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Health and CoQ10:
Exploring the Connection Between CoQ10 and
the Prevention of Many Diseases
course it depends on
your own situation. But I “Is CoQ10 just another laboratory
“What’s the big deal if I don’t get
suggest you take a good chemical?”
enough CoQ10?”
look at CoQ10 to see if it No. Your body natural y extracts CoQ10 from the foods you eat. Meat, dairy, and certain vegetables including spinach, and broccoli, Researchers estimate that as little as a 25% contain the highest concentrations of CoQ10.
decline in bodily CoQ10 may contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, fatigue, cancer, and immune problems.
Here Is Other Good
“So if I’m eating OK, I must have
Here are other symptoms of a CoQ10
Wrong. It’s very hard to get al the CoQ10 deficiency in your body:
from your diet. It would take 1 pound of sardines, or 2.5 pounds of peanuts to provide CoQ10. The muscles of your the very minimum Most peoples’ diets only provide about one tenth of the CoQ10 they need each day.
through 60,000 miles of arteries and veins with each “But if I don’t have any of those
“Can anything else deplete my CoQ10
symptoms, I must have enough
CoQ10, right?”
Yes! If you’re on any of these medications, which could be causing many other health In one study, CoQ10
was shown to reduce
the frequency of
angina or
chest pain by 53
Health Matters ▀ Nu
The bottom line:
Blood Pressure Improved With
What is CoQ10?
Research shows that taking enough CoQ10 a day can reduce your blood pressure by an average of 10-15 points. In one study, more than half of patients receiving the right amount of CoQ10 were able to stop using up to three of their blood pressure meds.
CoQ10 Helps Defeat Blood Sugar
CoQ10 has proven to be a valuable therapy for restoring normal blood sugar levels. It’s been shown to lower fasting blood glucose levels by 31%, and reduce destructive ketone Mary Sahs, ND
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is one bottle just as good as the
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No. There are less expensive CoQ10 products available. These are usual y from inferior manufacturers and are made with fil ers that prevent adequate absorption.
Don't settle for second best. Make sure your We are happy to carry the
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