Minutes from 17th november 2009 v 2

Who was there? Lesley Taylor-BDCT, Dave Atkins, Lydia Sharp-BDCT, Hanna, Stephen, Adam, Tom, Sarah, James, Joanna-People First Keighley and Craven, Walter O’Neill, Greg Fell - NHSBA, Kay Pagan-Bradford Hospitals, Katrina Brown-University of Leeds, Ruth Foster-CTLD, come but couldn’t Lynne Shippe – Choice Advocacy Meeting Opened James opened the meeting at 10.30am Public Health
Greg Fell from Public Health first talked Swine Flu
about swine flu. He said the second wave had started but it wasn’t as bad as had but it will still make you poorly. There in Bradford and Airedale but this figure drink plenty of water, take paracetamol, and rest. Phone your GP or the pandemic To help stop spreading the virus you need to wash your hands regularly and throw away tissues straight away. risk and healthcare workers. Swine flu is not the same as seasonal flu so you will need separate vaccinations. If you have not been invited to have one then you can contact your GP. The number of deaths from swine flu have been very low. Walter asked about the side effects of tamiflu and Greg said you need to report to your GP if you get any. Public Health
Public Health are based in the PCT. They said there has not been much done in the area of learning disabilities recently. We explained that it is about understanding the particular needs of people with learning disabilities and taking them into account in all Public Health initiatives, not about doing separate things for people with LD. Greg wants to work with us to give him a perspective of people with learning disabilities. It was agreed that the group will discuss Public Health issues regularly and provide feedback to Greg. We talked about the Aim project and the leaflets that they produce. Walter will show Greg the leaflets. The group thanked Greg for his talk and hoped that this is the start of work to come. Greg left the meeting. Minutes of last Stephen read through the minutes. They
Social Care
meetings of this committee since we last Committee
met and we have had no feedback on the questionnaire. Assessment
results of the Health Assessment in Bradford and Airedale. The process will start again in January. Walter has been reviewing this with people from around the country and seeing how we can do it even better next year. BPF Health
attend the meeting but Walter has had a meeting with them. The Health Checking group are producing an easy read leaflet on using eye services and have visited some opticians. They are also working with a group from Lancashire to produce information about terminal illness and bereavement. AIM Project
Facilitation and recruitment for Health Facilitators. Two
(SLTs). There will be 4 SLTs and some will be based in Keighley. Dave has already looked at the training that they want people to have from SLTs. Forming links to GP’s will be a high priority. Learning
at case loads and some cases are being transferred to social workers, so that nurses have more time to do nursing tasks. More social workers have been employed which has helped. We will discuss health action plans in future meetings. Closing the Gap Walter has not managed to catch with
Ian Brooke Mawson yet, about making closer links with Carers’ groups. Kay said that the LD awareness training in Bradford Royal Infirmary is going well. Co-Chair
The letter has been sent to Keith Wyatt about this but we are waiting for a response. Future Meetings The next meeting will be held in the
Keighley, from 10.30am to 12.30pm,
on Tuesday, 19th January, 2010

After that, meetings will be every 6
weeks, on a Tuesday
2nd March, 13th April, 25 May, 6th July,
Public Health
certain conditions are for people with learning disabilities, how many people with attending screenings, how many were invited, and when people didn’t attend then why didn’t they attend. The top topics for public health are diet/nutrition, hearing and sexual health. Any other
Is it good and how could it be improved? Meeting Closed The meeting closed at 12.50pm.
those who supported us in making Health Services more accessible and higher quality in 2009. We look forward to your continued support in 2010.

Source: http://www.wearepeople2.net/Libraries/Local/822/Docs/Minutes%20from%2017th%20November%202009%20v%202.pdf


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