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1. Which of the following are NOT an effect of NSAIDs on the body? a. Anti-inflammatory b. Anti-pyretic c. Anti-platelet d. Anti-tussive 2. According to Dr. Kotoures, what should the patient do themselves when their peak flow meter measures them as in the “yellow zone”? a. No exercise, consult ATC b. No change in activity or medicine but be cautious c. Reduce exercise, increase medication d. None of the above 3. Which of the following drugs are an antagonist to the Mu receptor? a. Morphine b. Narcan c. Stadol d. Codeine 4. Which of the following drugs inhibits both the Cox-1 and Cox-2 enzyme? a. Rofecoxib b. Ketoprofen c. Celecoxib d. Valdecoxib 5. According to the article posted on Blackboard, NSAIDs are least effective for: a. Muscle injuries b. Ligament injuries c. Tendon injuries d. All of the above 6. Which of the following are NOT considered an eicosanoid? a. Thromboxanes b. Prostaglandins c. Leukotrienes d. None of the above 7. Corticosteroids inhibit the activity of ___________to decrease both prostaglandin a. Phospholipase A2 b. Cox-1 enzyme c. Cox-2 enzyme d. 5-lipoxygenase 8. Which of the following long-term medications for asthma cause bronchodilation? a. Corticosteroids b. Long Acting B2 Agonists c. Antileukotrienes d. Mast Cell Stabilizer 9. Which of the following medications would be contraindicated to administer to a 17-year old football player who is seeking an anti-inflammatory medication a. Ibuprofen b. Aspirin c. Naproxen sodium d. Ketoprofen 10. Which of the following are OTC medications that will decrease inflammation? a. Albuterol b. Acetyl-p-aminophenol c. Excedrin Aspirin Free d. None of the above 11. Which of the following effects ARE seen in an NSAID and NOT in a. Analgesia b. Anti-pyretic c. Anti-tussive d. Anti-platelet 12. Fungal infections of the mouth are primarily associated with which of the a. Azmacort b. Albuterol c. Zyflo d. Serevent 13. As explained in class, which of the following leukotriene modifiers is perhaps the best medication because it has the fewest side effects? a. Zyflo b. Accolate c. Singulair d. None of the above 14. Which of the following is true regarding the effect of opiates o nthe post-synaptic a. Hyperpolarization b. Hypopolarization c. Increases neurotransmitter release d. None of the above 15. Which of the following is NOT true regarding the effects of strong agonists on the a. Decreases breathing rate b. Increases diarrhea c. Decreases cough d. Are addictive 16. Which fo the following drugs have a high affinity for both the Mu and Kappa receptors but only has a high efficacy fo rhte Mu receptor? a. Codeine b. Demerol c. Stadol d. Narcan 17. Which of the following asthma medications should every asthma patient have with them in case of an acute asthma attack? a. Advair b. Foradil c. Atrovent d. Albuterol 18. Which fo the following drugs SHOULD a patient with history of thrombosis take a. Aspirin b. Vioxx c. Acetaminophen d. Vicodin 19. Which of following asthma drugs is an LT-synthesis inhibitor? a. Zyflo b. Singulair c. Accolate d. None of the above 20. Which of the following is NOT true for the proper administration of a “rescue” a. Should take 2 puffs, 30 seconds – 1 minute apart b. Hold mouthpiece and spacer 1-2 inches from lips with mouth open c. Breath in and squeeze down on the medicine canister d. None of the above 21. Scenario: It is 30 minutes before the beginning of the football game. It’s the first round of playoffs and your star running back asks for some drugs to help with the pain of his sprained ankle. He has run out of the drugs that your senior students has allowed him to take by the handful for the entire semester. Knowing the above information, which of the following drugs would be best for this situation? a. Aspiring with food b. Tylenol with codeine No. 3 c. Naproxen Sodium d. Acetaminophen 22. Scenario: The same star running back received a pretty sever quadriceps contusion. What medication would be most appropriate to help him for the first night after the game> a. Ibuprofen b. Tylenol c. Bextra d. Naproxen Sodium Create 2 paragraphs for each of the questions below. In your two paragraphs explain, as clearly and concisely as possible, your answer to domeonstrate to me that you truly understand what to do and why. A) Explain the role of NSAID medications for an athlete who is looking for an anti-inflammatory effect over an analgesic effect B) Explain the role of NSAID medication in an acute injury and what specific medication you would administer to an athlete who has an acute injury and why. C) Explain the specific steps for a patient to utilize an MDI without a 1. Name the only drug that binds to the Mu receptor that is NOT a controlled 2. How many milligrams of codeine are in Tylenol with Codeine No. 2?


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