success in guinea pigs. Selamectin is the active ingredient in Revolution and works in a similar way to Ivomectin. Revolution works very quickly and will immediately kill all mites and their eggs before they hatch. Revolution is very simple to apply. It is recommended to purchase a pack for the smallest of dogs or cats as very little is required to be used on a guinea pig. Application is very easy you simply place 3-4 drops of Revolution somewhere on your Parasites
guinea pigs skin, eg. behind the ears and/or on the \rump under the hair. Revolution will dissolve into the skin Parasites are commonly found in guinea pigs and it is very quickly and is a very fuss free way of regularly recommended to treat all your guinea pigs regularly. treating your guinea pig for any sort of mite. Revolution Parasites are easily transmitted from one guinea pig to is the recommended treatment choice for internal mites, another. Regularly disinfecting and cleaning your and the abovementioned dosage should be repeated guinea pigs’ cage is a must when trying to eradicate Treatment
any type of parasite. It is a good idea to house your guinea pig in another cage for several days while their This mite cannot be treated with external washes or Disinfecting your guinea pigs home is essential in mite solutions. There are only a couple of known eradicating mites. You will need to disinfect/spray and wash all your guinea pigs surroundings thoroughly and Weaker guinea pigs or guinea pigs kept in poor living then apply fresh bedding for your guinea pig. Keeping conditions and on a poor diet can sometimes become Ivomec (Ivomectin)
your guinea pigs housed elsewhere for a couple of days more heavily infested and/or can be more prone to while their cage is disinfected is recommended as most Ivomec can be purchased from your local vet. You succumbing to the more severe cases of parasite mites cannot live for long without a ‘host’. Regular should not require a consult if you approach the desk infestation, especially in the case of mange mite cleaning and disinfecting of your guinea pigs housing and let them know exactly what you are after and infestation, although perfectly healthy guinea pigs can should help eradicate mite infestations in the future. why. There are different strengths of Ivomec for become infested just as easily. Guinea pigs will usually Mixing a spray bottle with Fido’s Rinse Concentrate or different animals so you’ll need to ask for ‘sheep’ respond quickly to early parasite treatment.
another mite treatment diluted with water and spraying Ivomec that will be taken ‘orally’ via a 1ml syringe. the cage every couple of weeks, should also help keep The vet will ask how much you need. You will need to administer 0.25ml per kilo via syringe once a week for 4 weeks. It is suggested to ask for more than you need in case you need to reuse the product again in the future. To purchase 10ml of Ivomec will usually Dogs and cats carry fleas and fleas are known to live on cost around $3.00. Ivomec has no known side effects rabbits so they may be able to survive on a guinea pig. and if overdosed will not affect the guinea pig. Ivomec However, there are very few known cases of fleas being has proven to be very effective and kills mites found on guinea pigs, it is very rare.
although does not kill the mite eggs hence why a 4 week treatment regime is needed. Treatment will need to continue for these 4 weeks before all mites and their eggs are eradicated.
External Parasites
Revolution (Selamectin)
These parasites live on the external surface of the Revolution has been used on dogs and cats with guinea pig. There are three main types of external great success and is now being used with great Copyright 2007 Australian Cavy Sanctuary. All rights reserved.
parasites that guinea pigs can get, and a description of each is listed below. External mites do not cause Walking Dandruff
stressed or suffering malnutrition, although all guinea severe itching or pain to your guinea pig, although pigs can become infested. Prevention is the best Walking dandruff is better known as CHEYLEITIELLA they can possibly cause coat thinning, mild to option when it comes to internal parasites as they are PARASITOVORAX. This mite can live on other animal moderate itching and/or affect the appearance of the a parasite that causes severe pain and irritation to the species as well, eg. dogs, rabbits, cats. The mite is very coat by being able to see the presence of them. It is a small and is barely visible. When you can see them they good idea to treat your guinea pig at the first sign of look like ‘dandruff’ walking about. To dissolve the skin, Sellnick Mange Mite
any mites before they get heavily infested.
these mites excrete digesting enzymes onto the skin’s surface, which digests a small part of it. After this happens Mange is caused by a mite called TRIXAXARUS CAVIA. Running Lice
the mite eats the dissolved skin. These mites can This mite causes severe itching and scratching, as the There are three different types of running lice but sometimes cause the guinea pig to scratch excessively mite itself lives within the skin of the animal. If the the GLIRICOLA PORELLI is the most commonly found. causing skin irritation, scabs and wounds, although is not guinea pig is not treated in the early stages, or is left These lice are around a millimetre in length and are as severe as mange mite can get. The mite can’t live on untreated, it will eventually emaciate and die. This mite a yellowish colour. They are found on the skin and causes a lot of distress and pain to the guinea pig and people, although some people have experienced skin they move around by wriggling like little worms. They in the more severe cases the guinea pig will noticeably irritation around there necks where the skin is thinner.
can be found anywhere on the guinea pig, but are mostly seen on the guinea pig’s back or around Treatment
Pictured below is a guinea pig suffering from
the eyes and behind the ears. Running lice do not External mites and lice are easily eradicated by bathing untreated severe mange mite infestation.
suck blood, they live from skin debris. The itching your guinea pig in a mite wash which you can purchase caused is only mild to moderate. The lice may cause from your local vet, pet shop or produce store. A thinning of the guinea pigs coat. The lice eggs are recommended product to use is Fido’s Rinse Concentrate attached to the hairs and usually you see them (not the shampoo) which has the active ingredient PYRETHRIN in it which is what kills the mites. This product has proven very effective. Other mite washes with Static Mite
‘pyrethrin’ should also be effective. To be sure all your This mite is called CHIRODISCOIDES CAVIA. No-one guinea pigs are free of mites it is best to bath them in the seems to know exactly where they came from but wash once a week for 3-4 weeks as even though the live they are commonly found in hay. These mites are mites will die the treatment will not kill the mites inside not very tiny and can barely be seen without looking very yet hatched eggs. Static mite can be harder to rid your closely. They firmly attach themselves to the guinea cavy of as even when they are dead their eggs stick to the pig’s coat. They are a very common mite considering coat. Eucalyptus oil rubbed on the coat with a soft towel they are found in hay. They are found particularly has been said to work well in removing the eggs. Mite Signs of mange mite infestation
around the shoulders and on the upper half of the ’spray’ commonly sold in pet shops has not been proven guinea pig. The mites look dark on a light coloured effective at eradicating mites and is not recommended to guinea pig and light on a dark coloured guinea pig.  Scratching, causing self inflicted wounds They sit on the outer surface of the guinea pigs coat and never actually get into contact with the skin. They Internal Parasites
don’t usually cause itching even if your guinea pig  Loss of weight in the later stages (if left untreated, seems to be loaded full of mites. The mites do not Internal parasite infestation is becoming more commonly affect the health of the guinea pig although can found in guinea pigs. Internal parasites live within the  Hair loss (if left untreated, guinea pigs can become skin of the guinea pig and cannot be treated by external multiply very quickly without treatment and in larger numbers can be seen easily on the coat and can mite washes. The more severe cases of this parasite  In the later stages the guinea pig will squeal in pain infestation can flare up in guinea pigs that are pregnant,


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