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1 ml serum, red top tubeDo not use SST Tube 1ml EDTA plasma, put on iceCentrifuge immediately and runor FREEZE plasma Full heparinized green toptube. Do not uncap.
1 lavender tube - keeptightly stoppered.
2 ml plasma from darkblue top tube (avail.
from Lab), no additive add an equal volume of50% ethyl alcohol(available from Lab) 2 ml serum, red top tubeDo not collect in SST tube 1 ml serum, red top tubeDo not use SST Tube 2 ml serum, red top tubeDo not use SST Tube Prepare 2 thin smearsfrom a nasopharyngealswab (available fromLab) 2 ml citrated plasma(blue top). Separateimmediately and FREEZEdraw red top off prior to blue 4 ml serum, FROZENin 2 plastic vials(2 ml in each) 1 ml serum. Draw30 minutes before(trough) and 30 minutes after(peak)I.V. infusion.
Draw 45-60 minutesafter I.M.
administration. Donot use SST Tubes 10 ml random urinefirst a.m. specimenpreferred Throat swab, Nasopharyngeal swab, Nasal apirates, Sputum Draw 1 grey top tube.
Remove plasma within15 minutes. Send 1 mlplasma Random urine, 5 mlPrefer first morningspecimen Two aliquots of 2 mlFROZEN EDTA plasmacollected in pre-chilled tubes.
Centrifuge and removeplasma immediately.
Washings - Please callLab for instructions.
RSV SCREEN - SEERESPIRATORY SYNCYTIALVIRUS Tissue submitted in10% formalin(available from Lab) 1 ml serum before(trough) and 1 mlserum 30 minutes after(peak) dosage.
Indicate trough & peakspecimens Pustule must bepunctured and skinscraped with scalpel-transfer to glassslides and make 2smears. Cyto fix oneslide and air dry theother. Indicatesource.
Swab or fluid insterile anaerobictransport medium; roomtemp.
2 blood culturebottles (availablefrom Lab) - 5-10 ccaseptically drawn bloodin each. No notrefrigerate 1 gram stool in cleancontainer; Refrigerate 72 hr, 48 hr, or 24 hrcollection. Refrigerate Fresh stool - 1 gm inspecimen container.
Refrigerate 10 ml fluid in sterilecontainer. Refrigerate Any body siteculturette or specimencontainer.
2 air-dried smearsLabel slides andindicate source Submit nasopharyngealswab kept moist inculturette - room temp.
Random stool in cleancontainer - Refrigerate Fresh stool in cleancontainer - Refrigerate Scotch tape test. CallLab for instructions Random stool in cleancontainer. Refrigerate Submit early morningsputum in sterilecontainer - Refrigerate Feces in cleancontainer or culturetteRefrigerate Submit 5-10 ml fluidin sterile containerIncludes AFB smearRefrigerate Clean-catch midstreamurine (sterile kitavailable from Lab)Refrigerate Submit in viraltransport media(available from Lab) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION
7 ml red top tube and 5 ml lav top tube acceptable Optimal sampling time = 4hrs after doserandom urine acceptableSee SalicylateReferred***Critical:separate &freeze ASAPReferred--separate ASAP Use non-alcoholicgermicide to cleanseskin: iodine prepReferred-no hemolysis, separateReferredReferred, see preservative info ReferredIndicate weeks ofgestation. ReferredMust be within 14-23weeks gestation. Mustsubmit MSAFP form.
Referred- Separate & pour offinto PLASTIC vial ASAP. Avoid use of glass.
ReferredTrough:before next dosePeak:30min after infusionReferred Random urine notReferredReferred-separate ASAP7 ml red top tube acceptable;Antibody identificationdone on positive screenReferred-separate ASAPReferred-separate ASAPReferred-no hemolysis Do not expose to airProtect from lightProtect from lightINDICATE SOURCEsubmit clinical data ReferredReferred-no hemolysisReferred, clot 30-60min,ReferredReferredReferredReferredReferred Wait 3 hours after lastdose. Indicate time oflast dose.
Referred CKMB FractionAutomatically performedon all MI'sReferredReferred Referred, avoid hemolysis.
Clot 30-60min, separate & freeze Referred, plastic containerReferredFreeze ASAP in 2 aliquots Indicate patients heightand weightReferred, keep at 37 degrees1 hr after collectionReferred, Do not refridgerateor freezeReferred ReferredReferred Specimen should be drawn 6 hours after last doseSpecimen should bedrawn 6 hours afterlast dose.
Referred, deliver ASAPReferredIndicate weeks ofgestationReferred ReferredReferredSame as Factor IIReferredSame as Factor IIReferredSame as Factor IIReferredSame as Factor IIReferredSame as Factor IIReferredSame as Factor II ReferredIndicative of pastinfection.
ReferredIndicative of presentinfectionReferred, 10 hrs fasting required, transport on ice tothe laboratoryIndicate trough or peakspeciman.
Males & non-pregnantfemales-<5.0 mIu/ml Referred; Separate ASAPIgG indicates pastinfectionReferred; Separate ASAPIgm indicates currentinfectionReferred Results are sent in"Confidential" envelope.
All positives are sentout for confirmatorytest per state law.
Referred Use Dacron or raynon tip swabs(obtained from the lab) ReferredCritical to refrigerate ASAPReferred; Keep on iceAvoid use of tourniquet May use a capillaryfinger stick-if usingthis method, wash child'shand well with soap andwater prior to fingerstick.
Referred ReferredDraw just prior to nextdose-12 hr. after evening doseReferred Collect when patient hasa temperature spikeReferred ReferredDraw acute andconvalescent (2 weeksapart) ReferredDoes not include ionized CaDraw just prior to nextdose For emergency room use only Triage rapid kit Draw trough 30 minutesbefore I.V.
administration and drawpeak 30 minutes after.
Indicate trough & peakspecimens.
Automatically performedon positive cultures Includes salmonella,shigella, campylobacter,yersinia No antibioticsensitivity if <100,000colonies unless specimenis from catheter(indicate catheterizedspecimen)

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SÄKERHETSDATABLAD Detta faktablat om säkerhet har utarbetats i enlighet med EU-directiv 91/155/EC, ändrat av direktiv 2001/98/EC SIGMA RENOVA ISOTOP MATT 1. NAMNET PÅ ÄMNET/PREPARATET OCH BOLAGET/FÖRETAGET Produktinformation Varumärke Tekniskt datablad, nummer Rekommendation beträffande Matt färg för väggar och tak inomhus (glans <25@60°), vattenbaser

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