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SUPERINTENDENT’S SPECIAL EDUCATION POLICY COUNCIL June 26, 2012 9:00 – 11:00 Annex Board Room Voting Members Present: CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order by Richard Graey at 9:03 AM with a welcome and introduction of new members and guests. APPROVAL OF MINUTES A motion to accept the minutes from June 26, 2012 was made by Garry Eagles and seconded by Chris Hartley. The motion carried with all in favor. MH Funding Budget 25% Secretary Position Mindy provided a brief review of the Mental Health Funding Budget that was approved by the Policy Council for 2011-12. She recommended that Prop 98 continue to support the SELPA Secretary position 25% for 2012-13 due to the continued Mental Health support needs. A motion was made by Paula Wyant to fund 25% of the SELPA Secretary position and 75% of the ERMHS Program Manager position from Prop 98. The motion was seconded by Lee Ann Lanning and was carried with all in favor. Policy Council Members Update A motion was made by Paula and seconded by Karla Darnall to accept PC Representative Chris Hartley, who has already been approved by his board and proxy votes for Catherine Stone for Southern Humboldt and Lee Ann from Eureka City Schools until their board letters have been received. The motion carried with all in favor. Part C to Part B update for Southern Humboldt – Richard Graey Richard reported that ERVA has not yet met but will report back after they have met. Mindy reviewed last year’s recommendation by the Policy Council to cover the needed Part C to Part B transitions by appointing .2 FTE Psych in the three regions. Until a Psych is appointed in each region, Ovieda Elliott has been answering calls and questions. She will provide training to the appointees once selected. SUPERINTENDENT’S SPECIAL EDUCATION POLICY COUNCIL June 26, 2012 9:00 – 11:00 Annex Board Room Mindy explained that the transition is an “unknown” at this point and that she hopes to have a clearer picture of the needs over the next year. Garry asked if RCRC would be willing to give an approximate number of children who will need to be assessed and Ovieda said that the regional center did not have a list available. Mindy and Ovieda will plan to meet with the Regional Center. Ovieda will bring a list by LEA to the next meeting to allow the districts planning time. Michael Davies-Hughes agreed to bring up the .2 FTE need for the region at the next NHAC meeting. Director’s Report 6.2.1 ERMHS Overview & Funding Mindy went over the ERMHS budget with the council. She also reported the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Mental Health has yet to turn in a report or invoice for 2011-12 ERMHS. They were to give the SELPA office a quarterly overview and invoice per the MOU. Garry and Lynette voiced deep concerns for the lack of billing and recommend setting up a penalty for lack of quarterly reporting. The council members voiced concerns about what services are being provided and verification of those being served, when and where. Without the required information, projecting future needs will be difficult. Mindy and Lynette will run numbers as best they can and get feedback from staff at the districts and continue to acquire the information from DHHS. Mary recommended that districts begin having DHHS sign in and out at their sites to develop some accountability and asked that DHHS be notified of this requirement. Mindy reported that Peter is now serving the SELPA as the ERMHS Program Manager and Sandy Radic-Oshiro has been hired as the Behaviorist joining Carrie Roth and Larry Hudspeth. At this point, Mindy will continue to manage the fiscal end of ERMHS and Peter will work on the services, training and the district needs. 6.2.2 Private School Allocation and Up Coming Meeting The District and Private School Memo will go out to the districts soon announcing the September 18th meeting at HCOE. Current P2 Funding Allocation 2012-13 Mindy reviewed the funding and reminded the members that if they have a multiple disability (MD) listed they need to be more specific to be qualified for LI funds. She will email the Low Incidence criteria to the superintendents. Mindy also cautioned the district about inaccurate reporting and said that it is detrimental to funding and identification. She asked that they check the reporting diligently for accuracy. LCI funds have been low and needs to be looked at more intently as it funds the Behaviorists. Garry asked that Lynette provide costs of General Fund contributions at the next Funding Ad Hoc Committee and Mindy will send a memo to the districts identifying homes in the districts. Mindy announced that the Federal Government has decided that the SELPA will no longer be allowed to assist each LEA with meeting their MOE. The districts will be fined individually dollar for dollar for unmet MOEs. Lynette mentioned a few exceptions; high cost kids in an NPS placement and salaries of retiree replacements but reduction of days will not be allowed. SUPERINTENDENT’S SPECIAL EDUCATION POLICY COUNCIL June 26, 2012 9:00 – 11:00 Annex Board Room 6.2.4 State Compliance Indicator Report and Correspondence Mindy announced that the state has begun a compliance indicator report based on the feds review of CDE. It will be like a mini Special Ed Self Review (SESR) each year. She reviewed with the members how the report will look and be read. Dave Lonn asked that she forward the compliance indicators to the districts. Mindy explained that Abilify has purchased SEIS and updated the look. Our SELPA is under its current contract through 2012-13 at $15,000 per year. It is expected that a new contract for 2013-14 will increase to $7.00 per child resulting in a 65% increase in costs. Mindy will be looking into our options in case there is a need to move to a different program. Mindy reviewed the SELPA staff with the members and said that she would continue to send out the SELPA Newsletter which everyone agreed they liked. Mindy introduced the upcoming SELPA Website and will send out a memo to the districts once the site is live. She also reported that the SELPA office has received a stipend from CalStat through Napa County to purchase a Technical Assistance and Training (TED) software program which will allow the SELPA office to track the professional development trainings, attendees and graph summary reports. She feels that this program could be an important tool to track staff training in the event of legal proceedings. The 2012-13 SELPA workshop schedule was presented and Mindy reminded the member to distribute to their appropriate staff. She also offered trainings at the districts if anyone desired. Mindy introduced the new NPS forms; Initial request and quarterly reports. She hopes that the format will help with consistency of reporting. Lynette reminded the district to get ADA information from the NPS. She also added that Private Schools should be giving the district attendance information which should be part of their attendance report for funding. Part C to Part B Regional staffing/support PC Representative Letters of Approval from Boards COMMENTS Garry and Mindy have discussed a possible on-line speech program for the rural areas using retirees. Karla and Chris Hill voiced interest in the program. Lynette said that the MOE has become a problem with missing or unfilled employees ie: speech employee to a contracted employee. SUPERINTENDENT’S SPECIAL EDUCATION POLICY COUNCIL June 26, 2012 9:00 – 11:00 Annex Board Room 11.0 Meeting was adjourned at 11:15. The next Policy Council Meeting will be September 27th, 2012


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