The Soma Safe Enclosure (collapsible frame with a net-ted canopy which fits over most standard hospital beds) and the Soma Safe Enclosure Bed, which is an enclosed bed system secured with a netted canopy, provide a safe, patient friendly, easy to use, clinically proven and cost-effective alternative to caring for a patient that is subject to falling, wandering, confusion, delirium, aggression or seizures. Typically these are patients that have Alzheimer’s, dementia, Hunting-ton’s, Cerebral Palsy, Rhett’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s, Strokes and Traumatic Brain Injuries. Zippers sewn into the canopy provide access to the patient on all four sides. By creating a more secure, manageable environment, similar to a child’s crib, the patient becomes much less disturbed. Freeing the patient from other forms of re-straints, such as tie downs, vests and drugs enables them to vent their restlessness with little or no danger of inflicting injury on themselves or others. This is a product that is used in medical centers; hospitals, rehabilitation units, nursing homes, assisted living and home care settings. THE SOMA SAFE ENCLOSURE & BED FOR HOME CARE Safe Enclosure Are you responsible for caring for a spouse or family member that suffers from Alzheimer's, a Traumatic Brain Injury, Huntington's, Stroke, Rhett's Syndrome or other cognitive or neurological disorder? Is your family member in an expensive long-term care facility because you are unable to care for Are you looking for a way to care for your loved one at home? Vivax can help you with the Soma Safe Enclosure!
A neurologically or cognitively impaired person requires almost constant attention. They may fall, injure themselves trying to perform ordinary functions, attempt things they are prevents the patient from injury while still dangerous of all, wander away. This puts the home caregiver in the impossible position of trying to supervise them 24 hours a day. The Soma Safe Enclosure is the tool you need • The netting is sized to prevent the patient to address these difficult patient care issues. attentive to your loved one, such as during sleep • The netting is black in color to improve and bathing, the Soma Safe Enclosure will provide a safe and secure environment that will protect your loved one from injury or harm. The frame is completely padded for patient safety. Vivax Medical is committed to improving the The canopy can be laundered in a washing patient's well being while lowering the cost of their care. We support this commitment with products that provide safe, cost effective Strong locking nylon zippers prevent opening and convenient alternatives to conventional provides a superior alternative to traditional restraints and the cost of long term care The canopy fits tight to the mattress to By using the Soma Safe Enclosure, you are providing a more natural and relaxed home care environment for the patient. Most medical The Soma Safe Enclosure can be use with or studies have shown that patients' recovery and quality of life are better when they are in familiar Models are available with or without a bed. THE SOMA SAFE ENCLOSURE & BED FOR INSTITUTIONAL
Safe Enclosure Are you looking for a more clinically effective way of managing patients that are agitated, distraught, excited, having seizures, delirious or otherwise cognitively impaired? Are the costs of lengthened patient stays, sitters, false alarms and patient injuries associated with these patients diminishing your capability to provide affordable health care? Then you should consider using the Soma Safe Enclosure from Vivax Medical! In most cases, the Soma Safe Enclosure is a superior alternative to medications, four point restraints, vests, sitters, bed alarms and isolation in dealing with the behaviorally challenging patient. Vivax is committed to bringing clinically superior products to market that improve patient care and help you lower the cost of healthcare! As a healthcare practitioner your primary concern is for the well being of the patient. However, you also have to be concerned with the cost of providing your healthcare services because low levels of reimbursement may not cover your costs and compromise your ability to provide adequate care for all. The Soma Safe Enclosure product line provides a safe, humane and relaxed environment for the behaviorally challenging patient that otherwise would require an Permits the patient to interact with their facility beds is collapsible to 15" x 15" x 74" and requires little room The frame is extremely sturdy, designed for use with patient Medications can further disorient patients, create complications of their own and Models are available for patients weighing up to 600 pounds. agitate the patient and cause injury and Sitters are very expensive and risk injury Isolation can further retard patient recovery. The netting is black in color to improve visibility and prevent stains. The frame is completely padded for patient safety. The canopy can be laundered in a washing machine or hand wiped clean. Strong locking nylon zippers prevent opening from the inside. There are access ports for IV lines and catheters.



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