w vaccine 8360 Medorrhinum homeopathic nosode for urethral discharge. See also Vaginosis.
8370 Menieres 18380 Menieres disease auditory vertigo associated with deafness and tinnitus auditory vertigo associated with deafness and tinnitus. Use 5000 for 16 min, 782 for 26 min, others for 7 min. Also use General antiseptic 8400 Meningcoccus Virus8410 Meningioma a benign, slow growing tumor of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal inflammation of the membranes that envelop the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial, also use Streptococcus pneumoniae, Influenza haemophilus type B and see Listeriose and Leptospirosis.
Viral, also use Echo, Coxsackie, and Polio 8430 Meningitis secondary8440 Meningitis tertiary8450 Menstrual problems douche with plain water first8460 Mental concentration8470 Mental disorders general aid; especially if toxins are the cause. Also use mineral supplement 8480 Mercury toxicity v8490 Methotrexate toxicity8500 Microsporum audouini a fungus which commonly causes ringworm of the scalp and other are a fungus causing ringworm in cats, dogs, and children also use Parasites strongyloides and general sets (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 17 8530 Mold see also specific types8540 Mold and fungus general v 8570 Moluscum contagiosum8580 Mononucleosis 8620 Morgan bacterium8630 Motion sickness 8640 Mould see also specific types8650 Mould and fungus general 8660 Mouth eruptions herpes sores see Herpes general and Herpes Simplex I8670 Mouth eruptions white patches 8680 Mucocutan perniciosis8690 Mucor mucedo causes rot in fruit and baked goods & sometimes found on feet and skin grows on decaying vegetation and bread and can cause ear infection 8720 Mucor racemosis secondary8730 Mucormycosis see Zygomycosis8740 Mucous membrane general inflammation8750 Mucoviscidosis 8760 Multiple sclerosis 1 use 5000 for 30min8770 Multiple sclerosis 28780 Multiple sclerosis 38790 Multiple sclerosis 48800 Multiple sclerosis 5 use 5000 for 30 min8810 Multiple sclerosis 6 use 5000 for 10 min8820 Multiple sclerosis secondary8830 Multiple sclerosis stiff legs8840 Multiple sclerosis tremor or twitch8850 Multiple sclerosis v aspertame, mercury, benzene, lead, and toluene can cause same symptoms.
Also use Chlamydia General and Herpes type 6 and see ALS sets, Herpes general, Blastocystis hom inus, Parasites flukes, Shigella, Nocardia, and Herpes zoster acute viral inflammation of the saliva glands. See also Coxsackie 8870 Mumps secondary8880 Mumps tertiary8890 Mumps vaccine8900 Muscle tonic8910 Muscles to relax8920 Muscular dystrophy disorder characterized by weakness and progressive wasting of skeletal mus cles despite no concommitant wasting of nerve tissue. Aspartame, mercury, benzene, lead, and tolu ene can cause same symptoms. Also use Parasites flukes and see Parasites general, ALS, MS sets 8940 Mycobacterium avium8945 Mycobacterium leprae 8950 Mycogone fungoides8960 Mycogone fungoides secondary8970 Mycogone species homeopathic allergenic preparation based on fungus exp. May be a factor in ALS, chronic fatigue, alzheimer's, parkinson's, 8990 Mycoplasma general can be useful for lung, sinus, and other problems which do not respond to (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 18 9030 Myocarditis narbe9040 Myocarditis necrose homeopathic remedy from heart cells that died as a result of inadequate blood flow to them. See also Circulatory stasis Nanobacteria sanguineum, a nanobacteria which can be found in some calcium depos its in the arteries, kidneys, gallbladder, muscle and joints as well as in increased numbers in those with "autoimmune" diseases such as lupus, psoriasis, scleroderma, and similar disorders 9100 Nausea and cramping also see Parasites, enterobiasis, roundworms, and Parasites, general9110 Nephritis kidney inflammatory disease. Also treat for stones and crystals supplementally, or ne 9120 Nerve disorders and neuropathy9130 Nervousness Prozac agitation akathsia. See also Relaxation9140 Neuralgia 9150 Neuralgia intercostal9160 Neuralgia trigeminal9170 Neurosis9180 Neurospora sitophila9190 Nigrospora species9200 Nocardia asteroides the microorganism causing Nocardiosis, an infectious pulmonary disease char acterized by abscesses in the lungs. Also see Streptothrix.
