A package of information on ways to make quitting 1-877-513-5333
easier is available from Kelsey Trail Health Region. This confidential and free helpline provides To access this package or to speak to someone one-on-one counseling and uses a proven method about quitting, call Mental Health & Addiction Services at (306) 752-8770.
The Helpline encourages you to call if you are: See your pharmacist for pharmaceutical aids (nicotine patches, gum lozenges, inhalers) that provide small amounts of nicotine that may ease - a smoker who has quit & would like support withdrawal symptoms. Zyban or Champix can also be prescribed by your doctor or nurse practitioner. - someone who wants information to help Both prescription drugs are now covered under the provincial drug plan subject to the provincial drug The Helpline is open:
(Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco) TOBACCO! Ask today how to make a PACT to quit. To find a PACT Pharmacist near you visit or call (306) 586-1700 and
Free confidential help is only a click away.
1. Better Health
 Within 20 minutes of quitting your heart rate
As soon as you quit your body starts to heal  Within 8 hours carbon monoxide level drops in
2. Better breathing
your body and the oxygen level in your blood The longer you smoke the harder it is to  Within 48 hours your sense of smell and taste
3. Personal appearance
improves and your chances of having a heart appearance by reducing bad breath, yellow teeth and fingers, and prematurely aging  Within 72 hours your lung capacity increases and
bronchial tubes relax, making breathing easier. 4. Role model for children
 Within 2 weeks the nicotine is removed from your
Be a positive role model for your children,  Within 3 months circulation improves and lung
5. No more Second Hand Smoke
If you quit smoking you will help protect your  Within 6 months coughing, sinus congestion,
tiredness and shortness of breath improve.  Within 1 year your added risk of coronary heart
6. Better sense of smell
disease is half that of a smoker’s and your risk for When you quit smoking, your sense of smell will increase and everything will smell better ~ including yourself, your house and your  Within 10 years risk of dying from lung cancer is
7. Fewer Places to Smoke
 Within 15 years risk of dying from a heart attack
public places, including workplaces, there Smoking affects almost every organ and
system in your body. The good news is the
8. Smoking is Expensive
minute you stop smoking your body
begins to heal and get stronger.
9. Smoking is a fire hazard
10. It is never too late to quit smoking
If you have tried to quit before, take this as a positive sign, not failure. It often takes several quit attempts to quit for good ~ each time you try to quit smoking you are closer to your goal. Keep trying and don’t get Based on pack-a-day use at $11 a pack
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