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2 patients of Dr. Steinhouser are being treated in the Calming Zone. The Calming Zone effect of the Infratonic reduces their vibration is so helpful in preparing decreasing overall tension and is used extensively by our massage therapists.When a patient comes into the office with such severe pain and emotional such wide applications in our office, from sports injuries, acute trauma, touched, it starts a chain reaction of chronic pain and stress relief. It can elevating the emotional state of other be used in all age groups, including – 6 have come in with injuries from their patients and the staff, diverting our focus children. Patients who are acute and from the needs of our other patients. If have severe pain are sent home with see the Doctor – right away!” There is a we immediately treat them with the the units to provide pain relief and flurry of activity as you scramble to find Infratonic, after a short time their panic has subsided and their pain has been appreciate the continued support by reduced – and I can treat them more the Doctor and it can even add to the patients with severe traumatic injuries.
easily and effectively, without disrupting patient referral aspect for the practice. the schedule or calm atmosphere within Besides pain, stress in our patients’ lives may come from many areas –Infratonic therapy is essential for
Infratonic therapy as an integral part lowering the emotional stress levels relationships to name a few. Using a tool to calm them speeds the process of patients while providing fast relief and effectiveness of the care we give. Maintaining a calm and comfortable patients on an emergency, walk-in basis.
atmosphere in the office is so important relaxation benefit from the Infratonic to all – the Doctor, staff and patients reduces the muscle spasm enabling the alike. Infratonic therapy is essential for
chiropractic adjustment to be easily lowering the emotional stress levels of a table with two Infratonic units.
tolerated and more effective for the highly agitated patients while providing patient. In dealing with severe strain fast relief for their pain and suffering, I or sprain injuries, the Infratonic is can’t imagine not having it available for to this area and have the Infratonic invaluable in reducing the swelling and my patients as a primary therapy tool. applied directly to the point of injury.
pain to allow further treatment within a short period of time. With this treatment everyone an increased focus, allowing modality, mobilization techniques can us to provide treatments more quickly be performed sooner, decreasing the and effectively, it allows the practice to accommodate increased patient visits The Infratonic’s gentle, soothing without feeling added pressure.” Six-Month Results of the CHI Institute Neuropathy Study In our Fall 2002 Newsletter, we reported on the two-month progress of the individuals participating in this study. At that time, 3 of the original 20 had dropped out of the study group and, at the six-month point, another 3 had dropped out. In
the remaining group of 14 participants, only 9 had continued to use the Infratonic therapy protocol as outlined. Of the 5
participants who indicated they had departed from the protocol, one reported at six-months that he never even used the machine
during the last four months, another was being treated for another disease and could not use the Infratonic regularly, and others
just chose not to follow the protocol or to curtail the amount of use. It is interesting to observe that those with the more severe
symptoms, as reflected by the Pre-Treatment measurements, were less likely to drop out of the study or to modify the treatment
protocol – perhaps indicating that their quality of life had been so greatly affected already that the possibility of finding relief
was a powerful motivator for them.
It would be impractical to consider the results of those who chose to alter the protocol in the same statistical grouping as those who continued to rigorously adhere to the treatment plan, so we have presented their results separately. It is not unexpected that the progress made by these two distinctly separate groups is markedly and predictably different.
While those participants that continued to use Infratonic therapy regularly, following the protocol, continued to improve in
every category (the rise in Ulceration from the Pre-Treatment measurement to the Two-Month measurement was caused by oneindividual developing a secondary site); those participants who either discontinued use or altered the protocol during the studysaw their condition continue to deteriorate, often beyond the Pre-Treatment measurement levels.
It is important to note that the physicians examining the participants noted a decrease in pain from the Pre-Treatment measurement to the Two-Month measurement and those who continued the protocol saw the pain drop further, while those who
discontinued or curtailed their therapy did not. More importantly, for those who chose to abandon or curtail their treatments,
there was an increase in nearly every other category – more disability, more discoloration and more ulceration. Levels of
neuropathy and vascular disease either stayed the same or increased.

