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Asthma Policy

This policy is correct at the time of publication. This policy has been developed in accordance with Asthma SA . Our Commitment
Chandlers Hill Kindergarten is committed to: Asthma management should be viewed as a shared responsibility of  Raising the awareness of asthma amongst those involved with the families & staff. To this end each of the key groups within this service children at Chandlers hill Kindergarten.  Providing the necessary procedures to ensure the health and safety of all students & staff with asthma at Chandlers Hill Kindergarten. Kindy staff wil
 Providing an environment in which children with asthma can  Provide families with a copy of the Asthma Policy upon enrolment. participate in all activities to their full potential  Provide all staff with a copy of the Asthma Policy and brief them on  Providing a clear set of guidelines and expectations to be followed asthma procedures upon induction to Chandlers hill kindergarten  Staff will be expected to keep BELS first aid training up to date which includes Emergency Asthma Management & training  Provide an Asthma Care plan (Medical professional to complete form) to all families of children with asthma upon enrolment. The completed The aim of this policy is to document strategies for implementation of Asthma Care Plan is to be returned promptly by family, , reviewed best practice asthma management within a DECS setting so that: annually and kept in a central location. All children enrolled at the service who have asthma can receive Ensure that all staff are informed of the children with asthma in  A service can respond to the needs of children who have not been  Formalize and document the internal procedures for Asthma First diagnosed with asthma and who have an asthma attack or difficulty Aid, for both: children with a diagnosis of asthma, and those with no known diagnosis of asthma (first attack).  Ensure that the Asthma Emergency Kit contains a blue reliever puffer (e.g. Airomir, Asmol, Epaq or Ventolin), a spacer device and child mask if necessary and concise written instructions on Asthma  Provide a mobile Asthma Emergency Kit for use on excursions.  Notify the staff, in writing, of any changes to the Asthma Care Plan  Identify and, where possible, minimise asthma triggers.  Ensure that their child has an adequate supply of appropriate medication (reliever) and spacer device clearly label ed with the child’s name including expiry dates.  Encourage open communication between families/guardians and staff regarding the status and impact of a child’s asthma.  Communicate all relevant information and concerns with staff as the need arises e.g. if asthma symptoms were present during the night. Asthma First Aid:
 Promptly communicate any concerns to families should it be Emergency Procedure if a child has an asthma attack within
considered that a child’s asthma is limiting his/her ability to Chandlers hil Kindergarten.
Any case where a child is having an asthma attack, the staff should  Ensure that they are aware of the children in their care with asthma. Administer Asthma First Aid according to:
 In consultation with the family, optimise the health and safety of  The Child’s Asthma Care First Aid Plan as signed by the family and each child through supervised management of the child’s asthma. doctor and/or doctor’s written instructions  Ensure that all regular prescribed asthma medication is administered in accordance with the information on the Child’s Asthma Care Plan.  Administer emergency asthma medication if required according to Call an ambulance (Dial 000) and notify the family. If a child has difficulty in breathing and there is no notification on any Promptly communicate, to management and families, if they are concerned about the child’s asthma limiting his/her ability to written communication from the parents / guardian about him / her having asthma call an ambulance immediately, follow the Asthma First Aid Plan and contact the parents immediately. No harm is likely to result  Regularly maintain all asthma components of the first aid kit to from giving a reliever puffer to someone with asthma. ensure all medications are current and any asthma devices are cleaned after each use and ready to use.  Record any asthma incident and file the completed form with all Families will:
 Inform staff, either upon enrolment or on initial diagnosis, that their Staff to use the Asthma Emergency Kit containing a blue reliever puffer (Airomir, Asmol, Epaq or Ventolin) and a spacer in the event of:  Provide all relevant information regarding the child’s asthma via the Asthma Care Plan as provided by the child’s - an emergency where a child has difficulty breathing - a child’s own asthma reliever puffer is unavailable, expired or Asthma First Aid Plan
Step 1: Sit the child upright and remain calm and provide reassurance. Do
not leave the child alone.
Step 2: Give 4 puffs of a blue reliever (Airomir, Asmol, Epaq or Ventolin),
one puff at a time, through a spacer device. Ask the child to take 4
breaths from the spacer after each puff.
Step 3: Wait 4 minutes.
Step 4: If there is little or no improvement, repeat steps 2 and 3. If
there is still little or no improvement, call an ambulance immediately (Dial
000). Continue to repeat steps 2 and 3 while waiting for the ambulance.

In an emergency the blue reliever puffer can be accessed from the
Asthma Emergency Kit, or borrowed from another child. No harm is likely
to result from giving a reliever puffer to someone without asthma.
This policy has been endorsed by the Governing Council on: Date ……………………. Chairperson ………………………………………………………………… Director……………………………………………………………………… Sighted by preschool staff Signed ………………………………………………. Date ………………… Signed ………………………………………………. Date ………………… Policy was reviewed / /

Source: http://www.chandlerkgn.sa.edu.au/docs/Asthma.pdf

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