9220 Oat smut9230 Oedema swelling9240 Oligodena9250 Oospora9260 Oral lesions chronic cases will always return until metal dental work is replaced with uranium free porcelain. See also herpes simplex I and use Stomatitis inflammation of testes due to TB, mumps, gonorrhea, cancer, bacteria, etc. See also or Psittacosis or Parrot Fever; an infectious pneumonia transmitted by certain birds 9310 Osteoarthritis use also Arthritis9320 Osteoitis9330 Osteomyelitis9340 Osteomyelosclerosis marrow replacement by bone in response to low grade infection9350 Osteosinusitis max9360 Ostitis9370 Otitis externa outer ear infection. Also see Pseudomonas aeruginosa9380 Otitis medinum middle ear swelling and or infection and fever. Use also strep pneumonia if no immediate benefits. Use 880, 720, and 1550 for 10 min, others for 5 min 9390 Otosclerosis9400 Ovarian cyst9410 Ovarian disorders general9420 Ovarian elimination stimulation9430 Ovum9440 Ox bile the homeopathic remedy derived from it9450 Ozaena9460 Pain acute9470 Pain general Also look under name of condition causing pain9480 Pain of cancer (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 19 9490 Pain of infection9500 Pain relief9510 Palsy general9520 Pancreas9530 Pancreatic insufficiency9540 Papilloma kidney causes warts and benign tumors having a branch or stalk and in some cases 9560 Paraceli9570 Paradontose9580 Paralysis from stroke9590 Paralysis nonspastic9600 Paralysis spastic9610 Paramecium caudatum9620 Parasites ascaris9630 Parasites blood flukes9640 Parasites brain and spinal flukes9650 Parasites enterobiasis pinworms; intestinal worms which cause itching of the anal and perineal areas9660 Parasites filariose worms in blood and organs of mammals, larvae passed from biting insects 9670 Parasites follicular mange9680 Parasites general 19690 Parasites general 29700 Parasites general alternative v9710 Parasites general comprehensive9720 Parasites general flukes 9730 Parasites general flukes short set9740 Parasites general short set9750 Parasites giardia9760 Parasites heartworms9770 Parasites helminthsporium 9780 Parasites hookworm9790 Parasites intestinal flukes exp9800 Parasites leishmania braziliensis9810 Parasites leishmania donovan9820 Parasites leishmania tropica9830 Parasites liver flukes9840 Parasites lymph flukes9850 Parasites pancreatic flukes experimental9860 Parasites pinworm9870 Parasites roundworms general9880 Parasites roundworms general short set9890 Parasites scabies follicular mange which is contagious dermatitis found in many animals that is caused by mites and in which the principle activity is at the hair follicles. Use 90, 94, 98, 102, 106, 110, 253, 693 for 10 min. Scan 90 to 110 on lesser frequency intervals if needed 9900 Parasites schistosoma haematobium blood flukes9910 Parasites schistosoma mansoni blood fluke which can cause symptoms identical to hepatitis C 9920 Parasites sheep liver flukes9930 Parasites strongyloides 9940 Parasites strongyloides secondary9950 Parasites taenia9960 Parasites tapeworms do not use for known tapeworms unless familiar with tapeworm protocol9970 Parasites tapeworms echinococcinum tapeworms found in dogs, wolves, cats, & rodents that can in 9980 Parasites tapeworms secondary9990 Parasites threadworm (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 20 10000 Parasites trichinosis10010 Parasites turbatrix10020 Paresis10030 Paresthesia10040 Parkinson tremor temporary relief a slowly progressive, degenerative, neurologic disorder, also use Chlamydia pneumoniae and see Nocardia asteroides freqs. Use 33 for 30 min 10080 Parvovirus canine10090 Parvovirus canine mutant strain10100 Parvovirus canine type B10110 Parvovirus new strain10120 Pasteurella combination bacterial diseases spread by animal bites 10130 Pelvic inflammatory disease10140 Pemniciosis10150 Pemphigus rare, auto immune skin disorders characterized by blisters in the outer layer of skin 10160 Penicillium chyrosogenium10170 Penicillium chyrosogenium secondary10180 Penicillium notatum10190 Penicillium notatum secondary10200 Penicillium rubrum10210 Pennyroyal 10220 Penqueculum10230 Pepto streptococcus see also other Strep sets10240 Pericarditis NOTE, Cardiac conditions are inherently unstable. Therefore,we cannot recommend the use of frequencies on humans. These frequencies are for animal research only.
