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The Mississippi Girlchoir
is a choral music education and performance program
open to girls in grades three through twelve and is a member-supported, tuition- based, nonprofit organization. Scholarships are available based on need without regard to race, creed, or national origin. The Mississippi Girlchoir mission is to develop a dedicated and diverse community of young musicians who are committed to upholding quality and artistry in music education. Membership is a privilege that requires dedication and commitment. The Girlchoir accomplishes its mission through: § discipline of producing music regularly, § practicing and improving musicianship skills associated with choral § performing music with understanding, artistry, and skill. In accomplishing its mission, the Girlchoir instills in young singers qualities that last Girlchoir singers get superior vocal and choral training in a wide variety of music with opportunities to perform locally, nationally, and internationally. Membership gives the singers opportunities to work with acclaimed conductors, vocal specialists, instrumentalists, and other choral groups. Every year choir members audition for and participate in state and national honor choirs sponsored by music educators’ organizations. Honor choirs provide singers with diverse performance opportunities. The Mississippi Girlchoir began in 1995 under the leadership of Lillian Lee. Membership has grown to over 100 singers in four choirs. In addition to our touring, all choirs perform holiday and spring concerts and sing frequently at community Anna Johnson, Artistic Director
Elizabeth Briscoe, Executive Director
Alison Custer, Conductor
Michele Champion, Conductor
Lillian Lee, Director Emeritus
Membership is by audition and is open to any girl in grades three through twelve. Girls are placed in one of the four choirs according to their musical experience and ability. The Mississippi Girlchoir does not discriminate as to race, religion, or nationality. Being a member of The Mississippi Girlchoir is a privilege and requires dedication and Audition dates for The Mississippi Girlchoir will be held in May, July, and August. A $20 audition fee will need to be paid at the time of your audition. Notifications of choir placements will be mailed during the month of August as well as placed on our website. Please note that upon your acceptance of placement a $30 registration fee is due. Once your registration fee is received, you Rehearsals
All rehearsals are held at Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church located at 305 North Congress Street in Jackson. No rehearsals will be held on Monday, the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas holidays, the MLK holiday, and spring break holidays. Included in your tuition payments are dress rental, music, two tickets to each seasonal concert, a recording of each seasonal concert, and an official Mississippi Girlchoir t-shirt. A limited number of scholarships are granted on a one-year basis. Call the Girlchoir office to request an application, and the forms are also available on our website. Tuition for the 2012- Attendance
Members are allowed three excused rehearsal absences per semester for illness. An unexcused absence occurs when a chorister cuts a rehearsal with no prior notification or when the reason for absence is not valid. Three unexcused absences will be counted as one unexcused
absence. After three unexcused absences the chorister will meet with the artistic staff for
evaluation of commitment. Except for illness, absences from a performance will only be
Thanks for your interest in The Mississippi Girlchoir!
Office Location:
1991 Lakeland Drive Suite M
Jackson, MS 39216
T: 601-981-9863
F: 601-981-9886


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