Personal information


* This information will be kept on file by the W.I.L.D. program coordinators and will stay in a
secure location with the program participants throughout the 90 days. Please include a
photocopy of your passport, birth certificate, driver’s license and your medical insurance

NAME: ________________________________________
Home Address: _________________________________
_________________________________ _________________________________ *Phone Number: ______________________________________ *please provide a number where you can be reached between May & August Personal Email: _________________________________ Birth Date: ____/____/____ (dd/mm/yy) Passport Number: ____________________________ Place of Birth: ____________ Nationality_____________Citizenship:______________________ Health Card Number (Canadian Citizens Only): ______________________________________________ Medical Insurance Company: _____________________________________ Policy #: ______________________________ Medical Insurance Emergency Contact Phone Number: _______________________________________ Emergency Contact Person: Name & Relationship: ___________________________ Home Phone Number: ___________________________ Work Phone Number: ___________________________ Email Address: ________________________________ EMERGENCY CONTACT

In the event of an emergency and your family needs to get in touch with you, please
leave them with the following contact information:
In Canada:

In the US:

In Costa Rica:
Please note that these numbers are given for emergency use only. While on the international river expedition and in Costa Rica it can be very difficult to reach the WILD program participants directly. In the event of a family emergency, please contact Esprit’s main office in Canada and allow 24 hours for them to make contact with WILD. While traveling and in Costa Rica, WILD will be checking in with the main office daily (when possible). The best way for participants to stay in touch with family and friends (for non·emergencies) is to have an email account which can be accessed at internet cafes for the duration of the program. HEALTH AND IMMUNIZATIONS

Working within the adventure travel industry generally requires forays into developing countries
where medical facilities and availability of medical supplies is not the same as what one might
expect at home. As an adventure guide, you are also in a “high risk” category for contracting
communicable diseases due to the level of service required by your contract of service (i.e.: the
necessity to perform first aid). Because of the high level of public interaction, it is highly
recommended that you use “universal precautions” (masks, gloves, etc.) at all times. To further
protect yourself, it is also highly recommended that you acquire, and remain up to date, with
your immunizations.
Recommended General Travel Immunizations: Hep. A, Hep. B, Typhoid, Tetanus
Specific Immunizations:
It is highly recommended that you visit your family doctor or travel clinic to find out the most up to date information regarding immunizations for travel in rural Costa RIca. It is also highly recommended that you investigate and start your immunizations prior to the commencement of WILD. Once WILD begins there are few opportunities to visit travel clinics prior to departure from Canada. Costa RIca is currently at low risk for malaria, however, you should consult your clinic with the most up to date information. Mosquitoes transmit malaria and Dengue Fever and it is best to be protected from them. A good repellent, as well as light·weight long pants and shirts at dusk drastically reduce your contact with mosquitoes.
Trip Cancellation Insurance:

WILD does not offer any refunds or deferral of courses in the event that a participant is unable to continue with the WILD program due to injury, family emergency or personal reasons. It is highly recommended that students purchase a trip cancellation and interruption insurance plan prior to making their final payment on the course to ensure the protection of their investment.
Medical Insurance:
WILD requires that you take out a personal health and travel insurance policy to cover
you against sickness and accidents. You will not be able to leave Canada with WILD
without this insurance policy in place.
For international students, you must have
medical insurance to cover you for the entire duration of the WILD program. Quebec
students may use their Provincial Health Insurance card until their departure from
Canada on approximately Day 38 of WILD. A copy of your policy must be sent to
Esprit by July 1st.
WILD recommends the following agency for Medical and Travel Insurance:
Andrea Wilby | Branch Manager | Travel CUTS
Carleton University,
1125 Colonel By Drive,
Unicentre Room 302,
Ottawa ON
K1S 5B6
613.526.8015 x221 |
WILD School Calendar
Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development Paddle Canada Canoe (Tandem moving water) Transition Between Semesters 4 days free. Costa RIca Day 61 Whitewater Kayaking/Raft Guide training Solo Canoe/Rescue for River Runners R3·Pro Sarapiqui Region Day 77·81 Commercial Trip and Other Rivers Pacuare Region Day 82·83 Host Family Activities Sarapiqui Region Day 84·86 Whitewater Kayaking/Raft Guide training Sarapiqui Region Day 87 International Rafting Federation Assessment Sarapiqui Region Day 88 Independent Student Rafting Expedition Day 89 Graduation & Start of the 8·Day "Family Trip” Sarapiqui Region Day 90 Termination of WILD and Departure PERSONAL EQUIPMENT

