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There is a lot of misinformation about steroids. It’s usually either a pencil necked weasel trying to sell you some bogus supplement… or a TV show blowing hot air about steroid I am not claiming steroids are completely safe and I DO NOT endorse any illegal activity because that too is illegal. I am not writing an endorsement of steroid use or suggesting how to use them. My goal is to educate you for discussion purposes only. This will allow you to gain a degree of understanding only possible from someone who has experienced The following is what I have learned from being a former steroid user… and from spending the last 15 years obsessively researching them. The subject is truly a passion
Deciding to “go public” about steroids was a real struggle for me. I prefer staying out of the spotlight, but I don’t want users putting their health and results at risk from Like anything in life, steroids have positives and negatives. My goal is to help you
make an informed decision by looking at BOTH sides.
Steroid Screwup #1 – Thinking Steroids Are a “Cure All”
Ask yourself the real reason for why you are taking steroids? For a sport? To look better? To intimidate people? Maybe you want to attract more girls (or guys – for the ladies reading). Steroids cannot magically make you a stud or a sports star. For maximum results, you must have the following items in place: Muscle is repaired and built from workouts during sleep. Sleep a full 8 2. Eat (Protein)
Food is what builds muscle and strips away fat. If your diet is off then you cannot maximize muscle growth. Aim for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. To get maximum results from steroids you should be getting 2 grams Some people claim that 2g/pound protein is overkill. Well I can tell you through first hand experience with myself and others I have trained that More Protein = 3. Training
Proper weight training is vital. Intensity, frequency, exercise selection and proper form should all be taken into account to match your goals. After the previous principles are in place, then and only then should you
consider steroids. A lot of people prematurely rush into taking gear. Steroids are not
an instant fix, they are an amplifier. You must build a proper foundation prior to Steroids can also become mentally addicting. Once you start looking and feeling like Superman you don’t want to stop. And you HAVE to stop for at least the same amount of time that you take them. Which leads me to the next item. Steroid Screwup #2 – Not Cycling Steroids Correctly
If you do an eight week cycle of steroids, the general rule is that you have to stop for eight weeks to allow your body to normalize and avoid side effects from prolonged During that time you will lose strength and some of the size and tone gained. How much muscle you lose depends on the dosage and duration of your steroid cycle. Too oversimplify things… when you take steroids they elevate your testosterone levels to many times the normal level. These are levels your body can NEVER produce on its own. That’s way so much muscle is gained while taking them. Once you stop taking steroids those high levels of hormones are gone. After a rebound period… your body goes back to its normal level. For example, say you have been lifting for several years with proper diet and training and your maximum weight is 200 pounds. No matter what you do you can’t get past Then you take steroids and get to 230. If you stop taking steroid permanently, you will eventually go back to 200. That might take 6 months or a year… but you will eventually go back to your original weight. Steroid Screwup #3 – Not Preparing For Side Effects
These are the real side effects that can happen (some depend on genetic disposition and age). Most side effects result from using steroids in too great of dose for too long of time. More is not always better in the case of “roids”. Always start out using the lower end of the suggested dose and keep cycles brief to minimize side effects and Testicle shrinkage - This is only if steroids are not cycled properly (taken
too long without a break). There are also accessory drugs that can be taken Increased Hair loss – Steroids will not cause hair loss but will accelerate
it, especially at higher doses. Some of the milder steroids in lower doses are considered “hair safe”. If you have a receding hairline already (or relatives on either side of the family with hair loss then keep a close eye on your hair if taking steroids). Due to the life cycle of hair, thinning may not be noticed until several months after the steroid cycle is over. Steroids that either convert to DHT at high rates (like testosterone) and those which are DHT derivatives (like Primobolan) can potentially cause premature balding. This is because DHT has a very high affinity for the receptor sites in the scalp. This is not a reversible side effect and it can also affect women. The steroid Anadrol 50 can also cause hair loss by having a progestin like effect. Progestins work with other estrogenic Increased Body Hair – All the ususal spots – chest, arms, legs, etc. This
can also depend on how hairy you already are. Those with little amounts of body hair will probably not see much increase. Noticed mainly with stronger steroids (high androgenic) and/or high doses of steroids. Increased Acne – This is also more noticeable in the stronger steroids.
