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Name: Soryia El-Tantawy HafezDate of birth: 14/01/1957Graduations: B.Sc in Entomology – grade: "Excellent" –6/11/1979 Faculty of Science, Ain shams university - M.Sc in Entomology "Toxicology" - Ph.D in Entomology "Toxicology" Professionals: - Demonstrator, Ent. Dept – Fac. Sci Positions
Date: 06/11/1979Faculty of science, Ain shams, university - Assistant lecturer, Ent. Dept. Fac. Sci - Assistant professor, Ent. Dept. Fac. Sci - Professor of Entomology, Ent. Dept Fac. Sci Professor in –( pest control) Ent. Dept Fac.
ﻊﻤﺘﺠﻤﻟاو ﮫﻌﻣﺎﺠﻟ ا: هروﺪﻟا ﻢﺳا - ﮫﯾرادﻹا تارﺎﮭﻤﻟ ا: هروﺪﻟا ﻢﺳا - 2004 / 12 / 13 -11 : ﺦﯾرﺎﺘﻟا - لﺎﻌﻔﻟا ضﺮﻌﻟا تارﺎ 2005 / 1 / 18 -16 : ﺦﯾرﺎﺘﻟا - ﮫﻨﮭﻤﻟا باداو تﺎﯿﻗﻼ 2005 / 8 / 1 – 7 / 30 : ﺦﯾرﺎﺘﻟا - تﻼﻜﺸﻤﻟا ﻞﺣو تاراﺮﻘﻟا ذﺎﺨﺗ 2005 / 9 / 20 - 17 : ﺦﯾرﺎﺘﻟا - ﮫﻨﮭﻤﻟا باداو تﺎﯿﻗﻼ هﺪﻤﺘﻌﻤﻟا تﺎﻋﺎﺴﻟ List of publication
− Abul-Yazid I.; Mona I. Mohemmed; Soryia E. Hafez, and Saadya
M. El-Bermawy (2000): Effect of Gamma Rays on the protein and
nuclei acids of Bombyx mori. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 13 (A).
−El-Banna, A.; Soryia E. Hafez and Mona I. Mohammed (2002):
Laboratory studies on the infection of Fannia canicularis (L.) with the "white muscardine" fungal disease. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., − Hussin, M.A.; Soryia E. Hafez; Layila El-Sherif and Mona Huwedy
(1994):Histopathological effects of chamomile against larvae of
spiny ball worm Earias insulana (F. noctudae: O. Lepidoptera).
Journal of faculty of Education No. 19.
− Layila El-Sherif; Hussin, M.A.; Soryia E. Hafez and Mona Huwedy
(1994):Efficiency of certain plant oil extracts against newly
hatched larvae of Earias insulana (Boisd) and Pectinophora gossypiella (saunders). Journal of faculty of Education No. 19.
− Mona I. Mohammed and Soryia E. Hafez (2000): Biochemical
studies on the protein content of the fat body and haemolymph of fourth larval instar of Musca domestica L., adult haemolymph and gonads both emerging from reciprocal crosses after treatment with an organophosphorus pesticides. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 13 (A).
− Mona I. Mohammed and Soryia E. Hafez (2000): Biological and
biochemical effects of the non volatile plant oil jojoba against Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae). J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 13 − Mona I. Mohammed; Soryia E. Hafez and El-Banna, A. (2003):
Histopathological and Ultrasturctural studies on the gut of Culex pipiens Larvae treated with non-volatile jojoba oil with special reference to the lysosomal activities. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 43C: Histology and Histochemistry, 97-122.
− Nassar, M.; Soryia E. Hafez; Farag, A. and Aouthman, M. (1999):
Efficacy of Baysir 8514 and percocene II against the Grey flesh fly Parasarcophaga dux (Thomson) (Diptera: sarcophagidae). J.
− Ragaa K.A. Hamed and Soryia E. Hafez (2004): Ultrastructure of
spermatogenesis of the cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd) (Lipidoptera: Noctuidae) as affected by fenitrothion and diflubenzuron. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 45E: Entomology, 81- − Saadya M. El-Bermawy; Thoryia F. Qotb and Soryia E. Hafez
(1995): Changes in malate dehydrogenase and malic enzyme
activities during the developmental stages of Musca domestica after treatment with sumilarv. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc. Zool., 18 (E).
− Soryia E. Hafez (1994): Fine structure of thoracic ganglia of
Schistocerca gregaria treated with Fenitrothion. J. Egypt. Ger. Soc.
− Soryia E. Hafez (2003): Effect of Jojoba oil on spermatozoa of
mosquito adult males of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae).
J.Egypt. Acad Soc. Environ. Develop., (A-Entomology), 3 (2): 1- − Soryia E. Hafez and El-Robh, M.S. (2005): Extended effects of some
insecticides against the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd). J.Egypt. Acad Soc. Environ. Develop., (C- − Soryia E. Hafez and Mona I. Mohammed (2000): Histopathological
studies on different tissues of the house fly larvae Musca domestica treated with two different organophophorus insecticides. J. Egypt.
− Soryia E. Hafez and Ragaa K.A. Hamed (2004): Effect of permethrin
and diflubenzuron on the fine structure of the ovary of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). J. Egypt. Ger. Soc.
− Soryia E. Hafez; Mona I. Mohemmed; Abul-Yazid, I. and Saadya
M. El-Bermawy (2003): Histopathological effects of of Gamma
irradiation on the intestinal tube and silk gland of mulberry silk worm, Bombyx mori (L.) (LepidopteraL Bombycidae). J. Egypt.
Acad. Soc. Environ. Develop., (A-Entomology), 3 (1): 1-17.
− Zamzam A. Ahmed; Soryia E. Hafez; Hassan, S.A. and Samia A.
Mohemed (2005): Changes in some biological aspects and free
amino acids in potato tuber moth treated with granulosis virus.
Bull. Entomol. Soc. Of Egypt (ARE), 82 (147): 147-161.
− Zamzam A. Ahmed; Zahran, W.E.; Soryia E. Hafez and Hassan,
S.A. (2004):
thuringiensis in the control of pulse beetle Callesobruchus chinensis (L.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae). The Egyptian Journal of



PHENOTYPIC AND GENOTYPIC CHARACTERIZATION OF LACTOBACILLUS SAKEI ISOLATED FROM PORTUGUESE FERMENTED MEAT PRODUCTS FOR TETRACYCLINE RESISTANCE Martins, A., Makita, M., Fernandes M.H., Fernandes M.J., Barreto A.S. and Fraqueza, 1Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, UTLisbon, Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar em Sanidade Animal (CIISA), Av. da Universidade Técnica, Pólo Univ

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