see also osteo and dental infection freqs chillbains - a disorder of the blood vessels caused by prolonged exposure to cold and characterized by skin lesions on the lower legs, hands, toes, feet, ears and face 10290 Pertussis secondary10300 Pesticide detox see also Liver and Kidney support, Circulatory and Lymph stasis freqs 10310 Phaqocyross stimulation10320 Pharyngitis inflammation of pharynx, can cause chronic sore throat, halitosis, and pharyngeal ul 10350 Pineal gland to stimulate10360 Pituatary gland dysfunction use each for 10 min10370 Pituitary gland to stimulate10380 Plague see Bubonic plague10390 Planetary orbits 10400 Plantaris10410 Plasmacytoma a tumor with plasma cells that occurs in the bone marrow, as in multiple myeloma, or outside of the bone marrow, as in tumors of the inner organs and lining of the nose, mouth, and Inflammation of the lung membrane and abdominal lining 10430 Plosis eyelid droop. Also use Parasite general, ascaris, and roundworm10440 Pneumococcus 10450 Pneumocystis carnii fungus which causes pneumonia usually developing in the immuno suppressed (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 21 see also Pneumonia klebsiella, Pneumonia mycoplasma, Pneumonia bronchial, Pneu monocystis carnii, Streptococcus pneumoniae 10470 Pneumonia bronchial inflammation of bronchii and lungs10480 Pneumonia general see also Pneumonia klebsiella, Pneumonia mycoplasma, Pneumonia bronchial, Pneumonocystis carnii, Streptococcus pneumoniae. If no or slow results, try Mycoplasma General 10490 Pneumonia general v10500 Pneumonia mycoplasma a contagious pneumonia of children and young adults. See also Myco 10510 Pneumonia walking see Pneumonia mycoplasma10520 Pneumoniae klebsiella 10530 Pneumovirus causes bronchiolitis and pneumonia in infants, see Respiratory syncitial virus10540 Polio also known as poliomyelitis10550 Polio secondary complications10560 Polyarthritis10570 Polyp general10580 Polyp nasal10590 Polyp uterine10600 Porphyria several rare disorders of the nervous system and skin 10610 Postsurgery detoxification of anaesthesia also requires post recovery saunas with electrolyte re 10630 Prostate adenominum10640 Prostate enlarged see Prostatitis and other prostate sets and Strep general 10650 Prostate hyperplasia10660 Prostate problems general see also Strep sets and practice metals avoidance 10690 Proteus10700 Protozoa10710 Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria causing blue pus infections found in wounds, burns, and the 10730 Pseudomonas mallei also called glanders bacillus. Causes glanders, a blue pus infection of the res piratory system and mouth, and transmitted occasionally to man by equine.