Again, your genetic makeup plays a factor. If you already have acne then taking steroids will make it worse and you will need to take extra Gyno – Also known as Gynecomastia, is female breast development in
men. As the bodies testosterone levels rise from steroids, estrogen levels will also rise (due to a number of issues). This increase in estrogen can lead to gyno in men. There are several other factors involved as well. Things like what kind of steroid you are taking, how much and how long you take the steroid, and your genetics (some people get it easier than others). Notice a pattern? Genetics and the type of steroid taken play a big Increased Aggression – Commonly referred to as “roid rage” and greatly
exaggerated by the media. The truth is. steroids amplify your personality. If you’re already a jerk then you will be an even bigger jerk when taking steroids. This also dependent on the type of steroid taken and the dose. Jaundice – A serious liver disease that produces an enlarged painful liver,
yellowing of the eyes and skin, and flu like symptoms. This is less common symptom. Mostly noticed by users taking high dosages of oral steroids (pill form) for too long a time period. Water Retention – Another characteristic of the stronger
androgenic/anaobolic steroids. A puffiness will be noticed in the neck and High blood pressure – You will not know if you have high blood
pressure from taking steroids, so it’s suggested to get tests regularly. The cause is usually caused from prolonged periods of high water retention from heavy steroid use. High blood pressure can lead to many more Cardiovascular Disease - Studies have shown that steroid use is a risk
factor for heart disease. This is due to steroids affecting cholesterol levels. Over a period of time the cholesterol builds up and clogs the arteries. Again, this is from long periods of steroid use, as well as the type and Reduced Circulation - Steroids increase the production of red blood
cells. Having too many red blood cells for prolonged period’s increases blood volume to a point of slowing circulation. This increases the chances of blood clots, which in turn increases the chance for strokes and heart Male prostate enlargement (growth) – This has not been statistically
confirmed. But it’s possible since some steroids convert to DHT (or are derivatives of DHT and aromatize). The connection between DHT and prostate growth appears to require estrogen elevation above normal combined with lowered testosterone levels. Users over 40 years of age (or family history of prostate issues) should avoid high androgenic steroids that aromatize heavily. Less risky options would be nandrolones, Oxandrolone, Andriol, and Primobolan Depot. Kidney damage – Mainly only with strong oral steroids used in high
doses of for too long. The kidneys are filters for toxic by products, so c-17 alfa-alkylated oral steroids could alter or damage the kidneys. One safety Masculine side effects (also know as virilization) can result in steroid use by women. This is due to using certain steroids with androgenic effects (such as testosterone) and can give a woman manly features. This can result in: missed periods, acne, increased facial and body hair, deeper voice, elevated libido, aggressiveness, LH and FSH suppression, and thinning hair. Most of these side effects are permanent. Females should only use steroids that are highly anabolic and low in androgens. Females should NEVER take straight testosterone or any other strong adrogenic steroid (such as Dianabol, Anadrol 50, etc). Steroid Screwup #4 – Forgetting The Accessories
When planning and starting a steroid cycle you must also be sure to include the accessories needed. DO NOT start a cycle without having these items on hand. Syringes – Be sure to never reuse or share syringes. Even reusing your own
syringe is unsanitary and can lead to infections. The needles also get dulled which Nolvadex or Arimidex – Nolvadex is a drug commonly referred to as an anti-
estrogen. It competes with estrogen at estrogen receptor sites in the body. Since many steroids aromatize (covert to estrogen), controlling estrogen side effects is During steroid cycles, due to aromatization, estrogen levels rise considerably. This elevated estrogen level can cause feminizing side effects such as increased fat deposits, water retention, and gynecomastia (growth of breast gland tissue and Nolvadex does not decrease estrogen production. It blocks estrogen receptors. Arimidex, on the other hand, actually prevents estrogen production by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone and other androgens into Nolvadex decreases GH and IGF-1 synthesis, making Arimidex the anti estrogen Clomid - Works as a mild anti estrogen (not as effective as
Arimidex or Nolvadex) and stimulates the body's own testosterone production. Natural testosterone production is slowly halted while taking steroids. The body knows it’s getting testosterone from external sources so it stops making its own. Clomid helps bring the body's natural testosterone levels back to normal after a steroid cycle, which help you hold on to the gains you've made during the cycle (at least for a while – see item #3 above). Clomid is often taken during a cycle as HCG – Used in conjunction with Clomid. HCG injections help to
jump start the bodies own testosterone production after a steroid cycle is over. HCG is often taken during a cycle as well. On a side note. A few accesory drugs that I recommend you AVOID are: Insulin is an anabolic substance that can cause both muscle and fat gain. When taking insulin the margin of error is very small. Getting the dosage wrong can cause hypoglycemia. Depending on the severity of hypoglycemia you can lose consciousness, have a seizure, or possibly DIE. Besides this, the long term effects from insulin use by non diabetics is not yet known. No one knows for sure if taking external insulin can eventually make you dependent on it. I don’t know about you but the thought of having to carry around a vial of insulin with me everywhere I go to stay alive it not appealing. DNP is used by some to lose weight. It’s essentially a bug spray. Users experience elevated body temperatures and perspiration. Metabolic rates elevate 100-200% within a few hours. While this sounds great, DNP can be deadly. Since body temperature is elevated, too high of a dosage (which is easy to do) of DNP can I cannot stress enough how dangerous the use of this substance can be. The body usually possesses pathways to shut down as a means of survival from potential life threatening damage of most chemicals. This is not the case with DNP. A person using DNP could feel warm but a thermometer can fail to show an increase in body temperature. Let me state this again. Misuse can literally cook Steroid Screwup #5 – Taking The Wrong Advice
