Purpose of the study
- Spirometry measures the ventilation capacity of the lungs as well as bronchoconstriction tendency (narrowing of the airways). It is a breathing test. Your doctor has prescribed the study and can provide additional information about its purpose if needed. - A bronchodilatation (airway expansion) test is done whenever a spirometry test gives reason to suspect asthma, or to evaluate the effectiveness of asthma medication. The test involves normal exhalation, inhalation of an aerosol used in asthma treatment, and spirometry testing about 10 minutes later. Please observe the following instructions before arriving for the test:
- You will need to make a laboratory appointment. The testing takes approximately half an hour. - The study should not be done less than two (2) weeks after recovery from a respiratory infection - Abstain from alcohol for 1.5 days and from coffee, tea, cola drinks, and other stimulants for two (2) hours before your appointment. Do not smoke for the preceding four (4) hours. You do not need to fast, but should avoid eating a heavy meal. - Loose clothing is recommended for the test. - Tell the doctor in charge of the test if you have severe heart disease or are prone to arrhythmia. - Always discuss with your doctor which medications to take. - If you are having spirometry due to suspected asthma, you will undergo diagnostic evaluation and the test will be done without medication (see the table on page 2).
- If spirometry is being done to evaluate the effectiveness of medication (asthma or COPD follow- up) or your fitness for work or a medical procedure, the test should be done while you are on your usual medications, and the medicines should be taken on the day of the study as well. - The bronchodilatation test is also done regardless of medication if spirometry indicates About the study procedures
- In order for reliable results to be obtained, your breaths should be as forceful as possible and be repeated the same way several times. Please be prepared for a test that will require a short period of exertion and your full co-operation. Our staff will provide more specific instructions about the test and evaluate your breathing according to the instructions they have been given. - In some people, the asthma drug used in the bronchodilatation test causes temporary symptoms similar to those of anxiety (tremor of the hands, racing heartbeat). CUSTOMER INSTRUCTIONS

Prior to a diagnostic lung function test, the subject should go without the following drugs
for at least the amount of time indicated.

48 h/4 weeks
48 h/4 weeks
Cough medicines

* The medicine has several mechanisms of action.
The doctor will decide if the caution period will be
observed for the dilating effect or the anti-
inflammatory effect.

Source: http://yhtyneetmedixlaboratoriot.fi/attachments/platform/directories/1312968841_720_14032/assets/Customer%20instructions_YML_Preparing%20for%20a%20spirometry%20or%20bronchodilatation%20test.pdf

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Medical Procedures and Relevant Information 1. Parents and participants should inform us of pertinent health-related information on the MEDICAL INFORMATION AND PERMISSION FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT FORM. 2. If parents wil be traveling while their son is in China, we need to know how they can be reached in case of emergency. Please enter the relevant information on the MEDICAL INFORMATION AND PERMI

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