When packing your personal equipment for an extended trip, it is important to consider each
article of clothing and equipment carefully. Remember, everything you bring with you. you
must be able to carry. Choose clothing that can be used for multiple purposes. The more
functions that each article of clothing can perform, the lighter your bags will be. We strongly
suggest a multi·purpose backpack for general storage, a day pack for light day trips, a mesh
gear bag for your river equipment as well as a water·tight drybag for extra gear on the water.
We have listed brand names for comparison sake only · visit each company’s website if you are
unsure about what type of river wear to purchase.

River Wear

Patagonia (colour black):
1 · Capilene 2 crew long sleeve shirt
1 · Capilene 2 t-shirt
1 · Capilene 2 bottoms
1 · Capilene 3 crew long sleeve shirt
1 · Capilene 3 bottoms
1 · Gorge Boot low profile shoe
1 · sandals z/2 with stealth rubber
Five Ten
Water Tennie
Kokatat: (colour black or mango)
1 · goretex Rogue drytop (Long Sleeve or Short Sleeve available at Esprit)
1 · goretex Deluxe boater pant
1 · Destination convertible pants, quick dry
1 · Destination paddling shorts, quick dry
1 · outercore long sleeve
1 · outercore pants
2 · pair of hiking medium crew socks
1 · pair of MEC neoprene socks
1 · Drybag, Ocoee 15L
Dryland Wear

4 · cotton t-shirts
2 · cotton long sleeve shirts
2 · pair of shorts
2 · pair of pants
1 · down jacket
1 · fleece jacket
1 · fleece pants
1 · long underwear shirt & pants
1 · hard shell/rain jacket
1 · hard shell/rain pants
1 · hiking shoes (light)
x · socks (usual amount)
x · underwear (usual amount)
1 · set of casual clothes
1 · wool hat

Personal First Aid Kit

All contents should fit in a small waterproof container such as a mini Pelican Case or a Nalgene
container. It is your responsibility to bring sufficient quantities of any specific medications that
you may require for the duration of WILD. Please advise us of the possible side effects of any
medications you are taking and of any dietary requirements related to them.
Antihistamines (Benedryl)
Antibiotics (general purpose, see your Dr.)
Polysporin (antibiotic ointment)
Aspirin and Tylenol
Anti-Inflammatory (Advil, Motrin)
Tinactin antifungal foot cream
Gold Bond or baby powder
Any personal Medications (prescriptions can be difficult to get filled in Costa Rica)

Toiletries & Miscellaneous

Shower kit
Waterproof Sun block
Lip balm
Personal medications
Sunglasses with strap (chums/croakies)
Cell phone (long distance plan)
Head lamp
Pocket knife
Sponge for kayak
Spanish phrase book
Thermarest sleeping pad
Sleeping Bag (·5 C)
If you are considering purchasing your own PFD, please ensure that it is yellow and that it is
equipped with a quick release harness. If you are considering purchasing your own helmet,
please ensure that it is of white colour. For those who are interested in working for Esprit at
anytime in the future, all drytops, paddling jackets, shorts, tights and paddling pants must be
black and/or mango in colour.
Please let us know if you need assistance acquiring additional gear for WILD. As an outfitter,
Esprit is able to acquire equipment at discounted rates and is pleased to pass on these savings
to our WILD participants. You may also try the following companies that support WILD by
offering discounts off their regular retail prices.
Ottawa Paddle Shack (OPS)
We are also pleased to announce a new alliance with Level Six outdoor clothing and equipment.
Level Six has generously offered 25% off most of their items for WILD participants.
All other equipment related issues and questions should be forwarded to WILD program
director Jim Coffey: [email protected]
WILD Equipment Package · 2013