10740 Pseudomonas pyocyanea10750 Psittacosis also use Hypothyroid set and see General Parasite, ascaris, and other roundworm 10770 Psoriasis ankylosing spondylitis10780 Psorinum10790 Pullularia pullulans use also Parasite, roundworm frequencies and see General Antiseptic bacteria commonly found in hospital borne conditions homeopathic nosode for Pseudomonas pyocyanea or Pyoderma Gangrenosum; a rare skin disorder of unknown cause. Small pustules develop into large ulcers at various sites on the body. Also see Parasites general and General Infection of periodontium causing inflammation of gums and bone loss. Although py orrhea may be controlled or eliminated with treatment, infection will always return whenever subject experiences stress or poor diet, until mercury inlays aka 'silver' fillings and nickel alloy which is stainless steel, dental appliances are replaced with porcelain that does not contain uranium and in fected root canals and sockets are treated. See also Dental, Dental foci, Stomatitis, Gingivitis, Tooth (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 22 10860 Pyrogenium ex ovo10870 Pyrogenium fish10880 Pyrogenium mayo10890 Pyrogenium suis10900 Q Fever an infectious disease caused by contact with animals with the parasitic Rickettsia bac teria and Coxiella burnetii whose symptoms may include headache, fever, chills, and sweats. See al 10910 Rabies lyssinum10920 Radiation burns 10930 Ragweed10940 Raynauds disease10950 Refractory an10960 Regeneration and healing10970 Regeneration and healing 110980 Relaxation to produce10990 Renal calculii see Kidney stones11000 Renal excretory insufficiency diastolic hypertensive also see Kidney insufficiency11010 Reproductive11020 Respiratory syncitial virus11030 Retrovirus variants11040 Rhesus gravidatum11050 Rheuma 11060 Rheumaticus11070 Rheumatism also use Arthritis rheumatoid11080 Rheumatoid arthritis see Arthritis, rheumatoid11090 Rhinitis 11100 Rhino pneumonitis11110 Rhizopus nigricans11120 Rhodo torula11130 Rhodococcus11140 Rickettsia bacteria that are transmitted to man by lice, fleas, ticks, and mites. Can cause typhoid see Microsporum audouini, Microsporum canis, Trichophyton, and/or 11170 Rocky mountain spotted fever11180 Rocky mountain spotted fever and lyme v11190 Rotifer11200 Roundworm11210 Rubella 11230 Ruko tick11240 Salivary gland virus human herpes type 5 . see Cytomegalovirus11250 Salmonella can cause intestinal inflammation and infection, and contribute to flu in children 11270 Salmonella comp11280 Salmonella paratyphi B11290 Salmonella type B11300 Salmonella typhi 11320 Sanguinera11330 Sanguis menst11340 Sarcoidosis (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 23 11370 Scabies11380 Scarlet fever11390 Schizophrenia paranoid 1 11400 Schumann resonance relaxing11410 Schunan B cell11420 Sciatica 111430 Sciaticor schias11440 Scleroderma v11450 Sclerosis lateral degeneration of spinal cord resulting in spastic paraplegia 11460 Sedation and pain relief11470 Sedative effect reported use on bleeding, bruises, insomnia, sinusitis11480 Seizure11490 Semperillium11500 Serum schweinepest11510 Sexual dysfunction men can cause acute dysentery and diarrhea as well as infect nerves, brain, and spinal cord 11540 Silver exp11550 Sinus bacteria also use Sinusitis11560 Sinusitis sinus and lung infections can be caused by a large number of pathogens including vi ruses like RSV, adenovirus, parainfluenza, influenza A, influenza B, rhino virus, et al. Common bac teria like strep pneum. are always suspect when condition is chronic, as are fungi.
