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Research Output

Articles in peer-reviewed journals
Abratt, R.P. 2005. Letter to the Editor: Rationing and decision making. Journal of
Clinical Oncology, 23(10): 2437-2438.
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lung cancer. Lung Cancer, 49: 233-240.
Chapters in books
Krige, J.E.J., Beningfield, S.J. and Bornman, P.C. 2005. The liver and portal
circulation. In K.G. Burnanad, A.E. Young, J. Lucas, J. Rowlands and J. Scholefield
(eds), The New Aird's companion in surgical studies: 683-707. UK: Elsevier Churchill
Published conference abstracts
Abratt, R.P. 2005. Improving cancer management with reference to resources. Lung
Cancer, 49(Supplement 3): S1-S2.
Abratt, R.P., Lee, J.S., Han, J.Y., Tsai, C.M., Boyer, M., Mok, T., Kim, S.W., Lee,
J.S., Brnabic, A.J.M. and Lehnert, M. 2005. Phase II trial of gemcitabine-carboplatin-
paclitaxel (GCP) as neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for operable non-small cell lung
cancer (NSCLC). Journal of Clinical Oncology, 23(16S): 685S.
Ball, C.G., Moodley, S., Beningfield, S.J., Navsaria, P.H. and Nicol, A. 2005.
Emergency room arteriography: An updated digital technology. South African Journal
of Surgery, 43(3): 134.
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Dharan, B., Ross, G., Dane, G. and Shepherd, F. 2005. Oral topotecan demonstrates
clinical activity in relapsed non-small cell lung cancer. Results from an open-label,
phase III study (387) comparing oral topotecan to intravenous docetaxel. Journal of
Clinical Oncology, 23(16S): 625S.
Thomson, J., Novitzky, N., Du Toit, C.E. and Stubbings, H. 2005. The Cape Town
comprehensive therapy program for patients with multiple myeloma. Proceedings of
the 3rd South African Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Symposium, The
Table Bay Hotel, V&A Waterfront Cape Town, 21.
Thompson, J., Novitzky, N., Du Toit, C.E. and Stubbings, H. 2005. The Cape Town
Comprehensive Therapy Program for patients with multiple myeloma. Proceedings of
the 10th International Myeloma Workshop, Sydney Convention and Exhibition
Centre, Australia: Abstract number 448.00.


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