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2008 Election Essay Exam
Brittany Vanderlaan

Presidential Selection: Barack Obama
John McCain’s Age
Many issues such as Healthcare, education, economy, and immigration are being brought up into the debate on which candidate has the best views on the issues. I feel that all of these issues are extremely important, but I also feel that the candidates’ age will have an impact on the election. Not as many people look into this issue as much as they should. Obama, being younger than McCain will be able to finish his term and help change the things he has promised to our nation. Who’s to say McCain can promise the same? Will he even be healthy enough to withstand the job? McCain could have the possibility of finishing his full term before dieing but with all the health problems he has such as his Melanoma that he underwent surgery for could reoccur anytime causing him to die. If he feels he’s as healthy as he claims, then why is he going back to dermatologist checkups since the occurrence of the skin cancer? Also, McCain regularly takes Vytorin to lower his cholesterol, baby aspirin to prevent him from multiple heart attacks, a multivitamin and occasionally Claritin or Flonase for his allergies. So obviously he has an issue resulting with his health problems that he just doesn’t want to share with the World.
Not only is it important that the person you should be electing should be able to finish his full term in presidency but he should be mentally stable as well, which brings us to another huge issue I feel strong about with McCain is that he was surviving serious injuries that he sustained when his airplane was shot down over Vietnam and he was captured, and tortured as a prisoner of war for 5 1/2 years. Wouldn’t you think he might still have issues from being a prisoner in war that he possible couldn’t get rid of? I’m not saying this makes him a bad person but the possibilities of him being completely recovered from this incident are slim to nothing. Okay, yes there is a chance McCain could remain alive and be mentally stable for his whole term but there is also the possibility that he won’t. If something is to happen to him, Sarah Palin will be handed down the presidency term and I’m pretty sure no one wants this, do they? I feel as if something’s to happen to McCain and Palin is left in office, our whole economy will begin to rot and hurt far more than it is today. After watching the debate with Palin and Biden, Palin doesn’t seem to show us Americans that she really knows what the heck she is talking about or even want as far as us and out country. Yet with Biden, he seemed to cover his issues very well and showed everyone where he stood. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are the perfect pair for our country and they would provide the change we need.


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