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150566 Simvastatin 5/19/05 9:31 AM Page 1 tissues. This pr These plaques narr Excess cholester by lowering your cholester of car disease. The higher your cholester having high blood cholester digest your food. of certain hormones. It is also used by the liver to make bile acids which help to the body’s cell membranes, to the insulation of nerves and to the pr warned of the dangers of cholester T CAUSES HIGH CHOLESTEROL
ol accumulates on the walls of the arteries to pr om the liver to other parts of the body and become LDL CHOLESTEROL
easily become stuck along blood vessel walls pieces and helps to bring them back to the liver oteins (LDL) – often called “bad cholester oteins) after it has unloaded much of its fat oteins (HDL) – often called “good cholester ol is a “risk factor” for heart disease. That means that TYPES OF CHOLESTEROL
ol and fat thr om lipids (fat and cholester ol, we can’t survive without it. It is essential ol level, the gr eases your chance (risk) of getting heart diovascular diseases (diseases of educe blood supply to the AND WHO IS A
fat intake is important. disease. Getting rid of all fat fr in cholester Both her as well as str of cholester lifestyle choices (smoking, alcohol) obesity High cholester with an incr developing car The ratio of HDL the W the heart and blood vessels), which ar Other important risk factors to change ar e several lifestyle changes you can make to lower your risk of heart , your doctor may also decide to start you on medication. T What are desirable cholesterol levels?
What Can I Do to Lower My Risks?
ease the “good” cholester ugs known as “statins” that help to r in the blood is a factor in determining the risk of FEEL SECURE IN OUR HANDS
om your diet is not needed, but lowering total Fats and Oils
Breads and
Dairy Substitutes Y Cheese, Milk, Dairy Products
Fruits and
Lean Meats T Fish, Chicken Meat
ype of Food
e is also a less expensive medicine available to help contr listed above made with unsaturated oils Mayonnaise, salad dr ingr vegetable oil as the first Mar soybean, sunflower oil), saf corn, olive, rapeseed (canola Unsaturated vegetable oils: rye, bran, multigrain, etc. cer Whole-grain br Rice, pasta cookies angel food cake, low-fat unsaturated oils sparingly Homemade baked good using ice cr popsicles, fr Sherbet, sorbet, fudgesicles, sour cr cheese, low-fat or "Light" Low-fat or "Light" cr cholester whole egg in r Egg whites (2 whites = 1 veal or shellfish lean cuts of beef, lamb, Fish, poultry without skin, FOOD CHOICES FOR A
snack crackers Fried foods such as potato chips, bacon fat, gravies, cr butter Saturated fats ( usually solid at r Cheddar All natural cheeses (e.g., Blue, Roquefort, Camembert, whipped toppings milk, imitation milk pr evaporated condensed; cr Whole milk (4% fat): r commer sausage, hot dogs, bacon, sar ribs, or Fatty cuts of beef marbled meat lamb, pork, spar Decrease / Limit
, coconut oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, lar cial baked goods: pies, cakes, doughnuts,

Source: http://www.myheart.co.za/downloads/MyHeart_PatientInfoLeaflet.pdf


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Revista Hórus – Volume 4, número 2 – Out-Dez, 2010 ABORDAGEM FISIOTERAPÊUTICA NA DOENÇA DE ALZHEIMER Atualmente devido ao envelhecimento populacional existe um aumento do número de pessoas portadoras da Doença de Alzheimer, doença esta considerada como o tipo de demência mais comum na população idosa. A Doença de Alzheimer é dividida em três fases, que são classificadas

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