Le journal toulouis

Le Journal Toulois
Toul American High School
Toul, France 1962 - 1966
Summer 2007
Reunion 2008
June 16th thru June 20th, 2008, for the 2008 TAHS High School Reunion! COORDINATOR: Denise Bartuska Stone ‘64 Majesty of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean Cruise Line TOUL American H.S.
Ultimate Class Reunion
Classes of 1963 - 1966
Join the classes of 1962- 1966 as we celebrate our Royal Caribbean “Majesty of the Seas” Miami to Nassau Bahamas, Coco Cay Bahamas and Key West FL A reunion to remember! Enjoy four days reminiscing old times and catching up on the past years. Special events have been planned for the cruise. What better way for the TOUL American High School to celebrate their Ultimate Class Reunion than at sea. Please join us for this very special reunion. Junior Suite with balcony “JS” Superior Ocean View Stateroom “SO” Ocean View (obstructed) Stateroom “I” $ 526.72 per person Interior Stateroom “K” All prices quoted are per person, cruise only, based double occupancy and Includes All port charges, and government fees of $146.72. Transfers from Ft. Lauderdale and Miami airports are available. Pre –cruise hotel available for those arriving early. Optional Trip Protection Plan is additional. Prices and availability subject to change after Sept 5, 2007. Ship registry: Bahamas. Deposit of $100 per person at time of reservation Final payment due April 1, 2008 Need Additional Information? Call Reunion Committee member
Denise Stone 321-453-5807
Independent Cruise Specialists
Greg & Jeanne Bernard ACC
Indian Harbour Beach, Fl
321-777-8850 or 800-957-8850
To see the ship, staterooms, ports of call, and shore excursions, go to: Notes from Denise:
If you do go to the website, you will notice that cabins start at $429 per person.these are also available to us but I didn't put any on hold due to the fact they are on Deck 2 and 3.small and inside, but they are an option if someone is on a budget. A better choice would be to team up with some classmates and share the cost of a cabin that holds 3 or 4 people. You would get a better cabin on a higher deck at about the same price. Email me if you'd like breakdown on that pricing. You get a lot of engine noise plus movement of the ship down on Deck 2, 3, and 4. The cabins we have a hold on are on Deck 5 and above for that reason. If you need a roommate, contact Denise. A $100 deposit needs to be paid to the travel agent by SEPTEMBER 5, 2007, in order to hold your room. No guarantee on these prices after that date. Depending on the number going we can add nice benefits, like a cocktail party with open bar.
The cruise line wants 100 in a group to do this but I'm working with an agent if we only have 30
or 40 people.
I think it would be great if classmates brought their adult kids and grandkids on this. It would
be nice to meet each others families.
The transfers from the Miami Airport are $29 to the Port and the travel agent is lining up a
hotel for those flying in the day before. You could spend the day touring South Beach or
renting a car and going to the Everglades or the upper Keys.
The cruise fee includes your food, cabin, and entertainment; alcohol is extra. The prices listed
on page 2 also include port charges. You will need a passport
(. This process is taking about 3 months so plan ahead.
On-going and current discussion about the cruise can be found on the Toul Forum
(uestions, you can either contact
Denise or the travel agent. We’ll send out another newsletter in the spring.
Notes from Margitta:

I just wanted to add my 2-cents as I did not go on the 2000 Toul cruise because I thought
cruising was too expensive, too crowded, and too confining. I have since been on several cruises;
David says I have a cruise-monkey on my back. I absolutely love it. David was equally reluctant
to go on a cruise, but now loves it…we use all his vacation for cruises. The food and service is
wonderful, there is entertainment of all kinds, there is a casino, the ocean is beautiful, the
ports of call offer a variety of things to do…or not. There is privacy if that is what you want
and if clothing is a concern, formal night is optional…you can dine in the casual dining room if you
choose. We had friends that reserved their spot on a cruise at the last minute and had to
settle for an inside cabin. She was concerned about claustrophobia and darkness, but ended up
liking the room very much. If you are prone to motion sickness, the ships provide free
dramamine. So please consider joining us.
Future Reunion Discussion
It has been traditional to decide on the next reunion at the current reunion. The location is decided upon by whoever volunteers to host it. So if you want to host a reunion in the future and can’t make the next reunion, let me know and I’ll bring it up to the attendees. It also has been stated that “official” reunions will be at a minimum of every 2 years and in the 3rd or 4th week in June. Also, know that if you host a reunion, the fee that you require should cover all your expenses. At Reunion 2006 there was discussion about an overseas reunion in France in 2010. Also, Lynn Rice Wasinger ’66 would like to host a reunion in Wichita when the Overseas Brat museum is completed (ground has not been broken), so that might happen in 2010 or 2012. Previous Reunions:
Homecoming 2007
507th Engineer Company Reuinion
The 507th Engineer Company from Toul is hosting a reunion in Branson, MO, Oct 15-19, 2007, and have invited all of us who were there, not just GIs. Reunion Central is the Grand Plaza Hotel for $89 per night. An activities package of $225 includes, among other things, the Jim Stafford Show, a dinner, a dinner cruise on a paddle wheeler, a group photo, etc. Partial packages are also available. For those of you who hung out at TED, the 507th is the company across the street from the tennis courts and the gym. If you are interested, either contact Sue Crowley at , Tom Fortne9. They are also looking for current photos of TED if available. Class Ring
Bill Baltzell ’66 has designed and bought a Toul class ring. It has the Toul Cathedral on one side and a Warrior on the other side. It is very similar to the class of 67. The basic ring cost $339.95, but it may vary slightly depending on what bells and whistles you want. So if you want a ring, just email: Kerri Dolena at If you have questions, contact Bill at: Phone: (530) 634-2777 (w) TAHS Paver
Lynn Rice Wasinger ’66 is doing some research on “The American Overseas Schools Historical Society” Memorial Program. overseas school. Sizes range from 4”x8” to 24”x24”. Prices range from $100 to $2500. If you have questions, contact Lynn at: Change of Address
We sure would hate to lose contact with you. Please send your change of address to Sue Crowley (see last page). Other Links You Might Be Interested In
http://forums.delphiforums.com/toul/start Verdun High School: http://www.vahs.org./ TRAB Website: http://trab.packwebs.net/ Military Brats: Overseas Brats: The newsletters from 2004, 2005, 2006, and 2007 are available to read and print from the
Toul Forum. Simply go to the forum, click on the Webpage tab, and click on the “Archive of
In Memoriam:
I am continually amazed just how ‘small’ our world is—let me explain. My wife, Cathy, and I were lucky enough to be able to retire early, and build a mountain home in western North Carolina. We truly enjoy our time spent here, and have met many new friends. Most are transplants, like us! We split our year between Burnsville, NC and Melbourne, FL. Our local Humane Society holds an annual flea market to raise necessary funds to supplement their budget. We attend this worthwhile event each year, and always find bargains we can’t live without. Little did I know at last year’s market I would find someone from my FATHER’S past…. I was looking at some electronic items that had been donated for sale and overheard a man next to me mention “Toul Rosieres”. When he concluded his discussion, I asked him about Toul. Turns out he was stationed there in the early 60s, when my family was also there. My Dad worked for the DoD as a civilian in the Personnel office, and my sister and I attended the DoDs high school. As you can imagine, it was quite a surprise to find out we had overlapped our tenures at Toul. The retired Air Force fellow’s wife was also there at the market, and I went over to talk to her. She is a French native who grew up around Toul, met a nice serviceman and married him at the base. As we talked, she asked about why my family was stationed there. When I told her my Dad worked in the Personnel Office, she asked his name----and then realized she knew my Dad! She worked on base in a similar office and was very familiar with my Dad. Talk about a small world! Here we are in the mountains of North Carolina, at a Humane Society flea market, and I meet a woman who worked with my Dad forty-some years ago in France. We now count Skip and Nicole Blankenship as new friends, as they also live here in Burnsville and spend part of the year in Florida, too. Who knows who else I’ll meet, or just miss meeting, from the past???? Submitted by: Art Kramer (brother of Jane Kramer-Nelson ’64) TAHS FUND RAISERS
The CD contains the following Yearbooks: plus: newspapers, pictures, and miscellaneous remembrances TOUL DIRECTORY
Cost: $5.00
(in order to continue mailings)

SEND DONATIONS TO Sue Crowley. Any amount would be appreciated. Merci.

Source: http://tahs.us/Newsletters/Summer_2007.pdf

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