11580 Sinusitis 211590 Sinusitis 311600 Sinusitis 411610 Sinusitis frontalis11620 Sinusitis maxillaris11630 Sleeping sickness11640 Slipped discs spasms from microbial toxins11650 Smallpox also known as variola, an extremely contagious viral disease marked by fever, pros 11660 Smallpox secondary11670 Smegma11680 Sneezing11690 Sore throat also see Pharyngitis, Strep general, Strep pyrogenes, and Actinomyces israelii 11700 Sorghum smut homeopathic preparation for an allergen11710 Spasms muscle11720 Spastic paresis11730 Spleen enlarged11740 Spleen secondary11750 Sporobolomyces11760 Sporotrichum pruinosum11770 Stammering11780 Staph and strep v11790 Staph infection 111800 Staphylococci infection can cause boils, carbuncles, abscesses, tooth infection, heart disease, 11820 Staphylococcus coagulae positive11830 Staphylococcus general11840 Staphylococcus general 111845 Staphylococcus heamolyticus11850 Stemphylium (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 24 11860 Stiff muscles11870 Stiff muscles secondary11880 Stiff neck11890 Stiff shoulder see also Rheumatism11900 Stomach disorders see also E. Coli and Parasites general if no lasting relief inflammation of mucous membranes in the mouth. See also Candida, Herpes simplex I, Stomatitis aphthous, Pyorrhea, and Gingivitis 11920 Stomatitis aphthous ulcers on mucous membrane of mouth. Also called canker sores. All freqs for 11930 Stomatitis aphthous 1 all freqs for 5 min11940 Stomatitis aphthous v11950 Strep and staph v11960 Strep virus11970 Streptococcus enterococcinum can cause infection in the digestive and urinary tracts streptococcus family. Also see General antiseptic and other 12000 Streptococcus mutant strain12010 Streptococcus mutant strain secondary12020 Streptococcus pepto can infect digestive tract12030 Streptococcus pneumoniae can cause pneumonia, empyema, middle ear infections, endocarditis, peritonitis, arthitis, bacteremia, and meningitis 12040 Streptococcus pneumoniae mixed flora12050 Streptococcus pyrogenes pus forming infections. Can cause sore throat, skin inflammation, scar let fever, pharyngitis, scarlet fever, impetigo, erysipelas, cellulitis, septicemia, toxic shock syndrome, and acute glomerulonephritis See also General antiseptic 12060 Streptococcus viridans12070 Streptococcus virus12080 Streptomyces griseus soil bacteria which yields streptomycin12090 Streptothrix includes Actinomycosis, Nocardia, and Actinomyces israeli 12100 Stroke follow up12110 Strongyloides see Parasites, strongyloides12120 Struma family of organisms that can infect the thyroid.
12130 Struma cystica12140 Struma nodosa12150 Struma parenchyme12160 Stye staph infection of sebaceous gland of eyelash. Also use Staphylococci infection set 12170 Subluxation induced disorders12180 Sudor pedis Examine prescription drugs, such as Psoralen, for photo sensitization properties.
12200 Sunstroke12210 Surgery anaesthesia detox 12220 Surgery preop postop prevent infections see also General antiseptic, Staph, and Strep sets 12230 Surgical pain post op12240 Swelling edema. See also Kidney insufficiency and Lymph stasis freqs 12250 Swimmers ear also see Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Otitis externa12260 Swollen glands 12270 Syphilis12280 Tachycardia rapid heart beat. For lab animals only. See also Heart tonic, Relaxation sets.
12290 Taenia see Parasites tapeworm12300 Taste lack of12310 Tendomyopathy12320 Tennis elbow12330 Testical fluid use each for 10 min12340 Tetanus infectious disease of the central nervous system caused by clostridium tetani (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 25 12350 Tetanus secondary12360 Tetragenus12370 Thalamus stimulant12380 Thermi bacteria12390 Throat tickle chronic see also Streptococcus and Strep pneumonia sets12400 Thrombophlebitis inflammation of vein walls from clotting. Use on lab animals only. See also 12420 Thrush use Candida and see Stomatitis freqs12430 Thymus stimulation12440 Tinea cruris see also Circulatory stasis, Dental, Dental foci, General antiseptic, and Otitis freqs 12470 Tobacco mosaic12480 Tonsillar nosode12490 Tonsillar pfropfe12500 Tonsillitis to neglect this can prevent recovery from any illness. Should also be treated profes sionally. See also Dental, Dental foci, Gingivitis, Pyorrhea.
