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Product Name
Crystal Natural Soap Base (CRYSTAL NATURAL)
Just a Soap
South East Lodge
Rede Road
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 4ST
01284 735043
Composition/Ingredients Information
Definition: formulated soap base.
IFRA: not restricted.
Application: cosmetic soaps.
INCI: Glycerine, aqua, sodium stearate, sodium oleate, sorbitol, sodium
laurate, sodium myristate, stearic acid, lauric acid, pentasodium pentetate,
tetrasodium etidronate.
Hazards Identification
Concentrated product. Do not ingest. Observe good housekeeping
First Aid Measures
Inhalation: no risk.
Eye contact: flush immediately with plenty of cold water until condition
Skin contact: no risk to usual skin types. Flush with plenty of water if irritation
Ingestion: rinse mouth out with water. Not toxic no significant risk.
Other: when assessing action take Risk and Safety Phrases into account.
Fire Fighting Measures
Extinguishing media: use CO2 , dry powder or foam type extinguishers,
spraying extinguishing media to base of flames. Do not use direct water jet
on burning material.
Special measures: none required in normal use conditions.
Extinguishing procedures: closed containers may build up pressure when
exposed to heat and should be cooled with water spray.
Accidental Release Measures
Personal precautions: no risks posed in general contact.
Environment precautions: keep away from drains, soils, surface and
Cleaning up methods: remove all potential ignition sources. Contain spilled
material. Allow to cool if liquid until solidification occurs. Scrape from
surfaces with blunt blade and sweep up and remove to an approved disposal
container. Observe state, federal and local disposal regulations. Residues
may be removed with water to final clean up.
Handling & Storage
Precautions in handling: apply good manufacturing practice and industrial
hygiene practices. No special risks or precautions generally required.
Observe good personal hygiene, and do not eat,drink or smoke whilst
Stoage conditions: Store in tightly closed original container in a cool, dry and
ventilated area away from heat sources and protected from light. Keep air
contact to a minimum.
Fire protection: keep away from ignition sources and naked flames.
Exposure Controls/Personal Protection
Respiratory protection: no risk. In extreme cases remove to fresh air.
Ventilation: ensure good ventilation of working area.
Hand protection: use chemically resistant gloves if required for prolonged
Eye protection: use safety glasses.
Work/hygiene practices: wash hands with water after handling.
Physical & Chemical Properties
Colour: opaque.
Appearance: solid at ambient. Liquid when heated.
Odour: neutral base has slight odour.
Flash Point ºC: n/a
Specific gravity @ 20ºC: n/a
Refractive index@ 20ºC: n/a
Solubility: freely soluble in water.
Flammability: not flammable.
Water content: 22-30%
FFA: 0.7-1.1%
Microbiological Specification
Gram Negative Organisms: absent in 1GM
Stability & Reactivity
Reactivity: it presents no significant reactivity hazards, by itself or in contact
with water. Avoid contact with strong acids, alkali or oxidising agents.
Decomposition: liable to cause smoke and acrid fumes during combustion.
No major hazards known in decomposition.
Toxicological Information
Not considered a hazardous substance. NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS but
thought to be Acute Oral LD50rat>5000mg/kg based on similar product type.
Ecological Information
Biodegradability: thought to be readily biodegradable (OECD 301B) based on
tests on similar products.
Precautions: prevent surface contamination of soil, ground and surface water.
Disposal Considerations
Avoid excessive disposal to drainage systems and into the environment.
Seek expert advice. Observe specific local regulations.
Transport Regulations
Road (ADR/RID): n/a
Air (IATA): n/a
CHIP: see next section
Regulatory Information. According to Directive 88/379/EEC
Hazards: n/a
Symbols: n/a
Risk phrases: n/a
Safety phrases: n/a
Other Information
Cosmetics Directive 7th Amendment: not restricted.
Shelf Life
When stored within advised conditions, re-test after 12 months then every 3
months up to a maximum shelf life of 24 months.
Q.C. Requirements
In line with general product specification. Always satisfy suitability for specific
This information relates only to the specific product designated and may not be valid for such product used in combination with any other materials or processes. Such information is, to the best of Just A Soap s knowledge and belief, accurate and reliable as of the date indicated. However, no representation, warranty or guarantee is made as to its accuracy, reliability or completeness. It is the user's responsibility to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of such information for their own particular use.


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