Sudhichai Chokekijchai, M.D., FRCP (Thai).
15th, 1960

Nationality: Thai

Marital Status: Single

1990: Fellow of Thai Royal College of Physician, Bangkok
Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok
1984: B.Sc , Mahidol University, Bangkok


Thai, English


17/258 Prachachuen Rd., Tungsonghong, Laksri, Bangkok 1210, Thailand

Current Professional Affiliation:

Member of Thai Royal college of Physician
Member of Thai Allergy and Immunology Association
Member of Thai Infectious Diseases Association

Career history:
1987-1998 Government
Chief Resident, Internal Medicine
Staff of Allergy and Immunology Unit
• National Cancer Institute ( 1995-1996), USA General fellowship (Research in HIV drug)
Staff of Allergy and Immunology Unit
Sep 1997 to Sep 1998
Bangkok, Thailand
Medical Director
Sep 1998 to Dec 2000
Eli-Lilly Asia Inc. Thailand Branch
Bangkok, Thailand
Medical Director
Jan 2001 to Aug 2008
AstraZeneca (Thailand) Ltd.
Medical director
Sep 2008 to present
Novartis (Thailand) Ltd.
Chief Scientific Officer
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Glucose Transporter Expression
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CURRICULUM VITAE PERSONAL INFORMATION Lecturer, Department of Biomedical Engineering International University, Vietnam National Uni RESEARCH INTERESTS Controlled bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs, solubilization techniques, and development of nano-drug delivery systems. EDUCATION BACKGROUND From 2008 to 2011: Ph.D. Degree in Pharmaceutics , College of Pharmacy, Kangw

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