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The Friday night lane at Portobello has now been stopped over the summer 
and if demand dictates and there is availability may resume again over the  June 2012
Saturday sessions at the Commonwealth Pool from now on will be uncoached 
(so please bring a swim set with you) and there will be occasional noJficaJon  ‐ Run – Meadows/Arthurs seat 7pm  of coached specific sessions through email.
Many of our members go open water swimming over the summer months.  The Tri Centre organise sessions at Threipmuir reservoir on a Wednesday, and 
people also swim at Portobello beach.  Please do not swim alone, and have a read over our open water swimming 
‐  Run – Meadows 7pm Edinburgh AthleJcs Club Session  guidelines on the websit
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It is always great to hear other peoples experience of a race, as the report in 
this le[er shows. Rather than waiJng for the next Newsle[er to come out,  ‐ Cycle – Tusitala 10am (relaxed ride 1st Sunday of every month )  Volcano Triathlon 2012
Standard Distance, Lanzarote
By John Young
Each year I head for a week to remarkable because the narrow course Lanzarote to catch up with old mate made it easy for some to slip into the for all. Prizes given out by Luc Van Lierde
Richard Hobson at one of his training return leg (the video of the race is a bit of (2 times Hawaii winner) and Stephan
camps. This year I joined his Volcano tri a laugh as it catches a few out) allowing Vuckovic (Olympic silver medalist and
camp which peaks at the annual someone to post a 16 minute swim. Why Top 10 Kona finisher)
Lanzarote Volcano triathlon, a tough they bother to enter if they are going to Results
hilly, windy open water olympic distance do that? Onto the bike section which is either First female - Luisa Keller 2:20 years and went on to coach GB into wind or up hill or both (that is Richard Hobson - 6th - 2:05 Olympians so he knows his onions and Lanzarote for you) all the way there and Me a tardy 2 hour 37 mins - 132nd (28.16 can still race with the best having posted a back. It is a tough course, thankfully now swim, 1.16 bike and a sluggish 48.29 run) sub 5 hour bike leg at Kona in 2010.
The Volcano race is a classic and best views on the planet coming into should be on everyones to do list and I Femara surf beach at the 1/4 and 3/4 know that quite a few of the ERC speed way round stage.
The run is a flat 3 lap hard packed run La Santa
edged with supporters which takes the Richard’s camp details (Richard runs
At the friendly 10 am start the two lap runners round the La Santa 400m track 4-5 camps each year, including a brutal 1500m, washing machine swim, heads off on each turn. Altogether a brilliant race and well The Tea Pot Trust provides Art therapy
Santa Lagoon with first legal swimmer organised, subject to the swim comments, to chronically ill children in Edinburgh and ultimate winner Rasmus Petræus and for me a nudge to get out, lose weight and Glasgow Hospitals and CHAS.
leaving after only 17 minutes. I say and do some training. A First Training Weekend
Aberfeldy, April 2012
By Lucy Marshall

June 2012
I joined ERC in January and decided that the training left me to fend for myself with the local rabble of teenagers / weekend in Aberfeldy would be a great way to get some pensioners while they relaxed with their beer! (Upon coaching, meet people in the club and cycle around nice reflection, I am glad that the only bruises from the weekend LETTER scenery in the Highlands. The website definitely said it was were from being flung around when doing Strip the Willow for ALL levels so after reading that sentence many times, and not from falling off the bike!) The thought of getting up mulling it over and checking with everyone in the club that I early for swimming was at the back of all our minds…knew, I felt it should be okay for a newbie to triathlon like me Sunday morning saw us awake bright and early for our NEWS to go. My level before the training weekend was as follows: swimming session – I could have so easily stayed in bed.
