Small Country, Big Picture 2000
The New Zealand Film and Television Industry Conference
Auckland - Carlton Hotel - 9-11 November
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PUBLIC BROADCASTING - THE MINISTER In a speech last week at the Unitec Forum on Public Broadcasting, the Minister of Broadcasting offered a summary of thinking and work to date. Ms Hobbs talked of the objectives being developed by Government to achieveimprovements in broadcast content. The reasons for developing the 1. That broadcast media should be able to represent to New Zealanders the actual scope and variety of the country in which they live.
2. To realise the potential of broadcasting to give people the information they need to take part in the social and political debates of the day: active 3. To have a broadcasting system that addresses the concerns andinterests of minorities 4. So that broadcasters lead as well as follow, creating forms of content that are unmistakeably our own as well as creatively adapting the best ofoverseas practice.
The Minister went on to say that the objectives are being drafted to permit a discussion of quality that does not become diverted into questions ofpersonal taste. The measures that the Government is looking at have already been announced. They include the development of a charter for TVNZ and the investigation of quota regimes [note: not "the introduction of a quota 04 939 6934
system"] for ensuring certain kinds and levels of local content.
A charter is likely to be before Cabinet before the end of this year. The 04 939 6935
Minister has asked her officials to develop a detailed work plan that willidentify phases of consultation with TVNZ itself and with the wider interested community. Quota is seen as consequential to charter.
Cabinet has also directed that a further piece of work be carried out, related ultimately to the quality of broadcast content. This is a review of fundingmechanisms intended to: continued next page >>
Newsletter of the Screen Producers and Directors Association SPADA - The leading advocate for screen culture in New Zealand agencies, and outlined theirpriorities for the coming year.
New technologies are also beinglooked at.
The afternoon began with talk ofTweenies and Teletubbies, $HOW ME THE
Thank you to Trade New Zealand for your ongoing support of SPADA and Congratulations
Best Costume Design:
Nokia New Zealand Film
Best Design:
Awards, held in Wellington on
Academy of Film and
Television Make-Up Best Make-
and winner of the Village Force
Hoyts Cinemas Best Film,
Scarfies' producer Lisa Chatfield, Fujifilm Best Short Film:
Henderson Rental Cars Best
Kodak New Zealand Best
Performance in a Short Film:
Director:Robert Sarkies,
this burgeoning new industry.
Goodbye Pork Pie, Smash Wellington City Council Best
Best Script for a Short Film:
Best Craft Contribution to
Wellington City Council Best
Short Film:
Hutt City Best Supporting
Nokia New Zealand
Filmmaker's Scholarship:
Hutt City Best Supporting
The Rudall Hayward Award:
Best Juvenile Performer:
On accepting the award,
Ian Mune made the
The Film Unit Best Screenplay:
following speech…
Atlab New Zealand Best
Digital Post Best Editing:
Best original music:
Best Contribution to a
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Newsletter of the Screen Producers and Directors Association SPADA - The leading advocate for screen culture in New Zealand community the chance to proveitself as a true and compelling own views of its wants and needsand the Film Commission seems wrong? What's the solution? Letus know your thoughts.
Thank you to Kodak for your ongoing support of SPADA and Film New Ninox Films
contractors of longtimedocumentary company Ninox, The New Film
Production Fund
advised SPADA that the trust willbe more forthcoming on intended A Selection of
Select Committees
Newsletter of the Screen Producers and Directors Association SPADA - The leading advocate for screen culture in New Zealand Calling all young film makers…
Enter the SPADA Young Film Maker of the Year Award
If you are under 35 years of age, and have spent less that ten years in the industry, here’s your opportunity to be recognised for your work, and win some fabulous prizes to put towards your next project.
“Fabulous prizes?” you say, “Tell me more…”
$10,000 worth of post-production for the winner$2,000 worth of post-production for each of the finalists $7,500 worth of equipment rental for the winner $2,500 worth of film stock for the winner$500 worth of film stock for each of the finalists Air travel (if required) to Auckland to attend the conference,for the winner and finalists Complimentary registration to Small Country, Big Picture, theNew Zealand Film and Television Industry Conference, for thewinner and finalists For full conditions of entry and other information, check out the entry form included with this Entries close Friday 1 September 2000, and the winner will be announced at 'SMALL
Film and Funding
An article written for SPADA
by the Associate Minister of Arts, Culture And Heritage,

including offshore capital - intofilm-making and will support the Thank you to the New Zealand Film Commission for your ongoing paint dry sometimes," he admits.
when a guy like me comes alongand wants to make a humble little POLSON THE OPTIMIST
Interview with the multi-
talented John Polson - actor
(pictured above, as Billy Baird
in the just-released MI:2),
director (Siam Sunset), founder
of Tropfest short film festival,
and board member of the AFC,
not to mention all-round nice
guy - reproduced with the kind
permission of Urban Cinefile
melodramatic about it," he warns.
may remember John from last
year's conference, where he
spoke about directing Siam
Here he talks to ANDREW L.
URBAN about Mission
Impossible 2, foreign
production in Australia, and
working with Tom Cruise.
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Thank you to Panavision for your ongoing support of SPADA and Lord of the Rings. Some of the.
volume of experience at thisscale of production as the Eden Terrace’s Rhonda Kite forthe special recognition for Hell For Leather. The prize for bravery Banff Bytes
TBC – Code of practice
for free-to-air television
where attendees were turnedaway (we hope it wasn’t just SPADA will make a response onthe draft document received from Newsletter of the Screen Producers and Directors Association SPADA - The leading advocate for screen culture in New Zealand P O Box 9567
Wellington, NZ
note the new phone numbers!
Jane Wrightson
Jane Gilbert, Film NZ
Kate Doherty
Lisa-Marie Tamariki
What else has
SPADA been up to?
Executive Changes
better understand and shareeach other’s goals; we proposed Thank you to Budget for your ongoing support of SPADA and FESTIVALS, SEMINARS, MARKETS AND MEETINGS Wellington Fringe Film Festival
14th Leeds International Film
Festival 5-20 October 2000.
CineAsia Convention 14-16
Nescafé Short Film Awards
London Effects and Animation
Festival (LEAF) 14-16
Wildscreen 2000 International
Festival of Moving images from
the Natural World Bristol UK, 7-
New York Festivals:
International Television
Programming and Promotion
St Johns International
Asia Television Forum
Women's Film and Video
Festival Canada 18-22 October.
Documentary Sites:
International Documentary
Conference 6-10 September,
Kalamata International
Documentary Film Festival 22-
5th Annual MilanoFilmFestival
Moondance International Film
Festival Women film-makers,
FAN 2000 International Film
Festival 26-30 October 2000
Aspen Filmfest 2000 September
My Queer Career 2001
Sport Movies and TV 2000 Oct
MIFED. Entries close 31 July
Moving Pictures October 2000,
Margaret Mead Film and Video
Festival New York November 3-
Aspen Shortsfest Aspen,
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Stamford Plaza Auckland hasoffered a superb hotel LEGAL ADVICE
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Newsletter of the Screen Producers and Directors Association SPADA - The leading advocate for screen culture in New Zealand


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