12530 Toxin elimination12540 Toxoplasmosis a serious, infectious disease that can be either acquired or present at birth and that is commonly contracted by handling contaminated cat litter 12560 Trauma12570 Trench mouth use Gingivitis12580 Treponema pallidum use also Syphilis12590 Trichinosis the very serious parasitism resulting from eating pork or bear meat 12600 Trichodermia12610 Trichomonas a microorganism causing vaginal irritation with discharge and itching12620 Trichophytie general12630 Trichophytie nagel12640 Trichophytie nagel secondary12650 Trichophyton mentagrophytes12660 Trichophyton rubrum12670 Trichophyton tonsuraus12680 Trigeminal neuralgia12690 Trypanosoma gambiense12700 Tuberculinum12710 Tuberculosis aviare12720 Tuberculosis bovine12730 Tuberculosis general also see Tuberculinum12740 Tuberculosis klebsiella12750 Tuberculosis rod E coli infections12760 Tuberculosis rod form12770 Tuberculosis secondary complications12780 Tuberculosis virus12790 Tularemia a serious infectious disease also called deerfly fever or rabbit fever 12800 Tumor brain see Cancer, astrocytoma, glioma, glioblastoma12810 Turbatrix12820 Typhoid fever typhus infection related symptoms causing high fever, headache, and rash. Also use Salmonella typhi and Rickettsia and see Q fever.
12830 Ulcer duodenal12840 Ulcer gastric12850 Ulcer ventric (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 26 12860 Ulcer ventricular12870 Ulcers general12880 Unsociable behaviour12890 Urea plasma12900 Uremia also known as uremic poisoning; excessive amounts of nitrogenous waste products in the blood, as seen in kidney failure. Also use Kidney and Lymph stasis freqs also see Vaginosis and use Chlamydia trachomatis non specific infection. Also see Gardinerella, Candida, and Trichomonas 12980 Varicoses 112990 Varicoses 213000 Variola see Smallpox13010 Vegetative dystonia involuntary muscle dysfunction13020 Vein thrombosis a rough surfaced, supposedly harmless, virus caused skin wart. Also see Wart also use Otitis and see General antiseptic freqs see also Cataracts. Run 1830 for 15 minutes.
13060 Visual acuity run 1830 for 10 minutes13070 Vitamag complete set13080 Vitiligo loss of pigmentation in areas of skin. Use with B complex with extra PABA internally and PABA cream topically. Also see E. coli, Parasite General, Liver support, and Fungus freqs if venereal warts caused by infectious papilloma virus 13100 Warts general also see Papilloma and Parasites roundworms and Parasites, flukes general13110 Warts pappiloma type, branch or stalk13120 Warts plantar use 915 and 918 for 15 to 30min13130 Warts verruca a rough surfaced, supposedly harmless, viral caused skin wart13140 Wellness13150 Werlhof13160 West nile 113170 Wheat smut13180 Wheat stem rust 113190 Whiplash13200 White blood cell stimulation see Immune system stimulation13210 Whooping cough a Rickettsia illness, transmitted by lice, that is debilitating and conducive to 13240 Xanthemia13250 Yeast bakers13260 Yeast cervical also use Candida13270 Yeast general also see Candida. Use Parasites general, roundworm, and ascaris if no lasting relief13280 Yeast general v13290 Yellow fever a severe, viral infection which can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, and en aka Bubonic plague; spread primarily by rats 13325 Zap Hulda Clark 2.5k13326 Zap Hulda Clark 30k (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 27 13330 Zygomycosis also called mucormycosis, a serious fungal infection usually associated with uncon trolled diabetes mellitus or immunosuppressive drugs (C) RifeMedic - The RifeMedic is not a Medical Device Page 28

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Dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome in children

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ectious diseases Dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome in children Search date June 2008 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION: Dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome are major causes of hospital admission and mortality in children. Up to 5% of people with dengue haemorrhag

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J. Agric. Food Chem. 2003, 51, 7617−7623 Effects of Garlic Powders with Varying Alliin Contents on Hepatic Drug Metabolizing Enzymes in Rats ANNE-MARIE LE BON,*,† MARIE-FRANCE VERNEVAUT,† LUCIEN GUENOT,†REMI KAHANE,‡ JACQUES AUGER,§ INGRID ARNAULT,§ THOMAS HAFFNER,| ANDUnite´ Mixte de Recherche de Toxicologie Alimentaire, Institut National de la RechercheAgronomique, 1

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