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Professional hard disk Unit PHU-120K – Basic FAQ

General Information:
Q1: Why is Sony introducing PHU-120K?
A1: PHU-120K has been developed to enhance workflow opportunities for XDCAM EX users by
providing even larger storage capacity. Using the now well established Express Card technology
and USB2.0 interface, our new hard disk benefits from an optimized protocol for controlling
communication with PMW-EX series cameras. This results in very stable date transfer during long
Q2: When is Sony introducing PHU-120K?
A2: The new PHU-120K will launch on the European market in July.
Q3: What is the difference between the PHU-120K and current PHU-60K?
: The new PHU-120K comprises two high performance 60GB partition drives. By switching
between drives, users can record up to 120GB of data.
Q4: Which camcorders and recorders can be used with this drive?
A4: This unit can be connected to the following XDCAM EX camcorders and recorders.
XDCAM EX camcorders
• PMW-EX1 1)
XDCAM EX recorder
• PMW-EX30
1) A firmware update for the camcorder may be necessary when connecting to the PMW-EX1.
For details, contact your Sony representative.
Q5: What is the major difference between PHU-120K and the PXU-MS240 Mobile Storage
A5: PHU-120K is a recording unit for direct hour-long recording using an EX-series camcorder
with Cybercapture technology for stable recording. PXU-MS240 is mass storage back up unit with
high speed read/write capability using the SxS Pro card with verifying function. Its primary
purpose is to offload and free up SXS Pro media capacity once content has been recorded.
Q6: How many components are included with PHU-120K?
A6: PHU-120K consists of the PHU-120 cartridge, a shoe adaptor and a connection cable.
PHU120K Specifications
Q7: How long can I record on my PHU-120K?
A7: PHU-120K contains a 120GB external hard disk unit enabling you to record on two 60GB
partition drives. This allows you to record approximately 520 minutes on SD video mode and 400
minutes on HQ mode. These recording times apply when using an XDCAM EX series product.
Q8: How long can you record using the battery?
A8: The lithium ion battery allows up to a maximum of 12 hours of continuous operation.
Q9: How do I use “drive select”?
A9: Use the drive select switch to select the partition drive (A or B) that the camcorder records to
or plays back from. The indicator for the selected drive will illuminate. Use the switch before
turning on the power. If the switch is used while the power is on, the selected drive will be
available the next time the power is turned on.
Q10: How does the power switch function?
A10: To turn the PHU-120K on or off, press the power switch for 3 seconds. If the power switch is
pressed for 3 seconds during recording, recording will stop.
Q11: How do you connect PHU-120K to a camcorder?
A11: Connect the PHU cable to the drive and the ExpressCard slot on the XDCAM EX camcorder.
The drive itself can be attached to the camcorder using the shoe adaptor.
Q12: What is the transfer speed to a PC?
Copyright 2009 Sony France, S.A. All rights reserved Sony is a trademark of Sony corporation, Tokyo, Japan A12: You can read and write to a PC at approximately 190MB/s and 24MB/s under normal
Q13: What interface is used for connecting to the PHU-120K?
A13: USB 2.0
Q14: What equipment can be used with PHU-120K?
A14: PHU-120K can be connected to XDCAM EX video cameras (PMW- EX1 and PMW-EX3)
and XDCAM EX camcorders including PMW-EX30, as well as to a PC.
Q15: What is the recommended battery for PHU-120K?
A15: BP-U30 is the recommended battery. BP-U60 can also be used but because it is bigger and
heavier than BP-U30, may come into contact with other peripherals attached to the camcorder
and cause increased shock if the drive is dropped.
Q16: Is there a buffer memory on the PHU-120K or on the camcorder?
: Yes, 9 seconds while the heads are retracted.
Q17: Does the drive come with an AC adaptor?
A17: No. The recommended optional AC adaptor is BC-U1 or BC-U2.
PHU-120K Reliability

Q18: Where shouldn’t I use PHU-120K?
A18: It is highly recommended that you do not use PHU-120K near equipment that emits
vibration, high static electricity or a magnetic field. Low-pressure areas where the altitude is more
than 5000 meters should also be avoided.
Q19: Will the date be damaged if the PHU-120K gets wet?
A19: There is a possibility of drive and data damage if the PHU-120K is immersed in water. The
unit is not water resistant and you should ensure it is kept dry at all times.
Q20: Can I record with PHU-120K in areas of vibration?
A20: If the unit is exposed to a constant vibration during operation, recording or playback may be
stopped to protect the HDD. In such cases, integrity of the data during vibration is not guaranteed.
Q21: How shock resistant is the unit and what type of shock control system is used?
A21: PHU-120K is equipped with a 3G sensor to protect the internal HDD when the unit is
dropped or overturned. The sensor detects differences in acceleration and may activate the drive
protection function and automatically park the HDD head to prevent damage to the disk.
Q22: Will the unit break when dropped? If so, from how high?
Tests show the unit can resist damage from a drop of 150cm. However, this does not
guarantee protection from this height. Our test conditions featured a drop from 1.5m onto a P-tile
surface with each of the 6 sides of the PHU-120K facing the ground.

Q23: How long is the warranty?
: 1 year.
Q24: How do I recover damaged data?
Q24: Please contact your Sony representative or Customer Service centre.
Copyright 2009 Sony France, S.A. All rights reserved Sony is a trademark of Sony corporation, Tokyo, Japan


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