Family Disaster Plan
Is your family prepared for a weather emergency? SafeSide® is designed to raise awareness of the Name _____________________________________ importance of disaster preparedness by providing School ____________________________________ you with tools to protect and prepare yourself and Home Address _____________________________ your family for severe weather events.
City__________________ State _____ Zip ______ Tip: Make several copies of this form and complete a new one each season (pertinent information may change).
Phone (_____)_____________ Email ___________Number in Household _____ Family Action Plan
• Decide where to go if at home, school, work, outdoors or in a car when a weather warning is issued. You may need to designate different places for different weather events. Update these plans as seasons change, every school year, and if school or employment changes.
• Agree upon a place to meet if separated during a severe weather emergency.
If we are separated during a severe weather emergency, our designated meeting place is:_________________________________________________________________________________________ Family Communication Plan
• Designate a friend or relative outside of the area as your contact in the event you are separated from one another during a severe weather emergency.
Name: ____________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________ Family Evacuation Plan
• Îf your area is vulnerable to weather extremes that would require actual evacuation of your area, get a good map and plan various evacuation routes, avoiding low lying areas. Conduct several The evacuation route we take in case of a weather emergency: _________________________________________________________________________________________ Family Disaster Supplies Kit:
• A disaster supplies kit should be assembled and kept in one designated place in the home. It is also advised that you keep a duplicate kit in your car. Kits should be stocked with everything you and your family will need in the event of a weather emergency.
• Perishable contents should be changed or replenished every six months.
Essentials are assembled in ____ kit(s) kept in: (1)_______________________________________ Family Disaster Supplies Kit Checklist: Perishable Items last checked ___/___/___
Use this CHECK LIST for kit essential items below.
(Do not include candles, which cause more fires after a disaster than anything else) • 3 gallons per person, minimum, in a food-grade, plastic container o FOOD — Minimum 3-day supply of non-perishable food o FIRST AID KIT — Including prescription and non-prescription medicines • Aspirin or non-aspirin pain reliever • Shut-off wrench to turn off house gas and water • Map of the area (for location shelters) o SPECIAL NEED ITEMS for infants, elderly and pets • Family pets: Be sure that your pets have current identification tags and make arrangements for a safe place to take your pets if severe weather strikes (most disaster shelters do not allow pets.
For more disaster information on keeping pets safe, visit • One complete change of clothing and sturdy shoes per person o IMPORTANT FAMILY PAPERS in a water and fire proof container • Copy of insurance policies, deeds, stocks, passports, birth certificates • Post your family disaster plans in a highly visible central location in your home.
• Review the plans with your family to make sure everyone understands their respective roles
in the event of a weather emergency.


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