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Healthy Living Final Exam Review
Mark each statement either TRUE (A) or FALSE (B)
• Surgery that involves clipping or clamping of the vas defrens in males is called tubal ligation. • Injectable progestin is also known as the norplant, • PID is known as a pelvic inflammatory disease and is a side effect of some birth control methods. • It is never important to communicate with your partner about your sexual intentions prior to being alone with that • Washing the genitals after sexual intercourse will help prevent pregnancy. • AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease, caused by HIV that cripples a person’s immune system. • Any contact with a person who is infected with HIV puts you at risk of contracting the virus. • You can tell if a person is infected with HIV by the way he/she looks. • 80% of cigarette smokers say they started smoking as teenagers. • American diets consist of 40-50% from fats. • In the U.S., only 21% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. • While the number of AIDS cases is declining due to drug therapy, the number of persons living with HIV is increases by approximately 56,000 each year, an estimated 34% of those are youths under the age of 30. • The appearance of a painless sore called a chancre (SHAN-ker) that disappears on its own is characteristic of • Addicts tend to ruin relationships with family and friends due to the financial strains to fund their addiction and • Cigarettes are the # 3 addiction in the U.S. • Uncontrollable shakes, tremors and hallucinations are called DT’s-disturbed treatment. • Calcium intake should be 100-500 mg/day to prevent osteoporosis. • It takes only 5-8 glasses of alcohol per day to put you at risk of cirrhosis. • The kidney’s function is to detoxify and process everything we drink and eat. • Cirrhosis is a chemical transmitter of pleasure. • Rohypnol is known as the date-rape drug. • Teens who drink alcohol are more likely to be victims or perpetrators of violent crimes such as rape, aggravated • Hallucinogens are drugs that have a soothing or tranquilizing effect. • Women become intoxicated more slowly than men do and metabolize it faster than men. • The stomach is responsible for breaking down alcohol. • By the age of 24, at least one in five sexually active people are estimated to have contracted an STI. • Condoms have been used for hundreds of years for disease prevention (STD’s) but provide little protection against • The first step to eliminating toxins in our bodies is to change the meats we eat. • Avoiding friends as a way of coping with depression will HINDER in dealing with the depression. • Three dangers in American diets are sugar, healthy fats, and toxins. • Your brain is needs healthy fat to function properly. • The damage caused by UV radiation is temporary. • Skin cells produce sebum to protect the body from UV radiation. • The best way to protect oneself from skin cancer is to keep a careful watch for changes in all blemishes and to • A person’s health is dependent on the messages sent to different body parts by the spinal column and nervous • Involvement in violent acts, insufficient exercise, leukemia, using harmful or illegal substances, not wearing sun screen, responding inadequately to fire emergencies are a few of the 11 serious health risks for youth. • Drinking coffee or taking a shower will help you “sober up” after drinking alcohol. • Talking on the phone or Texting while driving is not an issue or problem if the driver is good at texting or holding • For proper physical and mental health your nerves must remain free from spinal stress. • Most of the serious health issues teen’s face are related to the lifestyle choices they make. • The 7 warning signs of cancer create the acronym “CAUTION”. • Bullying is not a problem in high school and we shouldn’t be concerned with others. • In regards to stereotyping people, you should not judge what you think to be true by what you see. Healthy Living Final Exam Review
• More than 65 million people in the U.S. currently have an incurable STD. • Every year an estimated 10 million people in the U.S. contract a new STD. • Sexual activity does not form a foundation for a healthy relationship. • Girl’s with low self-esteem are more likely to be pressured into having sex. • The body type of models shown in magazine ads represents the general population. • Three steps to overcoming pressures include; setting boundaries, giving verbal responses and being passive. • If you are trying to lose weight, you should limit your intake of total calories to 500 per day. • F.A.S. is when a child is born with birth defects because the mom smoked marijuana. • Steroids are commonly used to promote growth of skeletal muscles. • The best method for being healthy and maintaining weight is to eat a variety of foods in moderation and balance • Pre-Event meal should take place at least 1 hour prior to activity and should contain foods easiest to digest like • Salmon is one of the best meats to eat because it is rich in Omega3 fatty acids which help to lower blood pressure • Being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle leads to premature aging. • Canned foods are one of the best foods to eat because they have a great shelf life; no bad stuff added and has the • Even if a person infected with HIV or AIDS doesn’t tell you she or he is infected, you will know that she or he has • AIDS is currently the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 25-34. • Within minutes of drinking alcohol, the brain becomes better able to control the body. • Abstinence is the only sure way to prevent HIV and AIDS, STI’s, and pregnancy and is the best choice for teens • Since the incubation period of HIV can last for years, many of these young people were infected as teens. • If one sex partner is treated for a STI, it isn’t necessary for the other partner to be treated. • Single, multiple, pink, grey or red growths are symptoms of the STI know as bacterial vaginosis. • The best way to ABSTAIN from sexual intercourse is to put yourself in situations in which your inner desires may • Vomiting is part of the body’s defense against alcohol poisoning. • Memory loss, drinking in the morning, not taking care of hygiene and neglecting food intake were shown as PHYSICAL symptoms or side effect of an alcoholic. • In the movie 28 Days, the lesson that Gwen learned from the baseball player Eddy was that she should focus on that small daily things that she could control AND she should focus on the long-term end results that she couldn’t control. • In the movie 28 Days, it was stated that the definition of insanity is doing the same behaviors over and over and • F.A.S. stands for Facial Alcoholic Symptoms. • A person who feels uncomfortable in social situations is characteristic of an emotionally healthy person. • A person who is uncomfortable working alone or independently is characteristic of an emotionally unhealthy • Occasional anxiety is not normal and should be dealt with immediately. • To reduce test anxiety, skip the hard questions and do the easiest ones first. • Emphysema is a liver disorder caused by smoking cigarettes. • Of the more than 4,000 chemicals in tobacco, scientists now believe that 50 of them are carcinogens. • Infertility, lose of appetite, fatigue, stunted growth, and violent mood swings or aggressive behavior are all risks

