Better safe than Sorry
Funny one the other day at social bowls, one of the old girls was playing as a two superbly outfitted with scorecard holder with a knitted cover and keno pencil, wel she stopped me and asked whether I had a rubber in the shed, “no” I replied, “I am not that lucky anymore”. It got the better of me and I asked how old she was, 78 was the reply. Well you are luckier than me but why do you want a rubber at you’re your age- well I made a mistake on the scorecard, I said don’t worry you can afford the odd mistake, so she happily continued on. A true story. Nude Bowls
Get naked and enter the nude bowls competition, this is an innovative mixed pairs game sponsored by Viagra and a world first. 65+ do not qualify 66+ entry on application N.B. Players over 60 must have a police clearance. Prizes will include: the best measure, first resting toucher, and the best female outfit. Prizes will be sponsored by Australia Atlas which includes a map of Tassie. For further details contact me via the website, I wil be the tournament director and umpire of the day. The tournament director will be in charge of a pregame visual qualification for the ladies. Greens Managers
Well viewers it is like everything you get your good the bad and the bloody hopeless. Fortunately for myself mine has just been replaced. For some reason the Greenkeeper has little or no say regarding the position which I think should change, and with no Australian standards that I know of synthetic clubs should provide the Surfaces manager with information regarding combattting bacterial and health problems. In my opinion the title “Greens Manager” should be changed to Greens/Greenkeeper liaison Officer and for synthetic Clubs it would be surfaces co-ordinator. The Association in conjunction with BowlsSA should prepare an information guideline paper for Greens Managers and maybe someone like Wayne Prosser prepare one for synthetics to help greens and “surface” staff to prepare and plan in advance as some greenkeepers continue to have problems accessing information to plan for renovation times. As winter envelopes us all out come the paint brushes, clean the sheds, service the machines is just a few of the jobs that need doing. Contrary to a recent article in the SA Bowler most clubs have a green or greens available during winter so preparation is still required weather dependant. Rink allocation is very important during winter and with most clubs leaving entries open for social bowls until a half hour before starting social bowls the job of the greens manager becomes vital to al ocate rinks for the protection of problem /wear and tear areas this also of course applies to synthetics. When you are working on your machines over the winter and you run into problems I suggest you contact Steve Rose at Australian Saws & Blades (83497677). Steve is a sponsor of the Association and has an excellent reputation concerning all types of machinery and provides a first class sharpening service. Matt Pickworth as the new apprentice at Salisbury Bowling Club! Matt’s only a little fella but is as keen as mustard. To celebrate his new job his girlfriend decided to present him with a bit of a makeover in the chest area only to be disappointed to find out he was a leg and bum man- you’re a bloke after my own heart Matty. I asked Daulbs how he(Matt) was going, Daulbs says he is still a little concerned with his effort to improve on his coffee making and after I tried one I would have to agree, come on Matt this is an important part of your apprenticeship anyway good luck for the future.



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