We have learned two valuable lessons at this point in the study. First, the continued use of Infratonic therapy provided
steady progress for the participants. Diabetic neuropathy is a long term, degenerative disease whose symptoms normallycontinue to worsen, and to slow that downward spiral is a remarkable accomplishment; but to see an improvement, even a slowand steady one, provides tremendous hope for the many who suffer daily. The second lesson is just as significant – this is acommitment to improvement in the quality of one’s life that requires a continuity of care. It is vitally important that the therapycontinue regularly, as the potential for relief is dependent upon it.
Copyright 2003 CHI Institute. All Rights Reserved. During his research of Dr. Stiles’ history INFRATONIC TREATMENTS AID
to determine what could have caused hercondition, he discovered that Dr. Stiles had operated a dog-grooming studio formany years and, in the course of her Texas Doctor Refuses To Give Up
can destroy one’s quality of life, leaving feeling out of control. This article tells prolonged absorption of this product that had caused the neurotoxicity. His calls to neuropathy-induced pain in her feet at all.
and its potential effectsconvinced him that he had his Infratonic QGM using
Dr. Joseph Wysoki and Dr. Mary Stiles had no real effect on her neuropathy.
another neurologist who, in addition to his Infratonic QGM unit for three months
(May – July, 2002); I saw a definite improvement in my pain level. On a condition as neuropathy. Additional tests scale of 1-10, my pain was definitely a Dr. Stiles chose not to take the Dilatin.
were done to rule out diabetic neuropathy 10 when I first started using the unit. It (the most common cause) as the root of her was extremely painful to walk and I had resorted to using a wheelchair as much plan for her condition and could only offer as possible, even at home. I used the stronger and stronger drug therapy to help machine for 20 minutes on each foot everyday. After three months, the pain continuing deterioration of her condition was down to about an 8. I gave the unit and it’s debilitating effect on her life.
back to Dr. Wysoki (it was his only Medical Institute in San Antonio, Texas.
machine) and did not use it for about 5 Dr. Wysoki’s diagnosis was the same – months. I saw no regression of the pain at all during the time I was not using etiology, but he was not willing to concede the Infratonic.
that nothing else could be done to help her.
Dr. Wysoki loaned the machine to me again at Christmas, 2002. I used it for the next four months and my pain level has gone down to about a five or six. I am no longer using the wheelchair. My walking is much better and I amable to do many activities that I could not do before. Before I began to use the Infratonic, my pain was so intense that I was spending a great deal of time just resting
with my feet propped up. I had to rely on my family to do those things around the house that I could no longer do,
even grocery shopping and cooking had to be done by my family because the pain was so great. I had seriously
considered having the nerves in my legs cut so they might be numbed and the pain would not be as severe. After
using the Infratonic for seven months, I finally feel like I have a life again. I now have my own unit and look forward
to continuing to use it. I am confident that it will help the pain subside even more.

Finding Dr. Wysoki and the Infratonic was God’s answer to my prayers…. I have my life back again.”
It is easy for us to put the Infratonic in our medicine chest of therapies and to use it for treating the “normal”
cases.swelling and inflammation, severe pain, muscle tears and strains. Use it, feel better, and put it away again.
We should remember Mary Stiles for being willing to take an unconventional approach and for her determination
not to let the “hopeless and incurable” label stand in the way of getting better. The next time you see an
opportunity for the Infratonic to bring relief to you, a family member or a friend, take that chance yourself - you
have nothing to lose and the world has everything to gain.
Hold it in the palm of your hand, or position it where you want to direct its healing energy. Lay it on or lay on it. Free Where is your Infratonic? Is it sitting in the closet, on a shelf or
your hands to do other things. It’s low profile and weight distribution hold it right where you want it. Now improved Too often, once we have found relief from our pain or injury, we with our patented Linear Pulse Modulation to perfectly
reproduce the therapeutic signal for maximum efficacy.
just put it away until the next time we need it.
Professionals and home users alike acclaim the “PT” to be Have you thought about who you know that might benefit from our best peripheral. Works with all of our Infratonic
using the Infratonic on their injury, and might not be recovering
as quickly as they could if they had an Infratonic available to
them? Maybe it’s a parent, a friend, someone you know from work or church - a teammate, golfing or workout partner.
Available in White Only.
Offer them the chance to experience the power of Infratonic
Therapy by using your unit - you’ll both feel better because of it.
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