Multiple Choice. Select the best answer for each question/sentence.

• The number 1 killer among ALL Americans of any age usually associated with nutrition is… • Which statement is NOT true for genital warts: b. they are caused by the human papilloma virus Healthy Living Final Exam Review
o c. once infected, the person is infected for life d. they are one cause of cervical cancer in females • Gonorrhea is an STI caused by bacteria that affect the genital mucous membrane and is transmitted by • Which of the following is NOT a sign or symptom of bulimia nervosa? • How many new Trichomoniasis infections occur each year in the United States? • What percentage of people treated for genital herpes didn’t know they had the diseases? • Each year there are approximately _____ million new cases of Genital Herpes in the U. S. • Which of the following is not a tissue that can be transplanted? • Heart, intestine, kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, bone, cartilage, corneas/eyes, heart valves, ligaments, saphenous veins, tendons and skin are acceptable donations for which type of donor? o a. Deceased Donors: Cardiac Death b. Deceased Donors: Brain Death c. Living Donors • Bone, cartilage, corneas/eyes, heart valves, ligaments, saphenous veins, tendons and skin and kidneys under certain circumstances are acceptable donations for which type of donar? o a. Deceased Donors: Cardiac Death b. Deceased Donors: Brain Death c. Living Donors • Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a person diagnosed with brain death? o a. Brain is still receiving blood flow b. All brain tissue is dead c. No electrical activity in the brain • Any cancer causing substance is defined as… • The term that refers to the process of taking two or more different anabolic steroids to produce an effect on muscles size which is greater than the effects of each drug. • A type of drug that slows the central nervous system. • An addict who is dependent on alcohol is known as. • Two-thirds of the victims of domestic violence report which drug was a factor in the crime? • A severe and potentially fatal physical reaction to an alcohol over-dose is known as…? o a. binge drinking b. multiplier effect c. alcohol poisoning • Comfortable weight and adequate strength describes which health component? • Interacting well with people describes which health component? • Expressing anger without violence describes which health component? • The mind and body’s reaction to a stressor is called… o a. Selective awareness b. Negative Consequence • Describe stress in its more positive form (i.e., changes which help you grow) is… o a. Selective awareness b. Negative Consequence Healthy Living Final Exam Review
• Focusing on the aspects of a situation that help a person feel better is… o a. Selective awareness b. Negative Consequence • Any action that prevents a stressor from resulting in a negative consequence is called…. • The physiological, psychological, and emotional responses to a stressor is called…. • Gather Relevant Information from Reliable Sources is which step of the decision making model? • Determine Who Could Possibly Be Affected by Your Choices and Consider your Values • Evaluate the Results of Your Decision • Which of the following is not an organ that can be transplanted? • Which of the following is not an organ that can be transplanted? • Coronary Heart Disease is an example of a… • Final exam in Health class is an example of a… • Impatience is an example of which sign of stress? • Forgetfulness is an example of which sign of stress? • Interpret the Situation as Negative is which step on the “Road to Stress”? • An Emotional Response is which step on the “Road to Stress”? • Using physical exercise is which step on the “Road Block” (stress intervention) to the “Road to Stress”? • Eliminate some stressors is which step on the “Road Block” (stress intervention) to the “Road to Stress”? o a. the process by which alcohol is converted to sugars. b. the presence of alcohol in the digestive o c. the process by which the body breaks down substances. d. a measure of the impact of alcohol on o a. the amount of alcohol consumed in one hour. b. the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood expressed o c. the law that restricts alcohol use among teens. d. driving while intoxicated. o a. a serious problem among young people. b. occurs mostly in inexperienced drivers. o c. is the leading cause of death among teens. • Which of the following is a reason why people choose to eat foods… • “Mom’s going to kill me if she finds out”, “I’ll never pass this test”, are all examples of which kind of stressors? Healthy Living Final Exam Review
