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K. dixon dp resume

JAM (post)
Producer: Lanie Zipoy, Director: Sandy Garfunkel Artifice - feature (post)
Jefferson Lives
Prod: Adam Schneider, Dir: Stephen Cognetti Grauman’s Last Hero
Free Parking
Pet Hates (post)
Davy Crockett
Prod: Matthew Stuar,t Dir: Dee A. Robertson Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Khan
Prod: Matthew Stuart, Dir: Dee A. Robertson Tweaking Thomas Jefferson
Prod: Matthew Stuart, Dir: Dee A. Robertson Dinner for 2
Prod: Michael T. Clarkston, Dir: Amy Neswald Three’s
The Truth of Fiction
Sharp Cookies
Producer: Bernard Hautumm, Director: Nina Hautumm A Family Matter
Producer: Eric Canada, Director: Eric Espeut III Tutikushi (The Parrot)
Not the End of the World
Banged Up
Writing on the Wall
The Decision
Close to Home
I’m Dope – Smooth B.
Jeanne Gies: Gabriel (Live)
The Goats
The Social Band
IBM / Cognos 10
Songs of Travel (benefit)
Prod: Catherine Cushman, Dir: Stephen Blaise Last Drop
The Torchbearers (add’l footage)
Producers: Julia Cook & Seth Friedman, Director: Cheryl Grant Pepe Jeans
Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
Waiting for the Light to Change
Great Scott Films & Reckless Productions Nike Sweatshops
Granny Peace Brigade
Homes for the Homeless
Collected Stories
In Your Face
IBM / Buell Duncan
Juniper Analyst
IBM / Tivoli Pulse
Wyeth Health Care
Project Mgrs: Richard Walker & Melanie Appleby Virgin CEO’s
Mercer Delta
Macy’s Balloon Handlers
Producers: M. Schonberg, B. Rutan, D. Cohen Speed of Service
Impact 1, 2 & 3
Fire Safety
Service Line
Fiesta & Chicken Line
Cabazon Indian Bingo
Client 9: The Rise & Fall of Elliot Spitzer Jigsaw Productions
Director:: Alex Gibney, DoP: Maryse Alberti IBM / Tivoli Pulse
Director: David Darby, DoP: Peter Tril ing Procter & Gamble
Prod: Kathleen Keresey, DoP: Peter Tril ing Director: David Darby, DoP: Peter Tril ing Astra-Zeneca
Director: David Darby, DoP: Peter Tril ing Monica Piper - Spotlight
Tommy Davidson’s Neighborhood
Some Assembly Required
This’ll Take About an Hour
Heart on a Chain
Hang Time
Olga Mfg / Christina Sport Bra

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