John Koropchak, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Dean Joel Fritzler, Research Project and Information Specialist, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration SIU External Support - Selected Awards Processed by OSPA in December 2012
Following are the 18 awards, totaling $2,323,348, OSPA processed in December 2012.
I. Mass Communications & Media Arts, Education and Human Services, and Office of the
Vice Chancellor for Research

Delores J. Kerstein, Broadcasting Service, received four awards from the Corporation
for Public Broadcasting totaling $1,018,124; $816,444 for the WSIU-TV Community
Service Grant, $141,803 for the WSIU Radio Community Service Grant (Unrestricted),
$42,673 for the WSIU Radio Community Service Grant (Restricted), and $17,204 for the
WSIU-TV Interconnection Grant for 2013.

John Washburn
and Jeanne Kitchens, Workforce Education & Development, received
$313,950 from the University of Illinois for the Illinois Shared Learning Environment
(ISLE); a new statewide technology infrastructure. ISLE will provide capacity for
statewide student-level data and for a variety of technologies and applications to support
academic education, career and technical education, and workforce development
programs. It will advance the personalization of learning and empower education and
workforce users to manage their academic and career pathways.

Gregory W. Whitledge
and Jesse T. Trushenski, Fisheries and IL Aquaculture Center,
received $43,792 from the IDNR to determine the viral hemorrhagic septicemia (VHS)
status of fish populations in select Illinois lakes and rivers where VHS has not previously
been detected. VHS is a lethal disease of fishes that was discovered in the Great Lakes
during the past decade and Illinois is designated as an affected region.
Vickie Devenport, Broadcasting Service, received $21,352 from the IL State Library for
the Southern IL Radio Information Service; a community service of WSIU Public
Broadcasting which provides a reading and information service for individuals who are
blind, visually impaired and print-disabled.
Shelley A. Tischkau
, Pharmacology, received $291,691 from the US Dept. of Health
and Human Services for the “Circadian Clock Disruption: Mechanism for Dioxin-Induced
Metabolic Syndrome” project.

Farid Kadyrov, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, received $232,800 from the US
Dept. of Health and Human Services to investigate DNA mismatch repair (MMR) in the
chromatin environment. Specifically, the project will investigate the impact of interplay
between MMR and the nucleosomal environment on both genetic stability and efficiency
of two common anticancer drugs.
Robert S. Mocharnuk, Medicine, received $27,615 from the Incyte Corporation for the
“Polycythemia Vera Symptom Study Evaluation Ruxolitinib Versus Hydroxyurea” project.
Aziz Khan, Cancer Institute, received $18,125 from Bristol-Myers Squibb for the
“SIMPLICITY: Interventions for Managing Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in the
Chronic Phase” project.
Thomas K. Robbins, Cancer Institute, received $13,000 from the American College of
Radiology Imaging Network for the “Staging of Head and Neck Cancer and Its Impact
on the N0 Neck Surgical Treatment” project.
Engineering and Science
Satya Harpalani, Mining and Mineral Resources Engineering, received $150,000 from
VICO Industries for a project aimed at understanding the phenomenon responsible for
the observed changes in coal permeability with continued production form CBM
reservoirs in the San Juan Basin.
Dale Vitt, Plant Biology, received $77,490 from Syncrude Canada for research to
achieve a better understanding of the establishment and growth responses of key plant
species to water and soil qualities as found in the CT experimental area and
amendments that are proposed for peatland construction.

Lalit Gupta
, Electrical and Computer Engineering, received $67,005 from McGraw-Hill
for software with the core functionality of dropping out the background of scanned

Kelly Bender
, Microbiology, received $22,500 from the US Dept. of Energy for the
identification and analysis of small RNAs in D. vulgaris which is necessary for
uncovering novel regulatory mechanisms involved in processes critical to the DOE such
as stress response and environmental adaptation.
Katherine Hellgren, College of Science, received $17,000 from Academy of Applied
Science, Inc. for the Illinois Junior Science and Humanities Symposium which is a
cooperative effort of SIUC’s Colleges of Science and Engineering, and the Division of
Continuing Education. The program format includes guest lectures, student paper
presentations, and visits to various laboratories on campus. Student science
organizations and campus Army ROTC also become involved. The symposium is
developed by a faculty committee representing science and engineering.
Eric C. Ferre and Sarah A. Friedman, Geology, received $8,904 from the Consortium
for Ocean Leadership for the “Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Hess Deep Plutonic
Crust Expedition 345” project.

Source: http://www.ospa.siu.edu/_common/documents/newsletter/40-01%20memo.pdf

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