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District Individual Events December 14, 2013
@ JP Taravella High School

AUDITION/INTERVIEW FOR - Solo Mus Duet Mus Small Mus Large Mus

(circle all that apply)
Monologues Duet Act Ensemble Act
Pantomime Set Des Stud Dir Playw
Cost Des Cost Constr Publicity
_________________________________________ & AUTHORS
_________________________________________ NAMES OF ALL INDIVIDUALS IN YOUR GROUP ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________ DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN A COPY OF THE PLAY? Y N DO YOU HAVE YOUR OWN COMPETITION RECORDING OF OUR MUSIC? DO YOU HAVE AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE AT MSD OR MSD DRAMA? Y N HAVE YOU EVER COMPETED AT DISTRICT LEVEL IN HIGH SCHOOL BEFORE?
YOUR CURRENT GRADE LEVEL -________________________________________
__________________________________________________ AGE & D.O.B.
__________________________________________________ STUDENT I.D.
__________________________________________________ HOME ADDRESS __________________________________________________
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
STUDENT CELL __________________________________________________
PARENTS NAMES __________________________________________________
PARENTS CELL # __________________________________________________


(i.e. food allergies, makeup allergies, medications, conditions)

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ __________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Please read the following information with your child carefully and initial next to each statement to verify that you understand the rigors that will be asked of your child while committed to our program and competitions. Drama and performance is a wonderful experience for your child and will provide many opportunities to learn not only about theatre, performance and competition, but also about being a part of our community and making a Your child will be expected to work on individual event pieces within the classroom setting as well as outside of school time. All performance and technical pieces will be approved by and rehearsed with the director. It is highly recommended that he or she also attend vocal instruction if I understand that I will be charged for IE Competition, extra t- shirts and lunch for this event and will be sure to provide payment on time. I understand that there is a DROP FEE if I do not compete for any reason that fee is payable to the sponsor or the day of IE Competition – upon payment I will give my receipt as proof of payment to Sponsor. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN FOR ANY REASON I understand that once I commit to a competition piece I may not change events or switch with other students at any time or else I will forfeit all pieces in which I am involved. I will arrange to be picked up at the end of all rehearsals. I will be available for scheduled rehearsals with my group and last minute rehearsals if necessary and adapt to changing needs of the performance. I agree to check my email and the teacher website regularly for updated information. I agree to participate in all fundraisers from Drama Club and Boosters.
I agree to participate in all rehearsals and run through for this event and plan on attending State tourney from March 26 -30 in Tampa if the One Act is selected. I understand that no parts will be reassigned or recast after IE competition even if I am unable to attend State Event or IE Event. No replacements may be made. I will bring homework and snacks to school for after school rehearsals. I will keep myself organized during rehearsal time so that I my benefit academically at all times. I will respect all rules of theatre etiquette as well as the rules of Stoneman Douglas High School at all times and if I do not understand them I will consult my director for explanation. ________________________ Excellent attendance, academics and behavior at school will be attained throughout the school year or else I will not be a participant in competitions. Future participation in this event might be in jeopardy. Student Obligations: to be completed by the Club Treasurer Only _______ Student is free of any obligations _______ Student has a $ ________ obligation Treasurer Signature: _______________________________________________ Notice to Student: To audition for any production or participate in any extra curricular activity you must be clear of all obligations. All students auditioning will be checked per school board policy. You will not be allowed to audition if you have an outstanding obligation. Respect one another at all times and most of all – have fun and make great memories!
PLEASE RETURN THIS ENTIRE FORM TO THE DIRECTOR WHEN AUDITIONING FOR **Addendums may be added at the sponsor’s discretion at anytime.


CONSENT AND DISCLOSURE FORM Exploration Place, Inc. Participant’s Name _______________________________________________________ Birth Date____________________ Parent/Guardian Name_____________________________________________________ Sex M F (circle one) Address_____________________________________________ City________________ State ________ Zip Code_________ Day Phone ____________

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