• Missing the bus for school, walking to school, having a ride home after school, are all examples of which kind of • Heat or cold in classroom, a bumblebee entering classroom, a messy house, are all examples of which kind of • stressors? • Maria has a test tomorrow. The thought of taking the test is causing her so much stress that she cannot concentrate • on studying. Maria decides to sit quietly and close her eyes. She concentrates on her breathing and every time she breathes out, she thinks the word “calm.” Maria is using • Which method of birth control should not be used if stored in a warm place for a long period of time? • Which contraceptive method is a dome shaped cup which must be refitted by a doctor if the female gains too much • Which contraceptive method injects progestin every three months? • All of the following are ingredients that are suggested to be limited in intake to prevent premature aging • Saturated and unsaturated fats are the two main categories of fat, which of the following oils is a saturated fat and o a. corn oil b. vegetable oil c. canola oil d. olive oil • Why is it important to limit the amount of sodium in your diet? o a. sodium causes weak bones and teeth d. sodium is linked to high blood pressure o b. sodium is linked to cancer • In order to have a healthy relationship, teens should show affection to someone they love by: o a. have unprotected sexual intercourse c. gossip about them with friends • All of the following are negative elements in a relationship except… • All of the following are elements in developing the best relationship EXCEPT… • Breast-feeding a baby by a woman who is infected with HIV is… • Sexual abstinence is what kind of behavior • Sexual contact with a person who has had several sexual partners • Moles are spots on the skin that contain extra • The most deadly form of skin cancer is… • The sunlight’s ultraviolet waves that cause the most sunburns and most skin cancers is… Healthy Living Final Exam Review
• Which method is 85% failure rate for pregnancy? • Which contraceptive method is a sheath that fits the contours of the vagina and collects sperm for immediate • Which contraceptive method is T-shaped & is inserted by a physician inside the uterus during the first few days of • Which contraceptive method requires has 16% failure rate? • Which contraceptive method is continuous birth control for 5 years? • Sandy wants to be an All-American hurdler in track and field, to achieve success before she competes, she visualizes the race from the start to the finish, seeing herself clear every hurdle perfectly, focuses on sprinting and sees her self winning the race. Sandy is using • Which of the following situations is a serious type of depression? (Which one is the worst)? o a. using alcohol to “kill the pain” c. feeling mildly irritated that others are having fun • Which of the following situations is just a “feeling blue” type of depression? (Which one is not so bad?) o a. believing there is nothing to live for c. having bouts of paralyzed sadness o b. playing a sad song after a break up • Asking for what you want or saying what you feel in an honest and respectful way, but with conviction is…. • Not expressing your own feelings, saying nothing, or saying it in a vague way that makes it seem you could easily


SAFETY DATA SHEET Compilation date: 24/07/2007 Revision date: 24/02/2012 Revision No: 9 Section 1: Identification of the substance/mixture and of the company/undertaking 1.1. Product identifier Product name: HRED/L HARDENER BPO Product code: HRED/L 1.2. Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use of substance / mixture: HARDE


Demographic and Administrative Information Name (abbreviated): G.S.M. Gender: male Weight (kg): 90 Height (cm): 176 cm Admission Date: 23/9/2011 Marital Status: widower Case summary Past Medical A.W.M., a 68 years old male is a known case of DM, HTN, A-fib, HF and IHD. He isadmitted to the hospital complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominaldistension of o

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