REGION: Police hope random searches will deter molesters on probation
Home / News / Local News / San Diego County By LUCIA WALINCHUS - [email protected] | Posted: Friday, October 30, 2009 11:00 pm | No The North County Probation Department wants to make this Halloween a lot less scary.
On Friday night, a team of 10 armed probation officers canvassed the area to check on 20 registered sex The sweep was part of a targeted effort to make sure that convicted molesters did not display decorations or music that would entice children into their homes.
The team searched 11 convicted offenders, who agreed to the random searches as a condition of probation. The officers didn't find any parole violations. The rest of the offenders were not home or their While there is no law prohibiting sex offenders from displaying Halloween decorations, probation officers often discourage it as a way to prevent children from coming in contact with offenders who have Officer Randall Ream said he was happy with the result because it showed that probationers had gotten the message that further bad behavior would not be tolerated.
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Probation officers sweep up child sex offenders before Halloween - San .
Probation officers sweep up child sex offenders before Halloween
Posted: Oct 31, 2009 12:12 PM PDT
Updated: Oct 31, 2009 6:54 PM PDT

(CBS 8) - Keeping sex offenders away from children on Halloween is a big concern for police as kids set out to trick-or-treat. But crimefighters are working to stay one step ahead to make sure There are over 2600 sex offenders in San Diego County, a portion of which are considered to be the most dangerous of child predators.
Friday night probation officers paid a visit to some in an effort to San Diego County probation officers spent Friday night visiting known Level 1 and mid-range child sex offenders in the North County who may have inviting decorations up for Halloween.
"They're very high risk. Yes it's just entices kids and it's a vicious circle, and they're more likely to re-offend," said Terry Fink the Senior Probation Officer with the San Diego County Probation Fink and his partners knocked on about 20 so-called targets for a third reminder to them to not put "They've all been warned. We've sent letters to them we've followed up with phone calls saying get rid of it we don't want to see it," noted Fink.
In fact, one pumpkin outside an offender's residence is a violation under the terms of probation.
"We don't want anything that will draw kids even close to the house," Fink explained.
After a quick search of the home, everything else appears within the set guidelines.
"He's going to post a sign that there's going to be no candy, no nothing out tomorrow night," Fink At this home, a sign to Fink and his team that the proactive work they've done this year is working.
"He said his wife went out and bought a number of decorations and so forth, and they received our letter we sent out. He told wife here's our letter so she had to take it all back," continued Fink.
Fink admits he could be at home with his family instead of working late, but knows how important it is to try and protect San Diego Counties' little ghosts and goblins this Halloween.
"Absolutely it's a small price to pay to make sure we fell safe you feel safe," Fink added.
Parents can check to see where sex offenders are located, before heading out to trick-or-treat. Click here to see if there are any offenders in your neighborhood.
The sex offenders who are visited give up their fourth amendment right to search and seizure as part Fink also says he and his team visit the higher risk offenders in Level 1 several times, both at home and work to make sure they're staying within the probation guidelines.
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