The WILD equipment package is compiled with state of the art equipment. The equipment
listed below has been tested by whitewater instructors and former students and was found to
function well, show good durability and to be very fashionable. Participants must have all the
equipment listed in the equipment package before the start of the program whether it is
purchased as a package through WILD, individual items are purchased through WILD or items
are purchased or previously owned by the participant.
To ensure that we provide you with all the necessary equipment in time for the start of WILD
you will need to organize your order and payment with Jaco Bolle (our office manager) by
August 1st. In addition, please send by e-mail a confirmation message tosaying:
1. Yes, I would like to order the Equipment Package as outlined below. OR 2. No, I will purchase all of my own required equipment.* *Please note that WILD’s equipment is very colour specific: Yellow PFD, White Helmet, Black or yellow/mango clothing. The email should also include the following to help us select the appropriate sizes for equipment such as length of paddle: Your height, PFD size(s/m) or (l/xl), weight, helmet size chest size jacket size waist size shoe size Cost: $1500 CDN + taxes The WILD 2013 equipment package includes: 1. Astral Green Vest Pro Rescue Life Vest (xs), (s), (m), (l) (waist size) black/grey 10. WILD Jacket Embroidered with Wild Logo *Please note that these items come as a package and are offered at a discounted rate. Individual items may be purchased from WILD but will be offered at regular retail prices. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

Do I need a passport?
It is required that you have with you all necessary travel documents and a valid passport
to enter Canada, the United States and Costa Rica prior to the commencement of the
course. It is also recommended that you carry a copy of your birth certificate and two
additional pieces of identification in case of emergency.
Is all medical insurance the same?
Not all medical insurance offers the same international coverage. When purchasing
your medical insurance, make sure that you specify that you will be whitewater rafting
and kayaking. Some companies do not cover whitewater activities. Esprit
recommends contacting:
Andrea Wilby | Branch Manager | Travel CUTS
Carleton University,
1125 Colonel By Drive,

Unicentre Room 302,
Ottawa ON
K1S 5B6
613.526.8015 x221 |
How often will I have access to the phone and/or internet?
While at Esprit, there are pay phones, and free wi-fi. While on the International River
Expedition, access to internet and payphones will be limited. While in Costa Rica, there
are payphones that can be used with the purchase of phone cards as well as internet
What weight of sleeping bag should I bring?
As we are traveling through the US during the fall it is a good idea to have a sleeping
bag rated down to ·5°. In addition, you may want to consider bringing a cotton/silk
sleeping bag liner for warmer nights (as we will be in the tropical jungles of Costa Rica)
and a travel pillow.
Are there laundry facilities available during the course?
While in Canada, there are coin-operated laundry machines at Esprit’s basecamp.
During the International River Expedition, laundry service will be limited and hand
washing may be the only option available in some remote locations. There are laundry
services in Costa Rica which offer machine wash, dry and fold.
What if I do not have all the suggested items on the Personal Equipment List?
Don’t worry if you do not have all the items on the list. Some articles of clothing can be
purchased for reasonable prices at stores like Trailhead (Ottawa, Toronto), Mountain
Equipment Co-Op (Ottawa, Toronto, web), Ottawa Paddle Shack (Ottawa), REI (USA,
web) and other outdoor equipment retail stores.
What type of accommodation will I be staying in?
While in Canada, Esprit will be providing you with accommodation in a platform tent
(wooden platform with roof over tent). Tents are based on shared accommodation with
one other WILD student. Private tenting accommodation is possible for those with their
own tents. While on the International River Expedition, the accommodation will be
tenting for the majority of the trip. In Costa Rica we will be in hotels, camping and
staying in private homes.
Are all my meals included in my tuition fee?
While at our base camps in Canada and in Costa Rica, all of your meals are included in
the WILD tuition. Meals on the road (while in transit) are not included in the tuition fee.
You should budget approximately $500 for those meals and other expenses (such as
refreshments, snacks, internet and laundry) during this section of the program.