Run Love running, racing, and cross country but on Everyone was getting up (even certain people with
ERC Tuesdays I am slow compared to the regular ERC Tri squad. hangovers!) so there was no chance of hiding under the Bike Nice snazzy bike, with matching pink bottle holder, duvet. This morning the timetable said ‘swim long aerobic’
no idea how to handle it, wobbly, new to SPD pedals. what ever that meant? My idea of ‘long’ varied considerably Petrified on descents. Slower than slow.
to everyone else’s version of long. However, it was actually Swim One level up from armbands. Literally, one length worth getting up thanks to Alister’s tips. My legs were wasting
then hyperventilate and panic and have near drown way too much energy, crazily kicking all over the place. experience. Suddenly the pull buoy was my friend and made me relax my But… I write this three weeks later and definite legs and focus on my arms. Back for breakfast it was after a improvements are occurring bit by bit!! Read on.
Berit, Mitch, Don and I headed for Dunnoley Adventure Next up on Sunday was bike handling skills for half of Centre with our four bikes in the red postie van. During the the group. This was definitely was what I needed! For the journey it transpired that everyone I was travelling with was hardcore cyclists, Izzy led bike hill reps up Schiehallion doing an Ironman this year; the Celtman and The Alp instead. Bike handling involved a game called ‘Rachel says’ d’Huez with massive hills and descents daunted. I was getting This proved interesting as we all faffed about moving various worried I was out of my depth here.
limbs to different parts of the bike. I definitely rehydrated The first training session was at the pool that evening. after a great deal of practicing drinking water on the move. The time table said ‘Swim, 750 TT plus 200 kick’. This from Rich and Rik were far too good at swerving in between cones a non-swimmers perspective was a foreign language but I already and were obviously saving their legs for the 2 up TT knew it was a long way - fast! Coach Alister had been later in the afternoon. Feeling more confident, it was time for forewarned of my lack of ability and together we worked on the 2 up TT …Eeeek!!my stroke development. Mary and I teamed up for the 2 up TT and she assured Saturday, post breakfast, a few of us headed for bike me she would start off slow! Mmm -her slow! We had a plan transition practice while most of the group headed out for of taking turns to lead and I knew I was supposed to stay one of those long Ironman cycles. Martin and Alister close. Anyway, Mary and I headed out first on the bikes and coached us through transition and seeing the technique was the fastest team, Chris and Per were to go last. This really invaluable. I discovered I need more practice at the correct was an eye opener to me as to how fast everyone was. Mary way of mounting and dismounting; commenting that ‘I could sped off into the distance and realised I was way behind. not get my leg over’ had the others sniggering while I kept Once I got into the swing of it, we picked up the pace. trying and trying, oblivious. Practice culminated in a relay Gradually the teams overtook making it look easy! Even race and Paco, also new to Triathlon, was definitely the though this was tough – I actually really enjoyed it! I had not fastest and advanced to elastic bands on shoes. Next stop was cycled that fast consistently before. We got a huge cheer as a run around the Birks of Aberfeldy; a lovely woodland area we came in! A team photo of followed an epic weekend Tri with gorgeous waterfalls but very hilly! After hillreps and a 5k training. run it was back for well deserved lunch.
I would really recommend the training weekends to The afternoon saw a few of us heading out on a 28 mile everyone in the club, whatever your level, especially newbie’s cycle. Rachel and Louise led the way from Aberfeldy past like me. Thanks to the organisers and coaching team who Loch na Creige, through Amulree. The road was so steep put so much effort into making the weekend so enjoyable for near the top and then went very steeply down via Glen all. Can’t wait for the next one!Quaich to Kenmore at the northern end of Loch Tay. This Update …since the inspirational weekend in April – I was definitely the hardest hill climbing and descending I had have marshalled at a tri, entered a novice tri, done a done on the bike but we did it! It was worth the climb as the development ride and thanks to Alister’s fantastic swim views were amazing.
After a jam packed Saturday of training there was no time for resting as it was off to the pub and a local ceilidh
after some pasta and apple pie. The ceilidh definitely counted Got an article or an insight you could share with
as cross-training. Mitch and Rik decided to drag me up to the club? Email Berit
the dance floor. One of the dances was carnage so the boys [email protected]


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