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For those who care about the human future. All the confused talk and violence: what does it mean? Dr. Al Sears; Quote: ".
Will this change? To understand why activities such The pharmaceutical giant Wyeth is being sued over its as mentioned above are allowed, even encouraged, synthetic hormone drugs Premarin and Prempro. They first learn basic logic. The conniving of generations [those suing] are alleging the drugs can cause cancer cannot be exposed and explained in a single sentence. Though I understand the problem I still find it hard to During the discovery process, they uncovered a scam. accept that humans may fail to retain sufficient And what a doozy this scam is! Wyeth paid ghost- intellectual morality and logical ability to see that writers to create scientific review articles. These evidence such as above is serious enough to awaken articles were then published in leading medical journals. And these articles are full of misleading data that led doctors to believe they were safe. When the system and government becomes so Doctors prescribed these medications and women died ineffectual, and the community so uncaring of itself as a result. Here’s how Wyeth’s deception worked: that the authority of its leading literature can be The ghostwriters wrote the journal articles. The corrupted virtually at will, then, as a culture, we have articles touted the benefits of synthetic hormone obviously been stripped quite bare of our human moral replacement therapy. And downplayed all the risks. defences. Surely we are still able to see and Serious risks, like invasive breast cancer, stroke, heart understand this! I work on that assumption. Greed knows no limits; boundless wealth is not Then, the ghostwriters paid top physicians to sign their enough. Globalist greed turned to accumulation of name as the author of the article. It didn’t matter that power and when they saw that THEIR earth was the physicians hadn’t contributed anything or very becoming over-populated and THEIR resources little to the writing or scientific review of the available destroyed, their intent became directed to owning the studies. And the doctors didn’t know that the drug earth and to enslaving those of its inhabitants who company was paying for the study. might be useful as servants or for experiment. The final versions of these articles didn’t mention Obviously the prospect of explaining the problem to Wyeth’s financial ties. Even the respected journals gain a human solution did not suit the mean minded. For them it was then a simple step to learn how the The plan worked. Doctors rely on medical journals. As human mind works and use this for subversion and a result, thousands prescribed synthetic hormones to take-over. After all, if you can control governments in their patients, thinking it was perfectly safe. It’s no the most advanced nations then all else may seem wonder sales of Premarin and Prempro spiked to almost $2 billion in 2001. At one time, Premarin was the #1 moneymaking prescription in the U.S. So HOW WAS it DONE?
Well that's the story of "Hegelian Dialectic". If you can’t trust the medical journals, what are you
The roots of Hegelian dialectic grow from a power left with? I’ve always been skeptical that drugs are
principle called "Divide and Conquer", also known as: the only answer. I always ask myself these questions:
"playing both ends against the middle". What did nature intend?” End Quote.
For real kick-in-your-teeth contempt it now includes a Well there you have it. Those mean-spirited people
division called "Outcomes Based Education". are rarely brought to account, having such power and wealth they get careless but few honest citizens take Originally exposed as a socialist principle this was not up the fight on behalf of the human family. Globalist connected in the more democratic mind with 'free' confidence is justified; even if exposed, we, in our Capitalism. But of course Capitalism and Communism great majority, seem now too dumbed-down to defend was the first big divide in the "divide and conquer" ourselves even when social abuse is obvious. plan. This set the pathway for the following: Humanist ambitions: humanism, as a name, is clearly
A free human mind appreciates that moral human social behaviour is a human essential – something comfortably within our natural ability. Nevertheless This is no childish schoolyard game! There is no bankers and financial planners embraced a system of public evidence that the largest Secret Service ever obvious confidence trickery: a trickery leading to assembled is in that service but this vast economic human consequences that, obviously, were without force (ruling national philosophies and governments) has no use for military might, so it is entirely irrational to imagine that Globalism does not employ an army of So if the Hegelian Dialectic is not operating and if most people do not now believe that they, basically, deformities, integrate rumours and reshape truth. All are animals created by chance; why do you think that as needed to balance their divide and conquer there is continual discussion and fierce loyalty without programs and give credibility to humanism's pretence. resolution or understanding – my football team; my political party; my take on Global Warming – don't The Hegelian Dialectic Principle:
talk about truth, justice or mercy; what has that to do with anything; my ideas are me? My dogmas, are my heart and soul! Winning is our game! I AM animal! I Sides-taking loyalty is a primitive survival instinct that The game is to restrict opponents to a futile is now 'un-naturally' encouraged through party stubbornness; then manipulate blind futility to accept politics, professional sport; etc. Sides' taking is for the outcome desired by those behind the program. As easy avoidance of understanding; it is an essential is now plain to sight Globalism creates problems, then force in Hegelian Dialectic control. Combine with dumbing down of logic; what do you get? Confusion, Evidence shows that, by trickery and threat, Globalists have ruled our corrupted national governments for Yes climates do change continually; change creates well over 100 years. You may find that hard to erratic violent weather with proven capacity to believe but if you love truth, you will find the evidence decimate population on this overpopulated and on site leaves you beyond logical doubt. overstressed earth even without our help! This vast interlocking system could not form without Only when we see that both sides are misled in order to achieve dominance by a third party do we look for 1. How many today have a basic understanding of what neither side tells us. Only then do we appreciate Global Warming (its origin and potential)? that earth changing cycles may extend over millions of 2. Of the Natural value of money (finance)! years even without that human intervention which 3. Of legitimate Democratic Politics (Immorality of upsets balance and returns massive pollution to the air. Were these sites the only ones to explain this? Or anything of importance to human culture! The basics of culture and education are not quantum So, having danced happily up the garden path for gain science; these matters can be understood from of animal pleasures, can we challenge this DEATH information on this and associated sites! TRAP with the intelligence we were given? Can we accept our responsibility for life and not submit to Without the deforming force of Hegelian Dialectic we emotions' dead-end? Can we accept that Christian could never descend to present depths of inhumanity. Revelation warned of this? Political reform is in our hands, ignore those who complicate issues. Life is for Increasingly biased education has needed 100 years of living in simple practicality. If it is established, true dumbing-down to bring humans to take sides in blind democracy will prove a safe system of government. partisan support of what we now selfishly value as This leaflet, based on, "Re-Birthing Culture".
"our side". Unfortunately that is what most now do! For backup go to:
Except for this, Globalism's philosophy of deceit could or


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• Understand the incidence and risks of tardive dyskinesia with atypical and conventional antipsychotic therapies in older patients. metabolic side effects from prescribed antipsychotics therapies in older patients. • Evaluate potential risks of falls, DM and other side effects in older patients requiring psycho-active therapies. – management of psychosis– Brief psychotic disorders du

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THE DANGEROUS DRUGS (AMENDMENT) ORDINANCE, 1960 Supplement "C" to the Gambia Gazette No. 36 of 31 August 1960 Assented to in Her Majesty's name this Twenty-sixth day of August, 1960. K. G. S. SMITH, Officer Administering the Government AN ORDINANCE TO AMEND THE DANGEROUS DRUGS ORDINANCE (CAP. 111) ENACTED by the Legislature of the Gambia, as follows: THIS ORDINANCE

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