Wine is the difference
between eating and dining
I look forward to a glass of wine while preparing supper, was, in fact, a sense of dread as mealtime approached, be- and at least another with the evening meal. My husband cause what I used to look forward to — the combination Caffeine-free and I eat well, and dinner is our night’s entertainment. And of two of my favourite things — food and wine — wasn’t VINE LINES root beer, or I apologize to no one for my indulgence in, or my intrigue going to happen. And I was missing that amalgamation caffeine-free with, the fermented fruit of the vine.
It’s a hobby of sorts — I’ve already used the word “pas- But I did my best to persevere. And then I hit upon a few sion” — that brings me great joy and satisfaction. I love the solution that wasn’t real y a solution, but that did make weeks ago, exploration, the discovery, the journey, if you will, that things a little easier. I poured a tiny amount of wine into a that’s what I comes from and with exploring the layers, the subtleties, glass, and sniffed it as I ate my bites of steak, or hamburger, was about to the intricacies of a glass (or two) of wine. or pickerel, or pasta. And while it was no substitute for a So you can understand my consternation about being sip of wine, it helped. A bit.
But before without such an integral part of my life for a couple of There is, however, no substitute for the real thing. And N I get to the weeks. Especial y over a long weekend. Especial y when I discovered that, for me, wine is the difference between answer, here’s the weather’s real y getting nice, and when a good read on eating and dining. And I really, REALLY like to dine.
another question: the deck is enhanced substantial y by a glass of wine.
But to make this once again a wine column as opposed to a whine column, here are a couple of beverages I’ve been Al I usual y drink is water and wine. I cut pop from my dreaming about during my imposed abstinence. The Baus she can’t drink alcohol for daily regimen years ago. But with the absence of wine from Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon (2009) from Cali- my diet, after a few days with only water and club soda, I fornia, which is simply sensational, especially for $16.99, Thanks to a suspected infection picked up in the tropics, was beginning to lose my mind.
and the Essenze Sauvignon Blanc (2010), a delightful bev- my system took its sweet time, but eventually wound up I don’t drink fruit juice — it makes me gassy, and I don’t erage, for $18.95. Upcoming columns will feature more on bringing me to my knees with what’s probably colitis.
particular like the beverage OR the aforementioned result those when I can actually sip wine again.
Now anyone who’s had this, or heaven forbid, has a of its consumption — and I can’t take any amount of caf- In exactly four days, five hours and 31 minutes.
chronic case of this, knows it’s no picnic. (In fact, the words feine (which is also prohibited on this drug regimen), so I Not that I’m counting or anything.
“agony” and “hel ish” spring immediately to mind.) The didn’t have many options. But I was looking for something medications used to treat it, in the words of the doctor at — anything — that wasn’t water. Something with some the walk-in clinic I eventual y turned to for help, are flavour. Something like, well, wine! And I didn’t find it. Small bits of iced tea (which also “These are nasty drugs — NASTY!” he said, contains caffeine, so I couldn’t have much), and the above- mentioned pop concoctionst were, honestly, just dreadful I did. But as awful as they are — or were, by to my taste with normal meals (the drugs also leave a the time this makes it to print — they’re noth- metallic taste in the mouth that distorts both the flavours of food and, I think, one’s olfactory senses too — more which, according to my pharmacist and multi- I decided ginger ale was about the best beverage I could ple sources on the Internet, is a medicine that combine with a meal and not feel too hard done by. But was devised for the treatment of alcohol abuse and dependence. If you drink while you take it, I’ve tried the de-alcoholized wines before — they smel the side effects are — here’s that word again promising, just like real wine, but the taste is not even remotely in the ball park. To Nausea, “copious” vomiting, sweating, throbbing headache, respiratory difficulty, chest pain, heart palpitations, weakness, ver- tigo, blurred vision, and confusion are just I’ve already mentioned, fruit juice and mix this drug with alcohol. So natural y, wanting to rid myself of the infection, I


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