Steroids can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Arming yourself with the proper knowledge before heading into war at the weight room is key. Always be aware of the things you are putting into your body. Many of the side effects of steroids can be avoided with proper planning and preparation. Never rely on some guy in the corner of the gym trying to selling you roids for planning your cycles. Just because a guy is big doesn’t mean he knows how to take steroids properly. He may be taking insane doses or be blessed with incredible Steroid Screwup #6 – Improper Dosage and Timing
When taking steroids you should be aware of the recommended dosage range and also the active life of the drug. This allows you to properly plan how to split up your Every steroid has an active life, which is the period of time that it remains active in the blood. There is also a half life, the period of time for half of the steroid dose to A 400 mg injection of testosterone enanthate would release 200 mg of testosterone by its half life of 4 days, and would remain active in the blood for its active life for 8 Also, more is not always better. There is a point where higher dosages will fail to cause additional results and will only cause more negative side effects. Different steroids produce different results. Some are more androgenic, some are more anabolic. A higher anabolic steroid would require a lower dosage to achieve the same anabolic response. Each drug has its own “personality” that needs to be accounted for in order to achieve the best results with the least amount of side effects. Steroid and training history also influence dosage factors. To experience good results, a bodybuilder new to steroids requires a lower amount of anabolics than a seasoned One of the greatest long term mistakes a beginner can make is taking too much of a steroid. It can significantly reduce long term growth potential. Prolonged over stimulation reduces androgen receptor sensitivity and impairs health. Steroid Screwup #7 – Underestimating The Legal Consequences
There have been many cases of steroid users getting busted for buying steroids locally and through the mail. And unfortunately, getting caught with roids is not like getting Since the enactment of the federal Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990, which has since been expanded by Congress in 2004, steroids are a Schedule III drug. The same as barbiturates, tranquilizers, and narcotic painkillers like Vicodin. Possession is a federal offense punishable by up to one year in prison and/or a minimum fine of $1,000 for a first offense (most states have added anabolic steroids to their schedules of controlled substances). Getting caught with more than a few cycles worth of steroids will get you into even more trouble because these are considered “dealer” quantities. Steroid Screwup #8 – Starting Too Early
You should not consider taking steroids or prohormones until you are in your twenties and have weight trained for at least 2 years naturally. Steroids cause the growth plates of bones to prematurely harden and will permanently stunt your growth if you take them at too young of an age. Is it really worth being shorter the rest of your entire life rather than waiting an extra year or two before Taking steroids before you have consistently weight trained will reduce the results obtained. It takes time to acquire a good foundation of muscle and to develop the mind/muscle connection. Trained muscle also responds better to steroids due to it containing more steroid receptors. Taking steroids too soon will limit your overall Steroid Screwup #9 – Buying Fake Gear
Another very common problem is a result of dirt bags commonly known as “scammers”. These pieces of human garbage setup phony websites and post to forums falsely promising to deliver steroids. Once you sent in your money you will receive nothing but excuses, if you hear from them at all. Other scammers will send what appear to be steroids, but in reality what you get is unsanitary cooking oil or sugar pills in a fancy bottle. Some of these clowns even bottle the stuff in their bath tub! This could lead to a serious infection or worse! The problem with these fakes is they are often hard to spot and the user won’t know The best way to identify fakes is to look at the bottle labels and packaging and compare it to pictures of legitimate steroids products on the Internet. You should not be able to easily peal the label off the bottles. Also check to make sure the label is on straight and that it doesn’t overlap itself. Multiple bottles should be filled evenly to the same level and have a consistent color of liquid. Steroid Screwup #10 – Insufficient Funds
Steroids can get expensive. It all depends on what steroids you choose and how much you take. Costs can range anywhere from $100/month up to $500/month or more… especially if taking additional items like growth hormone. Another big cost is food. This is very important if you’re trying to gain muscle. Eating lots of protein is no cheap task either (protein shakes, chicken, steak, etc). Additional costs come from supplemental drugs that need to be taken along with Also, be prepared to lose money when ordering steroids on the Internet. There are a lot of scams out there. Most of the websites promising to deliver steroids are pure crap. Don’t get me wrong, there are some legitimate places online to buy steroids, but it’s like finding a needle in haystack. That’s All Folks… For Now
I hope this guide has been helpful to you. My goal was to provide information in a factual manner based on life experience and years of research. ALWAYS question the information you receive (yes even the stuff from me) and do your own research so that you can make informed decisions. The unfortunate fact is that 99% of the steroid info out there is just not accurate. Steroids can make a dramatic difference in your body… but like anything they have pluses and minuses. In the end the choice is one you have to make. Just be sure to always value your body and health enough to thoroughly research and plan your steroid cycles if you do decide to take them. P.S. One last thing. the two biggest questions I receive are “Where do I buy
steroids?” and “What are the best steroid cycles?”
I can’t even come close to addressing those questions here (that’s several books worth But in order the help you out. I will place a special page on my website just for readers of this guide. It will contain my recommendations for the best resources I have found on these subjects over my 15 years of research. The page is password protected so be sure to remember the password which is


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