What options are available to me upon completion of the course?
The WILD program finishes on “Day 90” in Costa Rica. Upon completion there are a
number of options available to you:
1. You can fly home via the airports in San Jose or Liberia. 2. You can remain in Costa Rica and try to gain river work with a local Costa Rican rafting company. Pay is usually in Colones and approximately the equivalent of $60 Canadian per day. If you are considering this, you may want to acquire some basic language skills in Spanish. This can be done before commencing WILD or by taking an intensive language course in Costa Rica after the completion of WILD. 3. You can continue traveling throughout Costa Rica, Central America or beyond! 4. You can apply for a 2 month internship position with Esprit Costa Rica and gain valuable experience running weeklong paddling and multisport trips throughout the winter. Specific details on these internship positions will be discussed at some point during the course. Internship includes accommodations and group meals at our base camp when eating with guests. A kitchen is provided for interns to prepare their own meals while not eating with the group. Internship fee is $500 for 2 months or $100/week to cover cost of accommodations, transport, designated meals and training activities/opportunities. Interns will be selected based on skill and merit.
What is the optional “Family Trip”?
At the end of WILD, Esprit offers an 8·Day Adventure program at a discounted rate for
family and friends of WILD graduates. The trip is guided by all of the recent graduates
who have family or friends joining. It’s an exciting opportunity for WILD graduates to
gain commercial trip experience and it’s a fantastic opportunity for family and friends to
see your newly acquired expertise while exploring a beautiful part of Costa Rica! The
fee for "Family and Friends" is $1500 p/p (a savings of $250) if booked prior to October
1 2013. The dates for the family trip are Nov. 30 to Dec. 7 2013 and include joining
WILD for the final banquet dinner.

WILD (North American Semester)
$9500 CDN + tax ($853.58 CDN portion only) $5000 CDN (no tax) WILD (Advanced Costa Rica Semester) $1500 + tax (optional equipment package)
SAVE $1000 By Combining Both North America and Costa Rica.
$13500 + tax ($853.58 based on CDN portion of WILD)

Total = $14353.58 (CDN) + Equipment Package
The course fee includes: all instruction, all accommodations, most meals (as outlined),
listed equipment (as outlined), kayak rental for duration of program, certification fees
and transportation (excluding flight to/from Costa Rica) up until course completion in
Costa Rica.
The course fee does not include personal expenditures while at Esprit’s basecamps in
Canada and Costa Rica (i.e.: shop, internet access, equipment purchases, meal and
bar purchases) international flights to/from Costa Rica, nor does it provide replacement
for lost, broken or stolen equipment. In the event that replacement equipment is
necessary, participants must repurchase them. Replacement equipment will be
available through WILD.

A $1000 deposit is required at the time of booking; this includes a $250 non·refundable
administration fee. 50% of the balance is due 90 days prior to the course
commencement, the full amount is due 60 days prior to course commencement.
Balances will be automatically charged on these dates. The order form and payment for
the optional “Equipment Package” is due on August 1st in order to ensure all items arrive
in time for course commencement.
WILD offers an financing plan where participants can pay for their course over an
extended period of time: The payment schedule is as follows.
Time of booking $1000 Deposit.
60 Days Prior $5000 (+ Equipment Package)
30 Days Prior$1000 (+853.58 tax)
Sept. 1 $1500
Oct. 1 $1500
Nov. 1 $1500
Dec. 1 $1500
Jan. 1 $1500
Total $14500 (+853.58 tax)
Payment plans must be made with post dated cheque backed up by a c/c of the
participant AND a c/c # of a Guarantor. A promissory note to pay WILD in full
regardless of course completion for any reason will need to be signed and Notarized by
both the participant and the Guarantor.
Payment plans are only accepted for participants enrolled in both portions of
WILD and are not eligible for the $1000 combined package discount.

A full refund will be received for cancellations made 60 days prior to the course
departure date less the $250 administration fee. Cancellations made within 60 days are
non-refundable. We highly suggest purchasing cancellation insurance through your
travel agency.
This deposit is used in the event that you need fast access to cash for emergency
situations, as many places that we visit may not have ATM’s, debit card or credit card
machines. This deposit allows us to help you out in the event that we need to pay for
your medication or food. This deposit should be given to your WILD coordinators in
cash on the first day of the program. If not used, this cash deposit (or the remaining
balance) will be given back to you at the end of the course.
WILD provides high quality, nutritious meals. Great detail is put into accommodating
special diets and care is provided for specific food allergies. All professional guides
should be adept at meal preparation and clean-up. Quite often participants will be
responsible for food purchasing, preparation as well as clean-up under the supervision
of the WILD instructors. As the program spends a great deal of time on the road, meals
in transit are left to the participants’ responsibility. Participants should budget a
minimum of $500 for this expense.


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