According to Traditional Chinese Medicine • Consume more vegetable proteins (beans and (TCM) springtime is cor elated to the element Wood, lentils) and less meat (especially beef & pork) which governs the liver and gallbladder. The liver • Eat plenty of DARK leafy greens (especially the performs numerous vital functions within the body, bit er ones—dandelion, mustard greens, col- including: digestion, storing and distributing nourish- lards, rapinoi) - kale, broccoli, romaine, bok ment to all cells; producing and breaking down blood; enhancing hormones like thyroid and sex hormones (thereby influencing the body’s metabolic • Beneficial root vegetables: beets, carrots, & rate)and filtering toxins. In fact, the liver is the body’s main detoxification organ, which means it • Limit intake of: sugar, refined & proces ed can easily become overloaded. Too much of any foods, caffeine (chocolate, coffee, colas), alcohol food, but especially alcohol, chemicals, drugs, fried • Get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise at oils and meats, are particularly toxic to the liver • Additional treatments: Dry brush mas age, As a result of the many functions the liver chiropractics, acupuncture, massage, saunas, performs, it can easily become overburdened. Some symptoms of liver congestion include: yellowing of In addition to this there are few more in the eyes, skin and mucous membranes (a result of depth things that can be done, such as: fasting exces bilirubin build up); oily skin, acne, nausea, (either with juices or mono-diets), and taking difficult digestion, abdominal cramping, headaches, herbs, homeopathic remedies or other nutritional PMS, weight gain, & elevated cholesterol as wel as supplements. If you are interested in these come Check our website for more feeling tired, cranky, achy or illness-riddled. in for an appointment as deeper cleansing should ALWAYS be done under profes ional supervision Luckily there are many thins we can do to • Start the day with a cup of warm water and 1/2 Did you know
ting Grapefruit can be BAD for
your health?? It can increase the
effects of some medica-
, such as:
With all the scary news reports about the dangers of fish, many are left avoid- ing this VERY healthy and nutritious protein source ~ but should we really Calcium Blockers = Procardia, Adalat, Calan, Cholesterol Lowering drugs = Mevacor, Prava- The answer is NO ~ however, when buying fish here are a few things to keep • Immuno-suppressive drugs = Sandimmune, • The safest fish (least contaminated) are WILD PACIFIC ~ avoid the farmed as well as Atlantic. Also as a general rule, the bigger the fish, the more • Estrogen (Estradiol) = Estrace, Alora, • Lowest sources of mercury are found in: salmon, oysters, whitefish, fresh- Next best are: perch, king crab, flounder, sole, Pollack, catfish, scallops, Rhindecon, Acutrim, Dexatrim, Dex-A-Diet, • More contaminated are: salt-water trout, halibut, haddock, snapper, lob- • Worst are: swordfish, tilefish and king mackerel

Source: http://www.everythingzennc.com/pdf/vol1no2.pdf

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Non-Alkolik Ya¤l› Karaci¤erHastal›¤›nda (NAYKH)2008’de Tedavi Nas›lOlmal›d›r?GATA Gastroenteroloji Bilim Dal›, AnkaraKaraci¤er ya¤lanmas› ve onun daha ciddi for- kontrolsüz az say›da çal›flma vard›r. Tedavide kullan›-mu olan non-alkolik steatohepatitis (NASH)lan ajanlar›n, uzun dönemdeki etkileri, güvenilirlilik-ilerlemifl toplumlardaki en yayg›n karac


Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association Volume 8 Number 4 Jul / Aug 2001Focus on Quality Improvement Reducing the Frequency ofErrors in Medicine UsingInformation TechnologyDAVID W. BATES, MD, MSC, MICHAEL COHEN, MS, RPH, LUCIAN L. LEAPE, MD, J. MARC OVERHAGE, MD, PHD, M. MICHAEL SHABOT, MD, THOMAS SHERIDAN, SCD A b s t r a c t Background: Increasing data suggest that error

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