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Press Release 15 February 2013

Taurus Energy AB’s research studies show the potential for improved ethanol
A three-year joint project involving Taurus Energy AB, SEKAB e-technology,
Chalmers University of Technology and Lund University aimed at developing
the process technology for large-scale ethanol production from forestry and
agricultural waste has shown considerable promise. Vinnona contributed 50%
of the funding for the project, with the remainder shared equally between
Taurus and SEKAB. The results of the research show that the yeast strains
used now have improved fermentability, more rapid growth and greater
resistance to inhibitors than the original yeast strains.

Taurus Energy AB supplies a new method for ethanol production from forestry and
agricultural waste, in which both hemicel ulose and cel ulose are converted to
ethanol. The method generates major environmental benefits, with the production
cost of ethanol cut drastical y compared to existing methods.
One of the chal enges until now has been to ferment al the sugar in lignocel ulose, a
process known as pentose fermentation, with high yield and productivity, while
achieving a high concentration of ethanol. The yeast strains developed through the
joint project exhibited a higher fermentation capability, more rapid growth and a
higher tolerance to inhibitors than the parent strains. A unique marker has been
added to the new strains, so that the origin of the yeast can be verified. This
becomes particularly useful when Taurus Energy enters into agreements with
external parties for testing the company’s yeast strains.
Some of the research was carried out on yeast strains which are free from ampicil in
resistance genes – an important factor, since US regulations prohibit this gene in
industrial tests and production. Initial y, the fermentability of the yeast was reduced
when this gene was eliminated, but the xylitol yield was subsequently improved with
modified yeast strains, and the fermentation capability is now back to the same level
as when the yeast strain containing the ampicil in gene was used.
The studies, therefore, have demonstrated improved fermentability in using sugar
solution (hydrolysate) for the production of environmental y low-impact ethanol as a
fuel. As a result, the methods employed to produce ethanol on an industrial scale can
now be improved, with considerable benefits for the future commercialization of
ethanol production.
The project has focused primarily on Swedish raw materials, such as wheat straw,
but the technology can be adapted for raw materials which are significant on a global
scale, such as corn cobs and stover, increasing the potential for exporting this
Swedish technology for 2nd generation ethanol production worldwide.
The next stage in Taurus Energy’s development effort is to increase the ethanol
content after the fermentation stage, and boost the xylose yield. This three-year
project, which is currently under way, is supported by the Swedish Energy Agency.
The ful Vinnova Report wil be published on Taurus Energy’s website,
For more information, please contact:
Lars Welin, CEO Taurus Energy AB
Telephone: +46 (0)46-286 86 10, e-mail: [email protected]

About Taurus Energy ABTaurus Energy AB is a research and development company,
which aims to commercialize its extensive research and development program in the field of
ethanol production. Since 2006, the company’s mission has been to license energy
producers to use the methods developed by the company on a global market. Taurus holds
over 10 world-leading patents which have been developed with the help of around 20
internationally recognized scientists. The company is based in the Ideon Science Park in
Lund, Sweden. Taurus is listed on the Aktietorget equities market. For more information,
please visit www.taurusenergy.eu

Source: http://www.taurusenergy.eu/PDF-dokument/Taurus-Press-release-2-15.pdf

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