GRANDIS is both a wine store and restaurant.
Choose your favourite wine from amongst 1000 different
labels to enjoy along with our fine grills, delicious raclette
cooked over an open fire, or with our antipasti such as
salumi and various cheese specialities.

Our products

Only fresh ingredients are used in the preparation of our
meals. Our meat, salumi and cheese specialities are kept in
special cold stores and can be viewed and admired in the
wine store.
Product declaration

Pork, veal

Antipasti etc.
Our cooking

The philosophy behind the way we cook in GRANDIS is to
keep things simple and natural: we stick to the essentials
in choosing our products and in the preparation of our

Our main endeavour is to enhance the natural flavours of
the food we prepare and our meals are cooked entirely on
an open fire over beech wood from our region. Our raclette
cheese melts naturally from the heat of the fire and so we
require no electrical equipment in the cooking process.


All the products on display such as meat, cheese, salumi and
olive oil can be bought to take away.
Or let us pamper you and sample our specialities with the
wine of your choice at your favourite table, because at
GRANDIS no two tables are alike.


Our large selection of cheese and salumi is stored in special
refrigerated rooms with viewing panels in the wine store.
You are very welcome to make your own choice:
A selection of cheeses
Venison carpaccio improved with aged parmesan, olive oil and sea salt Lamb’s lettuce with fresh mushrooms and bacon

(melted cheese)


Boiled potatoes with a selection of cheeses
and sour cream dip
Polenta (cornmeal)
with four different sorts of cheese

Grill specialities

from our open beech wood fire:

Side dishes

Polenta (cornmeal), Potatoes, Herb butter, Garlic sauce

Grilled pinapple with your choice
of ice cream

Selection of cheeses
with wholegrain bread *)
*) our wholegrain bread is from the bakery Romana in Laax Mineral water / beer

Coffee / tea


It will be easy to find your favourite wine to enjoy with your
meal from our selection of more than 1000 different labels at
our wine store.
Take time in choosing your wine from the showcases at our
store, or allow our sommelier to advise you.
We would be delighted to sell you our wines by glass.
Please ask our staff about the wines on offer.
We charge a corkage fee of CHF 32.00 per 75 cl bottle for
wine purchased and consumed on the premises.

The price on the label is the selling price at the store and our
wine can be bought in any quantity.
We organise wine tastings at our store, Wine & Dine events
and any other special occasions tailored to meet your
requirements. For further information please have a look to
our website: or contact us directly.

Choose your grappas, whiskies or other spirits from our
Please choose any digestif or dessert wines you wish to take home with you from the showcases in our wine store.


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