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Members of the ISA Board of Trustees, Mr. Eduardo Ong, Mr. Oscar Co, Parents of the Preschool Learners, ISA Facilitators, Preschool Learners, ISAers, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good afternoon. Philosophers differ in explaining the world, but the problem is how to change the world. As educators, we disdain to conceal our fervent intention to mold the mind and soul of the next generations according to our ideals and belief. We help prepare them to face the greater challenges in the future, for them to become productive members of the society. We heeded the noble calling of education because we believe it is our sacred duty to help change the world. Doubtless, Iloilo Scholastic Academy has its distinct ideals and belief, but no matter how unique are these ideals and belief, they could never be set apart from the mainstream ideals of the Filipino society in particular, and humanity in general. Otherwise, ISA would have a life detached from human reality, devoid of any meaningful content. And worse, ISA would then be isolating itself, and eventually condemning itself into something irrelevant. The familiar story you heard about ISA applying heavy academic pressure on the learners is true. If by heavy pressure, it means the burning desire to meet the basic competencies prescribed by the Department of Education. If by heavy pressure, it means out of fifty-two kindergarten-2 learners who took the test administered by Asian Psychological Services and Assessment (popularly known as APSA), only two were found proficient ---- and the rest were rated highly proficient. The dreadful accusation you heard that learners at ISA are deprived of playing time; to this crime, I plead guilty. If by deprivation it means these children have less time watching TV and playing video games. If by deprivation it means they have to spend longer hours understanding the mechanics of reading and arithmetic, and working on their recorder, harmonica and guitar. The frightening comment you heard that ISAers have to face multiple quizzes and a long test everyday is not a comment; it is a fact. If by daily quizzes it means regular review of new and old lessons. If by daily quizzes it means forming a good and solid study habit. If by daily quizzes it means nurturing our children to become strong and disciplined individuals instead of boneless jellyfish or marshmallows. The usual phrase you heard that ISAers are made to learn without fun is not only fictitious but funny ---- because learning itself contains fun. Dear friends, beauty is everywhere, what is lacking is discovery. Fun is everywhere in the learning process, what is wanting is discovery. Dear ISAers and parents, pressure, review time, tests and the need to study are actually present in every learning institution. It is unimaginable to find a school without pressure, review time, tests and the need to study. They are the motive forces that help change the young learners who in turn will help change the world. Dear ISAers, learners with honors and Parents, please accept my heartfelt Congratulations! Thank you. (Opening Remarks during the Preschool Graduation and Recognition Day, 24 March 2007 at ISA Campus)


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CONFIDENTIAL MEDICAL HISTORY Today’s Date __________________ NAME ________________________________________AGE_________ DATE OF BIRTH_____________________ Referring doctor_____________________________________________ Date of last physical exam _______________ Medical doctor (primary care physician)________________________ Date of last eye exam ____________________ Where do you have yo

Manual registro del dolor interdiÁlisis

SOCIEDAD CHILENA DE NEFROLOGÍA COMITÉ DE CUIDADOS PALIATIVOS DOCUMENTO DE ESTUDIO INSTRUMENTO DE EVALUACIÓN DEL DOLOR INTERDIALISIS - Autores Dr. Carlos Zúñiga S.M. - Dr. Hans Müller O. Coautores: Alejandra Rojas (E.U), Karina Toro (E.U), Fresia Flores (E.U), Evelyn Sandoval (E.U), Evelyn Rojas (E.U.) INTRODUCCIÓN En los pacientes en hemodiálisis crónica, el dolor

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