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My score on the learning styles assessment was Visual Learner (+9) and Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner (+3). I found that the hardest part of studying for exam 1 was to learn all of the new words. I have had this problem in the past and what has helped me is to break the word down into its building blocks. This is always a good investment of my time because the prefixes and suffixes are used over and over again and apply to many terms I will be using. For instance, in Chapters 1 and 2: ana - up; anatomy - the study of breaking up the body into its parts cardi – heart; pericardium cran – helmet; cranial pertaining to the portion of the skull that surrounds the brain di- two; disaccharide – compound whose molecules are composed of two saccharide units bound together dors – back; dorsal – position toward the back of the body glyc – sweet; glycogen – complex carbohydrate composed of sugar molecules bound together in a particular way homeo – same; homeostasis – maintenance of a stable internal environment iso – equal; isotope – atom that has the same atomic number as another atom but a different atomic weight lip – fat; lipids – group of organic compounds that include fats -logy – the study of; physiology – the study of body functions -lyt – dissolvable; electrolyte – substance that dissolves in water and releases ions meta – change; metabolism – chemical changes that take place in the body mono- one; monosaccharide – compound whose molecule consists of a single saccharide unit nas – nose; nasal – pertaining to the nose nucle – kernel; nucleus – central core of an atom orb- circle; orbital – pertaining to the portion of skull the encircles an eye pariet- wall; parietal membrane – membrane that lines the wall of a cavity pelv- basin; pelvic cavity – basin-shaped cavity enclosed by the pelvic bones peri – around; pericardial membrane – membrane that surrounds the heart pleur- rib; pleural membrane – membrane that encloses the lungs within the rib cage poly – many; polysaccharide – compound whole molecule consists of many saccharide units bound together sacchar – sugar; monosaccharide – sugar molecule composed of a single saccharide unit -stasis – standing still; homeostasis – maintenance of a stable internal environment super – above; superior – referring to a body part that is located above another one syn – together; synthesis – process by which substances are united to form a new type of substance -tomy – cutting; anatomy – study of a structure, which often involves cutting or removing body parts -valent – having power; covalent bond – chemical bond produced when two atoms share electrons


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