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Thirty years at the interface of organic chemistry, molecular biology and fermentation, with over ten years of successful interdisciplinary consultancy serving smal /start-up pharma & industrial biotech / bio-based chemicals companies. Provides CTO-level management service, patent liaison, technical strategy and due diligence for investment. Directed multi-disciplinary process development groups in major corporations and start-ups. Built new, practical technology base within both start-up/smal company and large corporate environments. Delivered profit-making IP covering chemo-enzymatic processes. Extensive interdisciplinary management experience covering organic chemistry, molecular biology, biotransformations & biocatalysis, microbial strain development (recombinant & classical), fermentation and process development & scale-up in multiple projects, including processes integrating al of these disciplines. Developed and scaled-up combined biological/chemical processes for production of commodity chemicals from biomass including al aspects from fermentation seed train to final chemical purification. Extensive experience under GMP for API production via ful y synthetic processes, semi-synthetic, and natural product fermentations plus attendant CMC sections of IND & NDA filings. North American Editor of international peer-reviewed journal and Chairs of international symposia in the field of biocatalysis and bio-based chemicals. Provides technical due diligence for investment and funding decisions, and expert witness service for patent infringement litigation. APPOINTMENTS
PureVison Technology, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board zuChem Scientific Advisory Board & CSO, zuSyn Inc. (2006-8) Kent BioEnergy Scientific Advisory Board Sr. Advisor, Michigan Biotechnology Institute (MBI) Director, Fermentation & Biocatalysis Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb North American Editor, Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic Manager, Biotransformations Group, Schering-Plough Research Institute EDUCATION
MRC Post-doctoral Fel ow in Molecular Biology, University of Colorado, Boulder Organic Synthesis, University of Toronto Biological Chemistry, University of Toronto Biochemistry, Trinity Col ege, University of Toronto PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
WWW.TECHDILIGENCE.NET Founded Dodds & Associates to provide strategic technical planning and project management to the pharmaceutical, biotech, industrial biotech, and bio-based chemicals and biofuels industries. Provide smal and start-up companies with experience at CTO / VP level at interface of chemistry and biotechnology. Executed contracts with over twenty clients since 2002. Pharma projects successfully concluded with licensing by large pharma houses, and biobased chemicals client acquired for IP. Client references available. Completed and current projects include: • Senior technical executive for smal entities: - CTO service; management of science program, IP strategy and competitive analysis, patent liaison - as interim CSO for client, responsible for lab build-out, technology base, contract work & staffing - technical direction of chemists, biologists and engineers, from broadly strategic to highly detailed • Experience with venture funding for industrial biotechnology - identification and presentation of technical opportunities to the fund, including white-papers for - significant experience with academic founders, university licensing groups, and senior management in an interdisciplinary start-up environment; presentations to regional development committees • Service on Scientific Advisory Boards; technical presentations to Corporate Board and investors • Project Management; organic chemistry, molecular biology, fermentation and microbiology: - development and scale-up of both fermentation and chemical processes for pharma and biobased chemicals projects including strain development, molecular biology, organic synthesis and chemical route selection, biocatalysis and downstream processing - single point of contact for clients’ outsourced projects after project awarded to contractors; direct technical support of CMO for client including on-site meetings at foreign locations - management and technical support for total syntheses, fermentations and strain development • Expert witness service; experience in opinions, depositions, affidavits, and cross-examinations BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Invited to BMS in 1999 to lead a new group of 50 scientists organized into chemical process development,
molecular biology, fermentation development, and GMP analytical functions.
Developed chiral chemical processes, plus fermentations for natural products, enzyme production, and
biocatalysis. Projects included fermentation and isolation of natural products, establishing culture banks and
seed train for large-scale fermentations supplying clinical material under GMP; biocatalysis via whole cel ,
resting biomass, and isolated enzymes; screening, cloning, chemical gene synthesis, expression and
immobilization of enzymes, plus al necessary process organic chemistry.
Reviewed al technology presented to BMS for paclitaxel production. Renewed and managed multi-million
dol ar taxane project with external company. Technical due diligence for licensing and investment projects. SCHERING-PLOUGH RESEARCH INSTITUTE
Invited to SPRI in 1991 to establish a new group to develop biocatalysis for syntheses of APIs. The Group
had a total of 37 public releases plus 13 patent disclosures, of which 6 issued as patents.
Introduced biological catalytic activities in chemical process at scales ranging from the smal -scale lab
synthesis of metabolites, to pilot plant processes providing clinical material. Established enzyme process
now used commercial y in synthesis of Posaconazole. SEPRACOR
Managed biocatalysis research, creating commercial opportunities for Sepracor's core membrane platform.
Inventor of commercial enzyme process for resolution of Diltiazem intermediate.


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