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Krautkramer USN 58L & 58R
Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors
Base Instrument Package
Measurement Modes
Zero-to-first, multi-echo with selectable flank or
Color transreflective LCD Display (USN 58L)
0.040” to 480” (1 to 12,192 mm) at steel velocity; Rectification
“Hi-Brite” EL Display (USN 58R)
range selectable in fixed steps or continuously Li-437 Lithium Ion “on-board”
Positive halfwave, negative halfwave, ful wave, RF Material Velocity
Reject (suppression)
LiBC-419 Lithium Ion Battery Charger/
Continuously adjustable from .0394 to .6299 inches/µs (1,000 to 16,000 m/s); 65 selectable LCD-139 Clear, field replaceable LCD
Inch, mil imeter oder microsecond selectable Display Delay
Operating Temperature
-20 to 3498 µs in steel (dependent on range) USN 58L: 0 to 55 º C (32 to 130 º F); -25 to 70 º C Probe Delay/Zero Offset
USN 58R: -20 to 55 º C (-4 to 130 º F); -40 to 105 º C Languages
0 to 110 dB adjustable in selectable steps 0.1, 0.5, Selectable English, German, French, Spanish, 1.0, 2.0, 6.0, user definable, and locked SCC-071 Soft Carry Case with padded
Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Test Modes
Swedish, Danish, Romanian, Czech, Slovakian SAP-112 Soft Accessory Pouch, de-
Probe Connectors
UDFW UltraDOC 4 Documentation
PCCBL-841 9 pin Serial PC Cable
Pulse Voltage (Square wave
PRTCBL-518 Serial Printer Cable
Battery Power
pulser mode) (USN 58L only)
PRTCBL-842 Paral el Printer Interface
Lithium Ion Battery Pack; 6 D-size NiMH (9.0 Ah); 50 to 450 V adjustable in 10 V increments I/O-398 Real Time I/O Cable (DB15
Pulse Width
Battery Life
(Square wave pulser mode)
EAA-008 External Audible Alarm
(USN 58L only)
Size (WxHxD)
MS – 464 Master/Slave Interconnect
Tunable from 50 to 1000 ns in 10 ns increments 11.1” x 5.9” x 6.25” (282 x 150 x 159 mm) Pulse Repetition Frequency
REM-514 Remote Copy Hand Switch
Autolow, autohigh, manual y adjustable from 15 FS-951 Remote Copy Foot Switch
to 2000 Hz in 5 Hz increments, external trigger 6.4 lbs. (2.9 kg) Li-Ion battery; 3.3 lbs. (1.5 kg) LCC-315 Heavy-Duty, Lockable Trans-
Pulser Energy (in Spike mode only)
Color Leg (USN 58L only)
Easy identification of leg and skip distances for
angle beam inspection in A-scan or grid, back- Weld Rating Calculation
Bandwidth (amplifier bandpass)
Simplifies the rating of weld indications accor- 0.25 to 25 MHz with 10 selectable settings inclu- ding to AWS specification D1.1, (formula D=A-B-C) Warranty
Gate Monitors
2 year conditional warranty on parts and labor; Two independent flaw gates control able over free 2nd year contingent upon return of unit within 13 months of purchase for recertification Digital | Eddy Current | Film | Testing Machines | Ultrasonics | X-ray Dedicated Key Function
Alphanumeric Input
Quick & easy using two rotary knobs
Inspection Memo, Notes, Header
Displays the test menu, coarse range markers, instantaneous, timed, latched with visual LED then display delay & range under the A-scan User definable memo (up to 252 characters), header (nine 16-character lines), & 6 (16-cha-racter) thickness reading notes to further docu- ment inspection conditions on a per file basis 2 keys (one left side and one right side) return File Preview
0 to 100% ful screen height corresponds to 0 Scrol to preview stored A-scan & file header Backlite (USN 58L only)
fields to easily select the proper file for recal Thickness (TOF)
0V corresponds to the value on the left side of Lock (USN 58L only)
the screen or display delay; 2.5V corresponds to the value on the right side of the screen or DAC / TCG Option
Question Mark
Multiple Curve DAC (Distance Amplitude Curve) / TCG (Time Corrected Gain) for echo amplitude adjustment and evaluation, 40 dB dynamic Bi-directional RS232, baud rate selectable up to range, 12 dB/ µs slope, record up to 16 points, 115, 200, direct reports to various printers Freeze
Freezes the displayed A-scan image according to
recorded points are individual y editable, new points can be inserted. Display four additional Color Transflective LCD
the setting for the freeze mode in the configuration menu (al , peak std., compare, envelope peak) curves based upon dB offset feature from origi- Display (USN 58L)
nal y recorded DAC curve. TCG attenuation and transfer correction features enable use on other Sends information to the on-board datalogger 5.6” x 3.1” (143 x 79 mm), 400 x 240 pixels, IF (Interface) Gate Option
brightness control, 4 color schemes, 8 A-scan For automatic start of the display, gate A, gate Expands A-Scan display area for increased B, and / or DAC / TCG for immersion testing A-scan Size
applications where the water to top surface of 314 x 200 pixels in normal mode, 220 x 100 pixels in ½ screen mode, 386 x 200 pixels in DGS Option
Displays a curve for a particular equivalent A-scan Update Rate
reflector size as a function of the distance from Expands area within selected gate for increased the probe to the reflector for 25 narrowbanded probes. The ERS (Equivalent reflector size) func- A-scan Waveform Selections
tion automatical y calculates the corresponding Hol ow, fil ed, smart hol ow, smart fil ed Data Storage and
equivalent reflector diameter in mm or inches A-scan Enhance Mode
Sparkle, baseline, sparkle + baseline break BEA Backwal Echo Attenuator Option
Al ows independent gain control of the region EL Display (USN 58R)
Minimum 200 data sets store al instrument operating parameters plus A-scan; stored data VGA Output Option (USN 58L only) *
sets can be easily previewed and recal ed for quick, repeatable instrument setup 4.5” x 3.4” (115 x 86 mm), 320 x 240 pixels, monitor or PC projector for viewing by large 1/4 VGA, brightness control, reverse video mode Memory Retention
A-scan Size
RF Output Option *
220 x 200 pixels in normal mode, 220 x 100 Alphanumeric Thickness Datalogger
Outputs the raw RF waveform via a standard pixels in ½ screen mode, 320 x 200 pixels in Up to 99,999 thickness readings with up to 6 user defined notes per reading (16-character) HiSPD High Speed Digital
A-scan Update Rate
can be stored in three flexible, powerful file structures. 14-character file names with easy Output Option
file navigation and viewing of both the A-Scan Outputs amplitude or thickness values 20 times A-scan Waveform Selections
and thickness data provided by ½ screen Hol ow, fil ed, smart hol ow, smart fil ed testing mode. Thickness readings can be stored, viewed, cleared, or output directly to a printer A-scan Enhance Mode
Thickness File Structures
These option has to be ordered at the same time with the instrument. It is not possible to Linear (sequential), Grid (702 x 702), Custom- 2005 General Electric Company. All Rights Reserved. GEIT-20039-s-US (07/06) We reserve the right to technical modifications without prior notice.


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